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Is your state being targeted by the fluoridation lobby in 2015? Click below to find out: 

Here is a list of films available for streaming that will leave you inspired to help improve our ‪#‎food‬ system. 

Are Children Medicated for Convenience, or Necessity?

The federal government cannot be trusted with your right to keep and bear arms. 
That's why states need to block federal gun control
Here's the PLAN

This article explains the scarily similar times when gun control was used for the benefit of the government. Read why those that are Pro 2nd Amendment are joined by all the Jews...

I love it when 100% Jewish people spit Truth, so I can just post their video and not be labeled an anti-semite. Because I'm NOT

As this showdown with Russia heats up, remember how we got here.

The two supposed police killed in New York... WERE TAKING PART IN AN ANTI-TERRORISM DRILL..
Add in the double letters, and the rearranged name spelling something subliminally.. and you've got a full blown false flag here.

Now that I see the "pictures", as a Nurse I've been and assisted at too many accidents & a few shootings to know what the Real Thing DOES look like. And this does not. Given the caliber of the gun, they wouldn't have much of any head left to wrap up like that, nor would they have intubated an already dead man.

New CAR TRACKING RADAR deployed by the military over the East Coast of the United States....
Saying that they need to detect "cruise missiles" that could be incoming?!
Meanwhile, the promo from the people who build the device talks of tracking CARS AT NASCAR RACES!
Sure, we need to track "cruise missiles" from some other country like??? Meanwhile we'll be scanning your cars, boats, planes, and even large groups of people.

How out of control is the IRS? Isnít it about time we abolish it?
"The Adventures of Kim Jong Un." If Kim Jong Un wrote and directed his own cartoon...

2 cops DEAD cause a guy was vicitimized/ PISSED about a BOGUS DRUG WAR on POT?
Video Taken by NYPD Killer Surfaces, Shows Him Being Shaken Down by K-9 Unit Last Year
cop claims dog indicated on his bag even though the dog had no apparent reaction
victim calls cop on it. cop intimidates victim, demands he turn off camera, COP GRABS CAMERA
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