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9/11/2018 -- Multiple Large M6.5+ earthquakes strike -- Whole Pacific in motion -- KEEP WATCH 
HAARP @ 25:00 + EarthQuake @ Alaska NorthShore Drill Points on Prudhoe Bay
40:00 North America 41:00 North American Craton
47:00 SFbay / Monterey 48:00 RENO, NV

 - - - - - Mon Sep 10

In the past month (30 days)..... TWENTY NINE different M6.0+ earthquakes have occurred! 
9/10/2018 -- 29 different 6.0+ earthquakes in the past 30 days - Phenomenal + Unprecedented Activity

The past 30 days of M6.0+ earthquakes around the Pacific.
This is unprecedented, and phenomenal....
(deep quakes below the plates are raised high off the globe for easy identification)

     DUE 10:00
6.2 -63 Above Victoria, BC, Canada
Same in Alaska
5.0 Due in SF
upper 4 to 5.0 Activity due in San Diego
Japan. 6.0 activity expected. 

     Stefan Molyneux
Jim Carrey: Stop Apologizing! We Must Say YES to Socialism!
- - - - - Sun Sep 9

Friday, 09/07/2018 False Flag Weekly News

- - - - - Sat Sep 8

San Francisco Educators Pass Resolution Calling For Safer Technology Standards For All San Francisco Schools

- - - - - Fri Sep 7

- - - - - Thu Sep 6 pm

9/06/2018 -- Extremely large M8.1 (M7.9) earthquake strikes deep below West Pacific -- WARNING

Barbara Spectre
(3 Minutes)

see also Barbara Spectre #WhiteGenocide #EthnoMasochism #WhiteReplacement

Who Is Pushing for Mass Refugee Migration? "Jewish Organizations of All Kinds"   (59 Seconds)

The Zionist " Jewish " Agenda | White Genocide Documentary | Race Mixing Agenda   (4 Hours)

The Nature of Civilization (with James Bowery)
"Whatever comes out of these gates, we've got a better chance of survival if we work together."     (7 Minutes)

Why Do Liberals Think Itís Inhumane For Non-Whites to Live Amongst Their Own People?
In this video we question liberals' presumption that only white majority countries are worth living in and that alternatives would be bad.     (4 Minutes)

Resist The Great Replacement!
An inspirational video for the dissident right.     (4 Minutes)

Michael Jackson: Jews are Leeches. They Suck!     (20 Seconds)

Sandra Solomon August 11 Rally vs antifa     (5 Minutes)

Women Are Getting Attacked in Gender Neutral Rooms
New Data out of the UK says that nearly 90% of incidents against women happen in Gender Neutral rooms.
The debate over how to best accommodate people has floated between gender neutral rooms and allowing anyone to use whichever room they choose. but with this new data and some high profile stories about people being accused of being the wrong gender we can see there is no easy solution to the issue.
(13 Minutes)
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