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I have complex PTSD I am not sleeping 
Some nights other nights lucky to get an hour or two 
Https:// complex ptsd 
I need legal help in Palo Alto or on Peninsula 
I have $4,000,000 tied up by the man who caused my complex ptsd in 2022,
Molested me from 13-18 years old, 
Displaced my L5 Sacral vertebrae at age 16 by 
“Cracking my back@ before he would molest me. 
My spine now suffers painful Arthropothy so my 
Right leg Quad feels pins and needles if I lay on my back with my R leg straight sine Earthday Apr 22 2024 I am in pain and suffering and just learned today that CPTSD include depression shame anxiety fear suicidal feelings
I have $4,000,000 tied up, differing amounts of that can be available now and soon but I need legal help asap in part to prosecute my molester who subsequently tortured me for 6 months Apr-Oct 2022 with sleep deprivation via noise and 80-90-100’ heat May-Oct to where I lost not only sleep but ability to lay on either side of my body as I lost muscle mass and became bone on mattress among other problems which I had all listed and retain some of my affidavits in emails and on my newest broken Mac book pro screen damage 
Though JVH JTH stole my iPhone and primary MacBook Pro plus 3 back up MacBook pros that I had set up for email preferences etc ready to go in Oct 2022 in Redwood City CA 
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.