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Unofficial: Banksy#banksy memories

Pole dancing that will amaze you.
"Let's Pool&Pole" - full act
Original and unique act with the fusion of waterbowl and pole dance

3 of some of the most powerful healing foods you should include in your diet.   Turmeric Ginger Garlic

8 Amazing Uses For Homegrown Aloe Vera (That Have Nothing To Do With Sunburns) | Off The Grid News

10 Deadly Habits That Seriously Damage Your Kidneys

Are Flu Vaccines Risking Senior Citizens’ Lives? Some Say Yes.... what do you think?

St. Louis Cop: 'Get a Gun, We Can't Protect You'
A concerned police officer in St. Louis has issued an ominous warning amidst expected civil unrest in the aftermath of the Darren Wilson verdict, warning res...
Ferguson Missouri More Feds Than Protestors
Alex Jones talks with Infowars reporters Jakari Jackson and former Army Staff Sergeant Joe Biggs live on the ground in Ferguson Missouri.

BREAKING: Anonymous Reportedly Leaks Map of Federal Perimeter Around ‪#‎Ferguson‬
Kit Daniels | Map represents likely Constitution-free zone.

#‎Ferguson may explode into full-blown race war.
Race War in Ferguson Despite Outcome On Darren Wilson
Protest organizers emphasize racial character of anticipated protest and threat posed to white people.

Tonight, FBI warns that grand jury's decision in Michael Brown shooting 'will likely' lead to extremist violence as Ferguson waits on edge, then, Gruber visited Obama's office as the Democratic Party's "most influential health-care expert", and later, Texas Rancher: Executive Amnesty Rumors Fueling Immigration. Details & more on the 
Infowars Nightly News @ 7pm ct Tune-in

On this Tuesday, November 18 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex covers the prospect of a full-blown race war in Ferguson, Missouri, as a map of a federal Constitution-free zone emerges and the governor of the state adds to the confusion about who is in charge of the response to promised looting and mayhem in the wake of a decision on Officer Darren Wilson who fatally shot Mike Brown. Alex also continues his coverage of Obama violating the Constitution by issuing an executive action on amnesty for millions of immigrants in the country illegally. 
Tune in live 11am-2pm cst

Is walking while white now a transgression worthy of a beating?

Alex covers #‎amnesty  and #‎Ferguson  at 11 AM CST today. He also talks with financial author Harry Dent.

Oath Keepers » Blog Archive » Police Expert: War On Terror Has Turned Our Cops Into Occupying...
The war on terror has essentially turned police into occupying armies in some American communities, said a police and criminology expert.—-and-we’re-the-enemy

Riot Training Ends in Disaster: Cops Wreck 3 Cruisers, Deploy Tear Gas on Elementary School Students
On Friday morning, police in Columbus, OH set out to conduct a riot training exercise at now-abandoned Cooper Stadium. As a part of the exercise, new... 
Ferguson Protest Group Releases List Of Targets: Airport, Emerson Electric, Boeing...

The medical shadow government -
Over the last 50 years, tireless researchers have uncovered and revealed the existence of various elites that control governments and populations.

Buy GOLD and SILVER now. Physical, that you hold in your hands.
Germany asked USA for it's 674 tons of gold back last year
Us said: SURE, give us 7 years. WTF!

Jim Willie Bombshell: It Has Begun — Germany to Break from US/UK, Join Russia/China Alliance! » The Event Chronicle
The Germans have had enough, fed up with destructive US activities of all kinds. For the last few months, they have been laying out their indictment, their justification, their reasons to...
Frankfurt begins first European direct settlements in Chinese yuan
"We have begun a new chapter in the history of the oil markets": see BBC News coverage of the newest Oil Market Report
Frankfurt Open for Yuan Clearing as Liquidity Rises…/frankfurt-open-for-yuan-clearing… FB breaks links
China opens up $4.2tn stock market to world via Hong Kong

U.S. elections sway back and forth between Republicans and Democrats, but the monetary system never changes nor is ever up for any real debate. The monetary system of the whole world has been firmly in the hands of Keynesians’ ever since Nixon removed the convertibility of dollars and abandoned the Bretton Woods Agreement back in 1971. A positive Swiss vote would threaten this by once again providing the world with a choice between a hard (gold-backed) currency and fiat.
Up until recently, it was the Swiss who were the last holdouts against the Keynesian school of thought. Traditionally viewed as the last bastion of sensible monetary restraint, the Swiss succumbed to the siren call of “actively managed central banking” in September 2011, fixing their currency to the Euro under mounting European pressure.
Somehow, having what the world views as the strongest currency is a bad thing when everyone else is printing like crazy. It wasn’t so much the success of the Swiss currency during this Depression 2.0 but the failure of the rest of the world to restrain itself that lead to its appreciation.

The Most Important Election You Haven’t Heard Of
In less than three weeks, the most important election of the year will take place in Switzerland, and you haven’t heard of it. While the U.S. focuses on the recent Republican victory, the financial markets are facing an earth-shaking event on...

NEA was funded by ROCKEFELLER  to keep us dumb obedient and subservient
ABOLISH the FED Govt. They're just a bunch of greedy PIMPS:
I cannot tell a lie. Frackers in the George Washington National Forest will poison millions of people if you don't stop them.

If Obama is Supplying ISIS this whole country is at risk for total destruction .What could come from this could destroy everything we as Americans have worked hard for...
Iraqi Intel Report: U.S. Planes Supplying ISIS with Weapons Under the Guise of Air Raids!
http://www.undergroundworldnews.comThe Iraqi forces have found out that the US aircraft usually...
Congress Not Willing To Arrest Obama For Breaking The Law - Pete Santilli & Sheriff Joe Arpaio
Pete Santilli interviews Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Sheriff Joe reveals some tough obstacles to...

"The Right to a Gun? You Could Look It Up."

"They are destroying the Constitution"
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. speaks out

Video: Nazis (& alike) did not lose WW2 according to Charlotte Iserbyt - 'Skull & Bones' exposed.

Nazis and Ilk Did Not Lose WW2 According to Charlotte Iserbyt - See more at:
Uploaded on Nov 14, 2011

~Unslave Humanity Tactical Media: ~Nazi Banksters Crimes Ripple Effect Final Cut: ~sub my new backup:


how many suckers down below gonna get KILLED by falling CELL PHONES lost at  top of ride?
WOAH! World's tallest coaster to open in 2017...over 500 feet tall! Would you ride this crazy thing???
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