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What's for lunch tomorrow?
Here are three simple vegan lunch ideas:


New Police “Compliance Weapon” Blinds Targets
Paul Joseph Watson | “Retinal obfuscation” gun a new tool for militarized law enforcement.

Rep. King On ISIS War: No Time for Constitution and Congress -
Constitution irrelevant as war on terror enters new phase.

US Armed Forces have new Mobile Laser -- shoots through Fog / Clouds / Rain -- Capable of shooting down INCOMING MORTARS! Video here:

Obama Secret Service Agent: “It’s Worse Than People Know… and I’m Not Trying to Scare You Either”

Watch the full speech from Ayn Rand's masterpiece here:

Report: China Moves 12,000 Troops to Russian Border
Paul Joseph Watson | FSB official: “Something smells bad.”

Alex continues delving into how the west is once again using the pretext of terror to mount support for military expansion in middle east countries such as Syria, Iraq and now Libya. Jones also looks at how undeclared wars area boon for the defense contractor sector even if no official “boots are on the ground,” and examines the latest law enforcement “compliance weapon,” which is designed to blind targets for up to 15 minutes. Jones also breaks down the threat posed to the US by the spread of ebola, and gives an update on the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. TUNE-IN LIVE 11am-2pm CST

As the 13th anniversary of 9-11 approaches, Obama, and the mainstream media, have been eerily quiet about the 11 commercial airliners reported stolen by Islamic terrorists from a Libyan airport a little over a week ago.It should have been headline news across the country. Apparently, Obama is more interested in saving face, or golfing, than protecting innocent Americans, by downplaying the threat.
In fact, despite photos of the terrorists posing next to the stolen airplanes, the Obama administration is still claiming it has no information confirming the hijacking of the planes.


2 sheriffs warn of 'ISIS operations across border'
'They have cells here. I believe they have people here'

10 teens charged in black-mob attack in Memphis
Victims 'struck in head and face while being knocked to ground'
Get the book that details the ongoing black-on-white racial violence across the nation, Colin Flaherty's "'White Girl Bleed A Lot': The Return of Racial Violence to America and How the Media Ignore It" -- available at here -->

The treasonous U.S. govt needs to stop bringing these people to America & send the medicines to Africa to treat them there! 
Ebola spreading 'exponentially' as patients seek care
Entire families fill taxis in fruitless search for medical treatment

Annie's Homegrown sells out to General Mills for $820 million!! A statement from Annie's assures their consumers that organic integrity will be maintained, but how can that be when General Mills supports the Grocery Manufacturer's Association?? The GMA, along with Monsanto and General Mills, is responsible for donating millions to defeat labeling initiatives all over the country to keep YOU from having the right to know. Unacceptable, Annie's....and very, very disappointing. #‎MAM Driving in Russia... Serious business..

RACIALLY CHARGED HATE CRIME. "They were playing a game; Point em out, Knock em out"

Shhhh… The Crime Rate in Chicago Took a Nose-Dive. Here’s Why

The Psychological Reasons: Why American Soldiers Would Fire On American Citizens

Russian strategic bombers reportedly practice nuclear missile strike against US

The obvious glaring lies that the majority of Americans are willing to accept in order to maintain their bubble of total denial is absolutely astounding. Though there is a nearly endless list of past US government and media deceptions that are now a matter of historical fact, this seems to matter little to the masses. Many are beginning to sense that the world is horribly off track, but most are still stuck in their “normalcy bias”. Though it is not in our power to force people awake, we can deliver the truth with confidence, not timidity and trepidation.

BEN FULFORD IS BACK: He takes a month off every August, but is back on "behind-the-scenes" reporting from the dark world of international shenanigans. This is the most recent post, and his last two week's current articles are on the sidebar of this site.

Richard Branson + Kofi Annan + 8 former heads of state + top US officials = some darn good ideas. Thank you, Global Commission on Drug Policy

James O'Keefe Strikes Again: Our NORTHERN Border is Not Safe

What's really happening in the Arctic? For this answer, we must look for facts, not well funded headlines. The power structure and the geoengineers are now desperately trying to hide the full extent of damage to the climate and the biosphere as long as possible.

40 percent of women with severe mental illness are victims of rape, attempted rape         

Date: September 3, 2014
Source: University College London

Summary: Women with severe mental illness are up to five times more likely than the general population to be victims of sexual assault and two to three times more likely to suffer domestic violence, reveals new research.

Women with severe mental illness are up to five times more likely than the general population to be victims of sexual assault and two to three times more likely to suffer domestic violence, reveals new research led by UCL (University College London) and King's College London funded by the Medical Research Council and the Big Lottery.

The study, published in Psychological Medicine, found that 40% of women surveyed with severe mental illness had suffered rape or attempted rape in adulthood, of whom 53% had attempted suicide as a result. In the general population, 7% of women had been victims of rape or attempted rape, of whom 3% had attempted suicide. 12% of men with severe mental illness had been seriously sexually assaulted, compared with 0.5% of the general population....

"The number of rape victims among women with severe mental illness is staggering," says lead author Dr Hind Khalifeh of UCL's Division of Psychiatry. "At the time of the survey, 10% had experienced sexual assault in the past year, showing that the problems continue throughout adulthood. Considering the high rate of suicide attempts among rape victims in this group, clinicians assessing people after a suicide attempt should consider asking them if they have been sexually assaulted. Currently this is not done and so patients may miss opportunities to receive specialist support."

Men and women with mental illness were also found to be more likely to be victims of domestic violence than the general population. Domestic violence includes emotional, physical and sexual abuse. 69% of women and 49% of men with severe mental illness reported adulthood domestic violence.

Domestic violence from family members (other than partners) made up 63% of total domestic violence cases against psychiatric patients compared with 35% of the general population.... 
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