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Pedophiles choose victims with no father or weak father. I lost my dad when I was 5 years old. My older brother Ray was 7 years old. My older brother Ray ran away from home to go live with JVH JTH at 14 years old. J told my brother he would adopt him and put Ray in his will. Neither weee true. J killed my brother June 12 2019 of renal failure overheating dehydration very similar to his torture of me with 80-90-100 heat via 79 thermostat below me and 100 hotbox attic room on my west wall. I have scores of documents detailing the physical conditions of abuse on my broken laptop.

Dr HV video call Rx 
lumbar support for my L4 L5 lay in towell support back 
2 Knee pillows to support and raise knees 
Lay on hot water bottle under lumbar for 10 minutes 
Ibuprofen for antinflamatory

Dr HV wants to revisit in 1 week to see if above Rx help. If not she spoke of an MRI 
I expressed concern of Gallunium dye heavy metal for imaging 
Dr HV said Gallium would not be necessary 
But Dr HV not sure my health insurance would cover MRI 
I expressed sadness that 2013 and 2024 were so zoomed out macro and did not focus in on the vertebral area. 
Dr HV says X-rays can not. And she surprised they showed the detail they did. 
MRI would be required to see finer view. 

all of the above thank you. I have been in high cortisol sleep deprived stress trauma for 2 years wherein my poor body has lost my daily beach par course of sunshine swimming hiking climbing frisbee volleyball 
The factors are myriad in life crisis 
I kept my health excellent all the way up through 2021 then multiple crisis hit. Sadly I am attempting mitigation or damage control which can never work if I am  just addressing symptoms if I am not maintaining core. As clearly I have seen in scores of your videos 
Http:// and far up my feed has a lot of my recent trauma which is still current and deeply affecting me. Best advice would be to relive and move body and core. While alleviating current stress life homeless lack of safe and posturally kind healing bed. Im in a pickle

Oh the irony or just the cause and effect 

When my abuser molestor landlord was torturing me April-Nov 2022 I lost sleep due to 80 90 room and became unable sleep well on my left or right hip as I had lost physical muscle mass body tone that used to pad my side hip. 
Now my brain seems rewired in fear and anxiety stress

I have always been lean and always slept with comfy pillows since 2007 when I learned about knee pillows
 But losing sleep and lean muscle mass 2022 took toll 

Again since 16 year old L5 Sacral injury with vertebrae extended I have not been able to sleep on back on hard surface. Need soft. 

So I spent 4 decades of health and hot tubs bike beach hike swim rock climb sleep active lifestyle and managed very well. Until 2022. 
Until my narcissistic gaslighting sadistic 
Landlord JTH who engineered my recent crash after
 molesting me from 13-18 years and traumatizing my L5 sacral vertebrae at 16 years old.  

JTH stole my iPhone and 4 laptops including my photos affidavits and evidence Nov 2022
Which I was partially able to reconstruct but my lawyer last year did not do enough with those or help me much to prosecute 
I am largely debilitated stuck in limbo

It is ironic that now in 2024 my ailing back is doubling down in pain and dysfunction after his 
Assault on my back at 16 years old
Assault on my life and health in 2022
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