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Have you guys seen this article?
"A large study [from] Uppsala University in Sweden [published in British Medical Journal] found that drinking milk led to an increased mortality rate and actually made bones more prone to fracturing." - Collective Evolution

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Strawberries can improve inflammation, oxidation and long-term blood sugar control in diabetics 
What about reversing the progression of cancer?

8 Scientific Reasons Why Vegan Men Are More Manly | One Ingredient Chef
It's common for men to believe that meat makes us manly. Salads and smoothies are fine for the ladies, but grilling juicy steaks is just part of being a guy... 
Vegans are DONE with this...all of it. Vegans live cruelty-free. Please join us and stop the madness.

New Tick-Borne ‘Bourbon Virus’ Is Deadly And Unlike Anything Previously Seen In U.S.
“We don't know the full spectrum of disease because it's the first case.”

Girl Quarantined With Mumps Received Vaccination...

#‎Google gives ‪#‎FBI‬ IP address of man who made comments against police.

Tune into Alex today to get the latest on the civil war brewing in America.

Berkeley Shooting Again Highlights Buried Issue of Violence Within Black Community - 
Despite making up just 13% of population, blacks commit over half of homicides.

On this December 24, Christmas Eve edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex covers the implications of another police shooting in St. Louis, Mo., which has caused more riots. Surveillance footage appears to show the suspect, Antonio Martin, pointing a gun at an officer before he was shot, but the footage did nothing to stop protestors from throwing fireworks at police. In other news, Google worked with the FBI to bust a man who made an on-line threat against cops and ISIS reportedly captured a coalition pilot in Syria. Alex also takes your calls, but if you can't call into the show, feel free to tweet Alex at @RealAlexJones with your questions and comments! 
Tune in live 11am-2pm cst

Tonight, Rand Paul Plans Bill To End Police Militarization, then, Charges Expected To Be Filed Against MOA Protest Organizers, and, NY Protesters Reject Plea for Hiatus Despite Police Slayings. Details & more on the 
Infowars Nightly News @ 7pm cst - Tune-in

Tonight, French Feminists Insert Warnings Into Children's Christmas Toys, and, Merry Christmas: FEMA Demands Flood Victims Return Checks, then, Crisis Talks? CIA Agent’s Secret Meeting With Sony Exec Revealed In Leaked Emails. Details & more on the 
Infowars Nightly News @ 7pm cst - Tune-in
are you a dreamer?
waking life are you a dreamer?

Law enforcement corruption & abuse: A visit from your friendly federal police

Well we talked about FRS, and GMRS Radios. The last question I have been asked is what is the MURS radio. Do I need a license to operate it? How far does it reach, and do you have any recommendation on what might be a good radio. Please LIKE and SHARE this with your family and friends. Next will be more focused on Amateur/ Ham Radio and some history of it.

The Fed imagines itself as Santa Claus, stuffing money down chimneys in an attempt to stimulate the economy:

Conservatives need the principles of liberty laid out for them on every issue, so says this libertarian: 
Supreme Court: Police May Violate Your Rights If They Have “Mistaken Understanding” Of Law 
Shootout Erupts Between Border Farmer and Illegal Immigrant Invader [VIDEO] 
People Of Walmart (Sexy And I Know It - LMFAO) 
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