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The aloe vera plant is widely grown as an ornamental plant, but how can it be used as a medicinal plant?

So different from native snack foods of Ireland, American snack foods are inedible to those used to real food:

For PRIVACY and to AVOID SPYWARE you want 10.6.8 on your Laptop, and 10.7 on your iphone and ipad... but...
IF you want the option to JAILBREAK IOS 8.1, INSTALL VIA iTunes (not over the air update) IOS 8.1 on your devices TODAY!

#‎TyrannyIsTheDisease  and it spreads rapidly in the right political environment. Keep a watchful eye on the NWO's tyrannical advancements and help to raise awareness in your community by continuing to get the word out about #‎infowars .
Special thanks to everyone who participated in helping call attention to the #‎Obola  administration’s monumental policy failures. The top videos will be reviewed on tonight’s edition of the Infowars Nightly News, which starts at 7pm CST.

CHEMTRAILS NOW ADMITTED AT THE UNITED NATIONS: "Manmade clouds" and geoengineering being discussed at the United Nations recently. Still wondering why there are droughts and extreme weather incidents?

BREAKING: GMO labeling measure pre-announced as "defeat" in Oregon even though thousands of votes in support remain uncounted! Election fraud again?

Will Republicans Impeach Barack Obama? -

Alex covers the #‎midterm  #‎election  and the #‎Republican  majority on today's worldwide broadcast.
Tucker Carlson: They Will Take Our Guns
Alex Jones talks with Tucker Carlson about what we can expect after the election...

On this Wednesday, November 5th edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex runs down the results of the November 4th midterm election as Republicans take over the Senate and expand their majority in the House of Representatives. Republicans have vowed to dismantle aspects of the Obama agenda, primarily his disastrous health care fiasco, and confront his imperial presidency. Former Rep. Ron Paul warns Republican gains will result in expanded war in Syria and Iraq. The esteemed former congressman also points out the two party system is in fact a monopoly locking out outsiders and dominating the political landscape in America. Others predict the #‎election2014  foretells the extinction of the two party system and the final chapter of the hegemony of a dinosaur political class. #‎infowars  

DHS Grant Outfits Boston’s New Hybrid Buses With On-Board Surveillance
Mikael Thalen | "Live Look In" feature allows transit police to watch riders in real-time

National Vaccine Information Center
Flucelvax "may" contain residual amounts of Madin Darby Canine Kidney cell DNA according to the package insert.

FLUCELVAX (Influenza Vaccine), a vaccine for intramuscular injection, is a “subunit” influenza vaccine prepared from virus propagated in Madin Darby Canine Kidney (MDCK) cells, a continuous cell line. These cells were adapted to grow freely in suspension in culture medium. The virus is inactivated with ß-propiolactone, disrupted by the detergent cetyltrimethylammonium bromide and purified through several process steps. Each dose of FLUCELVAX may contain residual amounts of MDCK cell protein (≤8.4 mcg), protein other than HA (≤ 120 mcg), MDCK cell DNA (≤ 10 ng), polysorbate 80 (≤ 1125 mcg), cetyltrimethlyammonium bromide (≤ 13.5 mcg), and β-propiolactone (<0.5 mcg), which are used in the manufacturing process...     

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