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I die goodbye 
If I leave I want people to know who I am or was 
sorry I did not understand narcissist and gaslighting more fully until 2 years ago when my abuser destroyed me 
I used to be alive   I used to be human.  Until 2 years ago
My life is a record of trying to make earth more healthy and healing for all humans and 2004-2020 on 
I am drowning in cortisol fear and stress such that I 
Have not had an actual restful night of sleep for 2 years. Sadly my brain has been rewired to fear and insomnia by 90 eves and 89 days if intentional torture 
JVH aka JTH tortured me for 6 months in 2022.04-10 with excessive 80 90 100  heat and noise with no Laundry and no chance of healthy living condition after he denied me any chance of using Mr grandmas trust fund for a sprinter van to move into safe house or camp and be free 
He allowed me only to use my trust funds to live in his house and give him massage and continue the cycle of abuse he started when he molested me from 13-18 years old
He stole all my years of high school, youth and ever since 
I seriously need legal help  to recover any chance of life before I go
James Thomas Hanford fake DOB CDL. 1940
18 sycamore ct Redwood City Ca 94061
Pedophile narcissist gas lighting control freak fraudster aka 
Julian Victor Hernandez DOB Aug 29 1945
1015 Continental Dr Menlo Park 1970s 80s 
Attended UCLA before he stole a bus from Greyhound and drove it to Mexico then 
Paid $60,000 cash for a house 
1015 Continental Dr Menlo Park Ca 94025
With secret Jeffrey Epstein style secret closet and VHS video cassette recorder for seggs tape  purposes when he caused me to pass out blacked out drunk on his waterbed at 13 years old from screwdrivers of 
Vodka OJ and Galliano, later pot 
MP house he sold the year before he would have to disclose landslides water saturation damage approx 1980s

I need help. I need and any old MacBook Pro or other laptops so I can migrate and upload many docs photos records affidavits asap from my previous Mac book pro which died Jan 6 2024 of screen display fail 

Also need and any iPhones etc favor large screen plus or max 

I used to be alive. I used to be a helpful human. I miss being connected to people and helping. To save earth humans and animals

Please email Scott at plant trees dot org
Please do not FB message as I can not without a laptop
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.