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Kalergi Plan; The Extinction Of The White Race

Rumble is useful. YouTube is highly censored.

Ecosia is useful. Google is highly censored. 
Wikipedia is woke controlled leftist propaganda

Case in point; Wikipedia claims kalergi plan 
is a debunked far-right, antisemitic, white genocide conspiracy theory.

Even at this moment when Israeli mouthpieces are recorded on video claiming the 
west must open its borders and we J people must be at the forefront of this movement 
See: woman in thumbnail of 1st video of ecosia search results for Kalergi

Exact quote from video: 
“Europe has not yet learned to be multicultural…”


We seldom hear about kalergi plan as ie: even auto corrrect replaces it with allergic 

That’s how censored it is. critical. Few speak of 

Data rich podcast source on such matters is

Must listen; some shows are better than others 
Whoolis has excellent current and historical perspectives on JPS J power structure 

But now that USA Canada Europe are being flooded with immigrants who care not about
Constitution or bill of rights we must look at why 

Motives for open borders:
Kalergi plan 
Import DEM voters
Import humans to create housing demand
Import humans to draft into military willing to shoot Americans 
Import humans to balance aging demographic 
(After decades of propaganda that white devils should not breed)

I I am so sad I have been largely deplatformed across the board

I recently saw 2 videos of just how racist some israhell citizens are against folks of melanin persuasion 

1 video israhell folks are yelling the n word at one poor black man standing in Israel public space
Another video israhell s dumping drink on black man in theater or restaurant 

Ironic when k plan is to flood the west with 
Democratic voters to destabilize USA etc 
When israhell itself is an apartheid state

In other words israhell is promoting the flooding of Europe and North America with immigrants 
While not allowing any such open borders itself. 

Boycott LinkedIn
I was deplatformed on LinkedIn when I posted a documentary called 
The Jewish Question 
Wherein multiple US Foundinf Fathers warned of the danger of letting J people control our money supply. 
Please ponder that as 1/3 of Americans seek assistance for food and housing 

Patriotic Americans have been deplatformed for warnings unheeded that are now coming true painfully. best search engine 2nd best 
Duck duck go is lost. Gone. Compromised

Bing and yahoo not only serve up google results 
But one video showed that if you search 
January 6 
On bing and yahoo not only are they clearly left skewed results but
All results pages 1-50 are 90% identical to the page before
They just keep serving the same leftist Wikipedia results etc

Yes ecosia is serving Wikipedia 1st too on kalergi that’s why I suggest the following and I do not mind hearing of other better search engines also
As well as recommend actions of video video sites
Rumble best. YouTube worst. 
Send me your rankings if you want
Odyssey 2nd best?
Bitchute? Twitch dlive

Even LinkTree no longer works without signing in
Used to be I could go to linktree and see what video platforms were being used by my faves
Luke rudkowski uses rumble and YouTube
Joe Rogan used Spotify 
Elon bought x but Joe Elon Tucker are oft accused being controlled opposition 
Tucker tried to join CIA decades ago says Putin in last weeks Tucker interview used to post legit sources yearly and I would like to do that again

But should gain feedback first to polish up the list 

My brain has lost ability to get good night sleep and I do not have a quiet safe or stable situation or home 

JTH JVH tortured me for 6 months 2022 with noise and heat April-Oct 
 I have not had peaceful sleep, sunlight, healthy diet or lifestyle for 2 years 
My brain has sadly been rewired into fear
My rare sleep and seldom dreams are interrupted by fear and anxiety 
I need to reword in a healthy setting

I seriously need legal help
Much is at stake
I used to be an activist 
I used to be healthy 
I used to live
Click on previous years to see that 
HTTP::/ offered events health food eco nutrition and abundant info for a better world 
Best events were 2000s and 2010s pre 2nd lockdown by Dr Anthony fraudchi

I was abstinent for 10 years from 1985 to 1995 due to fear of aids
AIDS could have been better addressed if research, therapy, cure s were not subverted by fauci
See: Dr Judy Mikovotz
See movie Dallas Buyers Club
Wherein protagonist wanted to offer medical MJ herb therapy to aids patients but
Dr Fraudci was profiting by genocidally killing people with AZT toxic cocktail of big pharmaceutical drugs he benefited from.

For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.