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Afroman - "Because I Got High" Positive Remix 
Afroman - Because I Got High

Sunshine, Russia and the Bilderberg group
How are Sunshine, Russia and the Bilderberg group connected?
The Western mainstream media are vilifying both sunshine and Russia.
Without any real proof (or with the help of made up proof), both Russia and sunshine are blamed of being aggressive and dangerous.
The Bilderberg group is the secret assembly created by the architects of a New World Order. The Rothschild family is the leading designer of the blueprint for a global government controlling the supply of all the energy, money, trade, healthcare, information, food and water in the world.
Sunbeds – Russia’s secret weapon for optimal athletic performance.

Rockefeller is behind 440 Hz ANGER / Military music, NEA Nat'l Educ Association, Funding of Russian Revolution, CFR TriLateral Commission, etc. 
Free radio Show Sunday-Friday afternoons around 1/2/3pm PST

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The government is like a box of chocolates...
but without any chocolates in it,
also the box bombs people and takes your money.
For example:
Former Military Intelligence Officer: American Military Will Not Support A Coup
Alex Jones discusses what he's seen over the years and asks James Wesley Rawles if he thinks that the... 

all you vaccine lovers out there. i want you to eat this. go on. swallow it down. and like it. the last commercial in these INSANE propaganda pieces, is EXACTLY like what we're seeing today with the Ebola HOAX... wake the eff up. they've been doing this for YEARS!!! stop being a scared sheep and start being a WOLF. 
i love watching fat fucks like this squirm when they're being grilled. the guilt is like a greasy film draped over their sweaty flushed cheeks.

whhhoooooooops! duh huh

Memo: Ebola Exposed US Troops To Be Quarantined Near Washington DC -
Any soldier exposed will immediately be brought back to US; UK will NOT bring back infected troops.

CDC Pushes Preparedness For Zombies Over Ebola
Kit Daniels | The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention placed more emphasis on a “zombie preparedness” campaign than preparations for Ebola despite a $6.6 billion yearly budget.

Obama Ebola czar: Zero medical experience
Prior to mishandling of first outbreak case, she assured 'We know how to do this'

Alert! Dumping Formaldehyde into water supplies in Africa back in early August..... causing Ebola like symptoms.
Article stresses "don't doubt the existence of Ebola"
Guy dumping the chemical into the water was caught, said water companies are involved, and that he was paid to do it.
Could it be that Ebola is a false flag (not a full on hoax) but that people are sick from something else.
The rest of the stories are BS to get us (the USA) to pay billions for a "containment" and "vaccine" for everyone.
Why isn't China concerned about Ebola... with its billions of people? how about India? Indonesia? Brazil?
It seems this ebola mess is a false flag to push an agenda.
Don't fall into the fear trap. I'd say we have 1 more week before we'll know if people were exposed all over Dallas and the airports.
If, in one week, no huge pandemic is occurring, I think we'll know this whole thing was staged.
Officials have been so careless , beyond absurdity, the magic cure of the two first doctors who came back.. and now the 3-ring circus of Ebola fear porn.

"EVD Outbreak" Ebola Virus Disease -- Department of Defense (09/2014) 
January 13, 1999 Susan Coleman Alan Standorf: Dennis Eisman:Danny Casalaro: Ian Spiro:Jim Wilhite:John CrawfordJon Parnell Walker:Gandy Baugh:Bill Shelton:Alan G. Whicher:Charles Meissner:Admiral Jeremy Boorda:Lance Herndon:Mary C. Mahoney:Ronald Miller the cost of producing penny and nickel coins were double their face value and that metal prices have caused the production costs to be higher than the coins’ face value for the past six years
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