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Geoengineering is killing our planet. Trees and plant life are showing the opposite reactions to rainfall that they should be. Royalty free audio files provi...

iPhone 6: Is 'Apple Pay' the Mark of the Beast? -

Apple Pay: Users Can Now Make Purchases With The ‘Simple Touch Of A Finger’ -
System pushes public closer to “cashless society.”

Obama Set to Ignore Congress, Announce Syria Strikes Tonight
Paul Joseph Watson | Assad government to consider any military action an act of war.

Facebook Bans Gun Owners, Allows Kitten Torture Video -
Uploading cat torture video won't get you banned, but talking about guns will.

Obama’s ISIS War: Profit for Military Contractors -
Avoiding accountability and boots on the ground.

Tonight, Spokesman For Sotloff Family Blasts Obama; White House Using Murdered Journalists As “Pawns”, and, New Police “Compliance Weapon” Blinds Targets, then later, Obama’s ISIS War: Profit for Military Contractors. Details & more on the 
Infowars Nightly News @ 7pm ct Tune-in

#‎TSA  Protects the Public from a Paperweight -
Agency boasts about big bust on blog site.

Alex breaks down the unfolding ISIS situation as President Obama prepares to ignore Congress and the Constitution by ordering air strikes inside Syria. Alex will also examine reports indicating that murdered journalist Steven Sotloff was sold to ISIS jihadists by US backed “moderates” while the White House attempts to deny responsibility. TUNE-IN LIVE 11am-2pm CST

This is the last in a series of 5 articles on Water purification and water filtration. What will you do when a storm strikes and how will you get water? Most of us take water for granted. We turn on a faucet and it just comes pouring out. Well their is a lot of science and energy behind making water flow out of your water faucets. So will you be prepared when a hurricane or tornado strike? What if a massive power outage strikes your region....will you be high and dry when it comes to water or will you keep your family alive? If your working with the Community Preparedness Team (CPT) as part of the Oath Keepers this is just another topic you would cover while being prepared.
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The extremely compelling footage in this 3 minute video should be yet another powerful tool to be used in the battle to awaken the sleeping masses to what is occurring over their heads day in and day out. The sprayed disbursements that are clearly occurring behind this jet tanker can not be rationally denied. All of us must help with the challenge of bringing awareness to this dire issue. My most sincere thanks to Tom Anderson and Anubis 420 for catching this very valuable film footage.
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