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Accidents like this are a common occurrence. Fluoridation additives put water employees, first responders, and citizens at risk. There is no need for this:

     Enterovirus 68
We have reported earlier about the Enterovirus 68. Not everyone can afford Otramacare, not everyone can run to the emergency room every five minutes. Here are a few home remedies that “could help” and just use a bit of common sense when people are sick around you.
If your working with your local Oath Keepers chapter and part of your Community Preparedness Team (CPT) this is just another thing you can learn. That right, get up today, make a effort and go to a meeting today. Feel free to LIKE and Share with your friends.

Would the global power structure threaten scientists in order to silence them? The answer to this question is so obvious that it does not need an answer. But is there more to the story? Which direction are scientists actually being pressured to go? Which truths are being silenced? Is the general public on target with their conclusions on this subject? Or are they confused by well funded propaganda?

Many anti-geoengineering "activists" need to be much more active. Sitting and cheering from the sidelines won't get the job done. Learn how to be effective when introducing the climate engineering issue to others. Have credible data to pass on, and be confident, the facts are completely on your side.

VIDEO: Mysterious Georgia Guidestones Get Strange '2014' Update -

Utah to BLM: Rein in your cops - The Salt Lake Tribune.

Those who own the U.S. government got their war. Targets are now being bombed in Syria.
ISIS is just the opening act, but that opening act may last a while (perhaps until the elections are over).
Remember how this started:
And why it started:

Breaking: U.S. and partner nations launch airstrikes against ISIS targets in Syria, pentagon confirms.

Mainstream Media Experiments With “Virtual Reality” Journalism -
Technology would make it easier for mainstream media to distort the news.

Video: Soldiers Train to Shoot Zombies During Ebola-Like Emergency | Video shows troops training to kill waves of zombies during a viral pandemic in a third-world country.

Video: The Singularity (Featuring 'Ray Kurzweil' & 'Alex Jones')
Satirical rap battle breaks down whether the blistering pace of technological progress is benign or dangerous.
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