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This is pretty crazy. It shows how aircraft deal with thunderstorms when trying to land at the Atlanta airport.

HAARP and Chemtrails in Action – Geoengineering the Polar Vortex

In case you missed it---this is a great video showing how the drought in CA and the (murderous!) "polar vortex" insanity is created/maintained by DELIBERATE MANIPULATION OF THE JETSTREAM. How do some people STILL believe that this technology is not possible? And not in use? Blinders on.
Post Election, Global Cooling Psy Op, Polar Vortex, on 11 03 14

Is a HAARP Weather Weapon Causing the California Drought?
 "drought" we're having in California is Man Made 
"they" are doing this to destroy small and organic farms, to control food production in general, to promote their global warming HOAX, to further their Agenda 21 plans and water management, and for stock market manipulation by betting on the weather. HAARP is 100% REAL. And it's used by MULTIPLE parties via the poisonous chemtrails they are dumping on us DAILY. wake up. please.

What Slick Barry is doing tonight is absolutely treasonous.

     MIND Dyslexia and Perception

In the first 7 months of 2013
over 1,000 Swedish Women have reported being raped by Muslim Gangs in Stockholm alone.
300 of those cases were girls under the age of 15.
Muslim gangs have taken over 55 areas of Sweden. Parmedics need body armor to enter.
Sweden is debating cutting off services to these areas because whenever police go into these areas they are attacked by machetes... 
Free radio Show Sunday-Friday afternoons around 2/3pm PST 

Here's How We're Going to End Factory Farming 

No Naturally Occurring Fluoride Is Added To Drinking Water – See What’s Really Added
The resistance against water fluoridation might be a different story if the naturally occurring element of fluoride was added to our water. Fluoride is found in all 

quick posture tips 
This Is What Every Young Girl Can Expect to be Bombarded with for a Lifetime, Condensed Into 1 Min

1 in every 5 adults is a cigarette smoker. That means if you don't smoke you likely know someone who does. Today is the Great American Smokeout, so why not quit today? Cigarettes aren't just bad for public health, they also contaminate waterways and threaten wildlife. Check out this video about how cigarette butts pollute the bay and learn how you can help our Butt Free Bay campaign:
Save The Bay (San Francisco)

Inside the chemtrail planes 
Time for the people to disarm the domestic terrorists called DHS. 
These murderers need to be stopped proactively before they create another world war!
Shocking: Live Streamers Loose Feed As Ferguson Police Advance
Multiple videographers reported the lose of live streams during a recent Ferguson protest.

Tonight, Network TV blackout on Obama’s amnesty address: Only Univison, Telemundo to carry live immigration announcement, and, Obama administration chooses to announce controversial amnesty plan at same time as Officer Wilson verdict, then, Infowars reporters Joe Biggs and Jakari Jackson give updates in Ferguson and continue live streaming from the front lines at
Details & more on the Infowars Nightly News @ 7pm ct Tune in

     FLORIDA shooting

jeeeezus... here we go again.. .
I believe there are MK "sleepers" all over the planet... And there are high ranking people corroborating this.
They are either MK victims programmed at childhood, who have no idea they are programmed.. .
Or possibly people being mind controlled. Literally. Thru technology... 
either way, this timing is, convenient...
FSU Shooter Thought He Was Being Gangstalked, Mind Controlled by the Government

FSU Shooter Thought He Was Being Gangstalked, Mind Controlled by the Government
Why is another "mass shooter" claiming to be mind controlled by the government?

Florida School Shooting Shooter named Myron May.
Double Trouble. Enough said. Fake.
Fake like Aaron Alexis, Tamerlan Tsarnev, Rodgers Retribution , and Boston Bombing.

"WHY in the World are They Spraying?" Promo Video

This is a promo video we made prior to producing the award winning film, "WHY in the World are They Spraying?" It is short, however, very informative about how chemtrails/geoengineering programs are effecting our adverse weather. If you have a few,I would suggest watching. Thanks for all of your support and please, "Keep looking up!!!!"
Join TSU!!

"Early adopters learn the ropes sooner, as well as position themselves as thought leaders. What an important branding weapon. It is not only important to adopt early, but truly become proficient within the space the one now occupies. It is not enough to simply join, one has to participate and demonstrate competence.''

I don't want your suggested posts begging me for money for March of Dimes for Animal research for Autism
I want to see my FRIEND's POSTS!
I want MORE THAN 7% of my friends to see MY posts on HOW TO PREVENT AUTISM by avoiding Mercury Vaccines and eating HEALTHY

I don't want your suggested posts from PINK MIRROR GEAR to RAISE $ GREED MONEY for SUSAN KOMEN
who keeps most of it for herself anyway, for an industry that PROFITS off MISERY hence wants NO CURE.

GREEDY FB is making the problem WORSE, acting like CENTRALIZED MEDIA.
FB is why people jump to other platforms. SF events

Growing campaign in Baltimore: The Life of a Plastic Bag What the Heck is Storm Water Runoff? - Stormwater How To

"Better prepare yourselves for the greatest wars/depressions the world has ever seen. 
It starts with global bankruptcy [which is near]. After that, chaos ensues." 
make it WORSE when cars are looking for ESCAPE ROUTE in EMERGENCY 
And to think the official start to winter is still one month away!

Cops: College Football Player Murdered by Illegal
ADAN SALAZAR | Police in Oregon baffled by seemingly random attack.
In light of Obama’s push for amnesty, this report may serve as a warning of things to come.

48 suspicious banking deaths
Our advice if JP Morgan offers you a job: politley decline. The list of top level bankers dying under suspicious...

Is there a "right to try" drugs not approved by the Food and Drug Administration? ––>

Please watch this important, heart-rending 2 minute video:
And please consider DONATING, as I have done, to the Transform Drug Policy Foundation through this link:

"Americans too stupid to understand it"
Obama Care architect Jonathan Gruber speaks
- See more at:
He's just saying what they all say in private

shit is fit to pop. this Hobama amnesty act is going to cause civil unrest... 
this is going to cause a FLOOD of new immigrants from Mexico. 
they are purposefully squeezing the life out of this nation.

White House Construction: The New West Wing Bunker, an Underground Command Center
_ 1/ Presidential Executive Command and Control System Relocation.
_ 2/ Continuity of Government - The President's Doomsday Plan
_ 3/ The White House Tunnel System
_ 4/ The Secret Metro Tunnels
_ 5/ Presidential Emergency Operations Center (PEOC)
_ 6/ Meetings in the PEOC and Executive Briefing Room

"How White People Order Ethnic (Vietnamese) Food."

Don’t trust the government.
That’s the message of the latest short video released by the Tenth Amendment Center ––> 
Chief tells the TRUTH that Black People don't want to hear.

Yay they saved the little fellow! 
This is Russia. Russians don't leave their friends in trouble.

Mexico: Nothing to see here. Move along.

SF Map Shows How Likely You Are to Step in Poop
Jennifer Wong created this (Human) Wasteland Map from reported craps provided by DataSF. The playful poop map allows you to search by address to reveal see...
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