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Fluoridation increases risk of hip fracture in population....but that shouldn't negate fluoridation of water. Would you say that if it was you who fractured your hip because of accumulation of fluoride in your bones?
Fluoride in drinking water and risk of hip fracture in the UK: a ca... - PubMed - NCBI
Lancet. 2000 Jan 22;355(9200):265-9.

On Monday, the city council of La Prairie--a suburb on the South Shore of Montreal (population of 23 000)—passed a resolution to end fluoridation after 42 years of adding fluoride to the drinking water.
The unanimous council vote comes only weeks after 76% of residents in Richmond, Quebec voted to end fluoridation after three years of debate. These latest victories bring Quebec's fluoridation rate down to just 2.15% of residents.

Wow -- a North Carolina farmer for Perdue decides to speak out about the cruelty of chicken factory farming. If even HE knows it's wrong, then all consumers should. Choose cruelty-free, choose vegan.

On this Thursday, December 4 edition of the Alex Jones Show, David Knight covers the death of Eric Garner and what it says about our unrestrained, out-of-control government. Thug cops are celebrating Garner's death over untaxed cigarettes and leftists are claiming the “white privilege” of NYPD Officer Daniel Pantaleo saved him from being charged, a claim which conveniently ignores white police abuse victims Kelly Thomas and James Boyd. The focus should be on police brutality in general which affects all Americans regardless of race. Paul Joseph Watson breaks down the Garner situation and the latest BS from the Obama administration. 
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