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Problems and loss of bandwidth happened gradually 
I lost a lot of reach when FB altered their algorithms down to where only 7% then only 3% of my 5000 friends could see my posts 
banned on LinkedIn and shadow banned on twitter for truther activism to save people animals and earth 
Similar for my email list of 23,000 for activism unpopular with Google holding 95% of the email addresses I was sending to 
Compounded by my activism for various social causes 2012 2015 etc as things heated up 

Therefore loss of bandwidth and loss of voices to hear me in time of need deepens my depression and descent
In a more fair world without 
Google and FaceBook suppression of free speech, my issues would have been more heard

Facebook initially funded by inQtel venture cap via CIA 

Google Sergei Brin and Larry Page initially bankrolled by Stanford incubator funded by CIA
Humanity suffers greatly by restrictions of thought by these two monopolies which follow the original monopoly of John D Rockefeller who funded and orchestrated 
Allopathic medicine via Universit board placements to steer us away from herbal meds
Schools as formation for factory workers
Music tuned to Anger throat chakra 440hz A away from 432hz A that were still used by Tge Beatles Bob Marley and Santana
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