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Vanguard BlackRock StateStreet 
Excellent Vlogger analysis shelf by shelf in grocery store; who owns your brands? 
Hint: family owned often healthy. MegaCorp owned not. 

Rumble: c/CancelThisConspiracy

YouTube: @cancelthisconspiracy

Twitter (X): @cancelcloco

TikTok avoid / beware TOS /  China data privacy problem 

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Connect with me:
TikTok: @cancelthisclothingco & @cancelthisconspiracytheory
All short form content goes up here first. But TikTok is highly censored and the spicier videos get taken down.
Instagram: @cancelthisclothingcompany
All short form content also goes up here and so far none has been censored. So you can find videos TikTok has taken down here.  I also intend to start using Instagram stories to post behind the scenes, updates, life stuff, and more. So if you want the inside scoop, be sure to follow me here.
Rumble: c/CancelThisConspiracy
This is the new home of ALL my long form content. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE HERE. Rumble is uncensored and my content there is monetized so when you watch my content on Rumble, I get paid for your view which is super helpful! Rumble will be my primary platform for long form content moving forwards.
YouTube: @cancelthisconspiracy
Long form content focussing on the history of power and conspiracy. YouTubs is highly censored and I am currently working on restructuring the focus of this channel so it can become monetized.
Locals: Cancel This Clothing Company
This will be my primary space for dedicated community members where we will collaboratively push this work forwards. Members of this community will get access to all my long form content as well as extra, exclusive videos too spicy for the public feed. I’m also working on a few secret projects that I plan to involve my Locals community in in an ongoing way. I’m super stoked on what’s in the works here. If you’re curious, feel free to go check out my intro video on my locals page for the full scoop on what being a member entails. Thank you all for your support!
Patreon: Coming soon
Same as Locals except Patreon doesn’t allow for all the same collaborative features as Locals and will probably also kick me off their platform for thinking for myself before too long. But this will be a way for people that are on Patreon to support the channel as well and get access to all the same features as those on Locals- unless Patreon calls me a bad boy and tells me to stop. We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it though.
Twitter (X): @cancelcloco
I am working on having all my long form content uploaded to Twitter as well as some short form. I hope to use Twitter as a space to also share updates and short thoughts and to engage with the larger financial communities on there. However, Twitter is a struggle for me if we’re being honest. But the more people that follow me there, the more I will be encouraged to keep up with it.
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.