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I do love these fun and insightful comics!

Fred Burks of offers this today

Awesome health practices: My good friends all know that I take very good care of my body. Staying fit and healthy is a top priority even when I'm really busy. I've developed a whole range of unusual and very effective health practices which you can read about at the link below. And I welcome comments sharing other great health practices. Let's support each other in being fit and healthy. - Fred Burks

#Rap #News Net Neutrality

Making a batch of Master Tonic tonight! It helps to fight off colds, flus, vampires, and bad first dates!

uh oh     I was totally offended by most of the creepy guys in the video and wanted to mace them or ship off to the moon cause women deserve to walk in peace and not be pestered constantly by jerks assholes and catcallers, really
but     well     watch this video 
What street harassment ACTUALLY looks like 

(NEW VIDEO) About an important issues that no one really touches on but should "The States Endless War on Children"

Economist: Financial Collapse Will Cause Civil Unrest to Erupt in America by 2016 - 
Paul Joseph Watson | Rampant corruption combined with economic woes to spark "revolution"

Obama: Dictatorship Is Democracy
Kit Daniels | But America was founded as a republic.

Elections Reveal Decline of Racial Politics…/
Kit Daniels | The GOP’s victories in the Nov. 4 midterm elections were not simply due to independent voters’ dissatisfaction with the Democratic Party but they were rather the result of an explosive ideological realignment which promotes individualism and transcendence beyond petty social divisions.

While informative this film is essentially disinfo by wanting you to believe the Jesuits are at the top of the pyramid when infact its the "jewish mob" operating out of their own masonic secret society known as B'Nai Brith, giving marching orders to the Queen, Pope, Masons, Templars, Jesuits, CFR, Trilaterals, and on down the line. 
Jesuit controlled High level Freemasonry dominates and deceives the world

Im sorry folks i just gotta vent. All the major TV news today is headlining this lying MK/Monarch douchebag Robert O'Neill claiming to have fired the kill shot that "killed Osama Bin Laden" during the "seal team six raid". MEGA-PROJECTILE-EXORCIST-VOMIT-IN-SLO-MO-3D-IMAX. Folks, no one killed OBL aka Tim Osman CIA asset. His own failing kidneys killed him, related to poor dialysis, wayyyyy back in December 2001, and Pakistani newspress freely published his obituary a few days after his actual death. CIA/MI6/Mossad-controlled newswmedia worldwide scrubbed this and hired stand-in actors to portray OBL in poorly-produced wag-the-dog fakeries for the next ten years, most often deferring to "audio recordings of OBL" to keep him alive in the media so as to provide Slick Barry an opportunity to orchestrate the grand charade of "seal team six" killing him rambo-style in the most bullshit story youve ever heard, right before a presidential re-election, which yup he won. Hm. Now having had his ass handed to him politically by losing both house and senate, in typical lame-duck fashion he now wants to remind us all of the bullshit lie he is now stuck with perpetuating. As much as I hate Mitch McConnell, I can only imagine he is enjoying the power he has to make the monkey dance, as if his life depended on it. Oh the hegelian dialectic of it all, scuse me while i go puke again. Our system is so far broken and the general populus so ignorant and brainwashed, I am at a loss for how I can ever see it fixed. Anyone in politics today knows this darn well, and is lying through their teeth to the public when they say they can fix anything. Dont even get me started on diebold e-vote hacking and other vote fraud.
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