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Did you know that the FDA has never approved any fluoride supplement as safe and effective? Click below and prepare to be disgusted:

You can follow most, if not all, fluoride news by Country, State/Province, and by topic. Get your fill:

Irish Senator speaks out on fluoridation:
"My job as a senator is to protect the people, not to protect a failed government policy. It is inarguably a breach of human rights to drug a population against their will, via the water system. My motion in the Senate is to give back the human right to choose what drug each Irish citizen does or does not take into their body. I urge everyone to put pressure on their TDs, councillors and anyone else in a position of power to join the fight for Ireland's health freedom."

Topsfield, Massachusetts residents will have the opportunity to vote on fluoridation at the next town meeting this spring:

News out of New Zealand. Please vote on the poll in the left-hand column.

Six easy steps to avoid common genetically modified foods:
Experts: Ebola Could be Transmitted “At a Distance” From Infected Victims
Paul Joseph Watson | Professors say health workers being put at risk.

Shock Image Shows Unprotected Workers Cleaning up ‘Ebola Vomit’ in Dallas
Paul Joseph Watson | News chopper captures astounding lack of precaution.

Texas Health Officials Have Yet to Clean Ebola Patient’s Home Despite Protocol -
CDC official says home should have “absolutely” been cleaned.

Does the current deadly Ebola virus outbreak serve as a reminder that pandemics can be unleashed on populations?

Michael Savage blames ‘President Obola’ for virus in U.S. -
“...The far-left agenda is to have an open-borders policy,” he stated.

guys. there is a VERY high probability Ebola is a false flag comin our way. be vigilant. message me anything fishy you find...

13,500 people from Ebola-stricken West Africa can freely travel to U.S. with visas:

Debunked? Hip Hop Artist Performs in Bubble to Avoid Contracting Ebola -
Websites claim R&B performer climbed inside bubble to thwart disease.

Has the CDC known for years that toxins in vaccines lead to an increase in autism spectrum disorders?

THE CIA HAS COMPROMISED ALL MASS MEDIA: SInce the advent of Operation Mockingbird sine at least the 1950s, the Western Media has been bought and paid for the CIA to print propaganda instead of the news.

Is the Khorasan Group the SpaghettiOs of terror? -
Max Keiser pegs Obama's terror group

Should electromagnetic pulse (EMP) protection become a standard feature of data storage centers?

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Never shoplift in Hong Kong 
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