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Alex Jones covering the Ferguson insanity.
SF San Francisco City Police Dispatch

CHP California Highway Patrol SFBA - Golden Gate Division

Gunshots heard at 53rd st and Market. 4-5 rounds heard.
Another crowd at 42nd st and Market headed Southbound.
also be advised gunshot at 5900 Market
OPD advise CROWD is now at 52nd st / 53rd St and Market, headed Southbound 
Alameda County California Live Audio Feeds 
Angela Mae this link you have multiple options.........just scroll down

Squads of riot police have turned out to fend off hundreds of rioters in the streets of North St. Louis near the Bank of America on the back streets from Airport Rd. to Paul Ave.
Police clashing with rioters in North City, massive group of police cars, and multiple platoons of police marching towards rioters now.
Lawless rioters are on the streets of North City, clashing with police...
Police have fired tear gas, and are attempting to keep them out of Bank of America..
South Side , Grand Ave. cleared of rioters... thank god!!!
Now, hundreds of people walking the streets in Ferugson. heading towards a street crew working on the sewers.. I think they're going to trash the workers!!
Street crew in blue trucks.. people kicking over cones etc.. wtf???
thanks to
About 100 national guard troops are lining up: 
More people with molotov cocktails and guns.. making way up W. Florissant. Police responding in 5min or less.
Groups Trespassing on Julian Ave. on peoples front porches! Multiple links to streams here
#Ferguson: RT @stlcountypd: What appears to be urine filled bottles thrown at police.
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The Chris Rock Show - Cops

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Brilliant article Chemtrails and the Nuclear Connection
Chemtrails and the Nuclear Connection - Zen Gardner
Chemtrail and nuclear experiments continue to pump into our atmosphere everything from biological material to nano sized metallic particulate which become electrically charged by sunlight.

THE FORTH REICH IN AMERICA: As reported in the chapter of the same name in "Future Esoteric," the mainstream news has finally latched onto the story and is reporting on the thousands of Nazis imported to the USA.
Let's not forget it was Allen Dulles and J Edgar Hoover who brought us the NWO! ... 11 minute video.

New Jurassic World Trailer Explores Dangers of Genetic Modification
Cinematic look at the dangers of genetic manipulation.

Crowds are massing in Ferguson yet again.
National Guard and police are on the scene.
It looks like things are starting all over again.
3 males with masks seen in a car nearby just reported on scanner...
These people are NOW protesting the evidence! They claim the evidence is false, planted, and fake. Denying the justice process, denying the grand jury, and saying everyone is in on it.
The protesters are saying the violence is caused by "outsiders"... yet only 2 of over 70 arrests are of people from out of state.
This is a case of people being lawless, using Michael Brown, and now protesting the entire system, saying they don't want grand juries?? Saying they want to know the people in the jury??
Don't people realize you can't get a fair jury trial if the jurist feels intimidated??? The mob kills witnesses and jurors who testify against them.. as in the old school italian "mob"... now it's the Michael Brown "mob" demanding that justice be done away with, that facts be denied, and that innocent people be put in prison...
These people are demanding INJUSTICE while committing crimes, blocking streets, and causing the city serious worries.
They BURNED DOWN over 20 stores last night.. 150+ shots fired by people.. no shots fired by police... they blocked the highway and threatened motorists from other states not even involved with this mess.
These people who are now massing in Ferguson are, in my opinion, protesting the entire system, while threatening the city with more destruction if they don't get what they want.
Now what do they want? They haven't said. I suppose they want the jury system to be overturned, and somehow to "get " the cop, and deny the evidence which clears the cop... while KILLING the cop in a mob beatdown.
Other than that.. what could they possibly be demanding at this point?
Screaming at the average police officer who is forced to be there to protect the rest of the city from this out of control protesting mob.
Now its a MOB WITHOUT A CAUSE.. mindlessly protesting the system, with no change planned, only destruction to "get even" with the system.
Too bad the people who are being victimized are not the problem.. the problem is excessive police state.. and how do you "fight" excessive police? Certainly you do NOT "fight" them with violence.. you "fight" them with loving them to death.
Seriously, the way you defeat evil is with good, not with more evil.
Scanner and helicopter feed links below:
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