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Berkeley is about to score the first blow in the battle against Big Soda 
Like Coke Or Pepsi? Wait Until You Hear What They're Doing.

Patient awaiting bypass surgery discovers plant-based diet and walks out of hospital. Find out what happens from the doctor who coached the patient onto his new diet:

NVIC Flu Prevention Video

(NEW VIDEO) Bill Gates The Jason Group CIA Raytheon & Big Oil Companies are trying to control weather!

Breaking News: Florida 4.5M earthquake! NW Panhandle near oil drilling facilities

GeoEngineering at UN

An inquiry by congress confirms that ISIS is indeed a CIA creation
Sofia Smallstorm Unraveling Sandy Hook

HUGE! A manager with a major shipping company has exclusively revealed to Infowars that the U.S. government has ordered 250,000 Hazmat suits to be sent to Dallas.

Preparing Your Immunity Against Ebola: Dr. Edward Group and Anthony Gucciardi discuss the threat of an ebola outbreak, and the methods to combat disease.

#‎RedCross : a #‎bankster  and #‎corporate  fleecing of the American public.

Should Obama seal U.S. borders to the afflicted West African Nations as Australia has done?

With so much chaos surrounding Ebola, are healthcare providers becoming leery of treating anyone?

TSA Confiscates Sci-Fi Ray Gun Belt Buckle
Because it was “kind of shaped like a gun.”
Meanwhile, people are routinely waltzing through security lines with swords, knives, explosives and guns.

On this Thursday, October 30 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex breaks down both the latest Ebola news and the galactic level of fraud and corruption in D.C. made more prominent by the approaching midterm elections. The husband of a Democratic senator is now facing charges after being caught on film stealing Republican campaign signs. Also, the government is scrambling to purchase Ebola Hazmat suits, with orders to just one company surpassing one million. Survivalist expert, author and radio host Steve Quayle also joins the show to cover the rise of transhumanism and techno serfdom and more! You don't want to miss today's broadcast! 

The Obama Administration Has Been More Hostile to the Press Than Any Other in History

Musician Arrested For Playing Protest Song: Musician Andrew Kalleen was arrested in early October for singing in a NY subway even though the written code states he is allowed to do so. The officer even reads the code out loud to everyone on scene yet he still proceeds to harass the musician and then arrests him along with a couple of other officers. The silver lining to this is Andrew kept his cool, he did not fight back and everything was caught on camera by a passerby so he has a good case for a first amendment lawsuit. Other topics covered are ticket quotas, warrant roundups, and out of control police state.
You can check out Andrew's latest video Glow here.

- - - - - Wed Oct 29 2014

Titanium DiOxide (which makes pharmaceutical pills white)
is now linked to FIBROMYALGIA -Dr Group on InfoWars Wednesday radio show

IBD / Irritable Bowel Syndrome is caused by GMO wheat corn and soy 
Free radio Show Sunday-Friday afternoons around 2/3pm PST  

cough and sneeze towards the ground NOT into your hands
If I'm in a room where someone coughs or sneezes into their hands or up into the air I am likely to hold my breath and LEAVE THE ROOM AT ONCE.

CDC: Ebola Spreads Like Flu
Kit Daniels | “Droplet spread” of Ebola, flu nearly identical, according to CDC documents. 

House Representative Bob Goodlatte has received information from inside President Barack Obama’s administration detailing plans to ship non US citizens with Ebola into the United States to receive treatment.

In the current 1984 Landscape of America, tyranny has gone wild, and the government has called upon its newest prototype Robola Cop to help stop free speech. ‪#‎TyrannyIsTheDisease‬

Turn on CNN, MSNBC and Fox News and chances are you will see staunchly partisan Democrats and Republicans engaged in heated verbal pugilism.

Government Agencies Scramble to Purchase Hazmat Suits
Paul Joseph Watson | Orders from one company surpass 1 million as concerns about Ebola linger.

CDC Expands Ebola Risk Factors For Forcible Quarantine
Paul Joseph Watson | Individuals subject to “movement restrictions” if they have briefly been in vicinity of Ebola victim.

#‎LoneWolf  or mentally disturbed? #‎DHS  issues overblown warning after #‎Canada  attack. #‎terror  #‎ISIS

Tonight, La Raza Promotes Washington Post Guide On Where People Can Vote Without An ID, then, Obama on Early Voting: "You Can Only Vote Once; This Isn't Chicago" CDC: Ebola Spreads Like Flu, and later, CDC: Ebola Spreads Like Flu. Details & more on the 
Infowars Nightly News @ 7pm ct Tune-in

On the Wednesday, October 29 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Jones reviews reports of early voter fraud with midterm elections less than a week away, as more Americans come to grips with the true agenda behind the authoritarian left. Jones also breaks down why the CDC's move to subject people who have briefly been in the vicinity of Ebola victims to “movement restrictions” suggests the agency believes the virus may have gone airborne, and also exposes why the DHS is warning of lone wolf terror threats. On today's show Jones welcomes special guests George Noory & Dr. Ed Group! 

Stackpot has been removed from YouTube. So much for a Freedom of Speech in the USA

Cops Threaten Dancers With Felony Arrest - for Dancing -
Town's heavy-handed crack down sets party organizer back $15k.

So the SHTF and you have to get out of Dodge. Your GPS is down, do you have a Map and Compass? Can you use them? Can you find your way to your Bug Out Location? This is the fifth in P2T - Plan, Prepare, Train 10 C's of survival. Please LIKE and SHARE. Just another topic you could cover with your Community Preparedness Team (CPT) and the Oath Keepers. Are you getting prepared to take care of your family and community?

The world has turned upside down. It is not safe any longer for you to stay or live in your house. What sort of cover will you carry with you when the SHTF? This is the sixth in the series covering the 10 C’s from P2T - Plan, Prepare, Train. Please LIKE and SHARE. Just another topic you could cover with your Community Preparedness Team (CPT) and the Oath Keepers. Are you getting prepared to take care of your family and community?

“Retaliation”: Feds Launch New Land Grab Targeting Bundy Family
Paul Joseph Watson | Battle of Bunkerville 2: BLM to declare 1.8 million acres environmental protection zone.
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