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The secret about fluoridation additives that the promoters don't want you to know:
"Results show that metal content varies with batch, and all HFS samples contained arsenic (4·9-56·0 ppm) or arsenic in addition to lead (10·3 ppm). Two NaF samples contained barium (13·3-18·0 ppm) instead. All HFS (212-415 ppm) and NaF (3312-3630 ppm) additives contained a surprising amount of aluminum."

Have you taken the Parent's Pledge Against Fluoridation? With your help we can protect the group that is most vulnerable to fluoride's impact, our children. Please read, sign, and share today:

It's not too late to register for the 5th Citizens Conference on Fluoride, going on in Washington, D.C. this weekend (Sept. 6-8). To get the late registration "special deal" just email ( so you can get your name & contact info on the list of attendees before it’s printed. Send your name, city, state, and email.
You can also register in person the day of the conference, but you only get the special deal if you email the address above before Friday.
Full conference details:

The Epic drought in California is far worse than what is being reported. The standard power structure corporate media ploy is to describe this disaster as if it has happened before. "The worst drought in a hundred years", this is a lie. Has there been such a drought in the last hundred years? No. The last 1000 years? Paleoclimatic data says no again. We are all in uncharted territory at this point, climate engineering will kill the planet if it is allowed to continue.

20 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True -
Operation Fast & Furious one of numerous conspiracies. #‎infowars
 How to Block a Surveillance Camera: A DIY Art Tutorial from Ai Weiwei STRANGE ROTHSCHILD OCCULT PARTY IMAGES EXPOSED, ILLUMINATI (Infowars)

A demolition: Thermite must have been used
A must watch DVD/ Video
Media One Services - Richard Gage: Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth
Published on 1 Aug 2014
On CSPAN's "Washington Journal" (@cspanwj) Richard Gage, founder of "Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth" (@ae911truth) discusses their evidence that Building 7 was destroyed by controlled demolition on September 11th. Gage was live from Media One Studio 2. 
Additional info:

Kissinger says concept of modern era order in crisis (thanks to him and his mates):

CIA Admitted to Staging Fake Jihadist Videos in 2010
Questions arise after experts say Foley ISIS beheading video likely "staged"

ok guys. this whole Urban Shield thing is gettin creepy. i posted a couple vids about it yesterday. it smells REALLY bad. like a false flag of some kind... just sayin. could be nothin. but better to be vigilant than blind sided
Coast Guard quarantine notice for San Francisco Bay false flag ?

ummmmm... Bay Area... all i'm gonna say is, be vigilant. this could be nothing. but..... it def goes along with all the "training exercises" taking place before other major false flag events... 
this isn't fear mongering. this is awareness... 
good questions raised. why is the Statue of Liberty pictured as a skull???
why do the military pawns on this website have their sharp shooting guns pointed AT the people viewing the website???
why does the clock say 911??? 
just sayin

Creepy 911 clocks and skulls predict San Francisco false flag

Gen. McInerney: “We Helped Build ISIS”
Paul Joseph Watson | Weapons from Benghazi ended up in the hands of Islamic State radicals.

Top Experts Warn Of ‘Inevitable’ Fukushima Disaster In California -
Experts warn of 'American Fukushima' in California unless immediate action is taken.

U.S. Army Plans to Battle Anti-Government Dissidents in “Megacities”
Paul Joseph Watson | Future operations will neutralize groups which ‘undermine the authority of the state’.

On today's show: The U.S. Army is training to take on "anti-government dissidents" in large cities to secure "the authority of the state." A report pertaining to the training program states that the largest cities in the world "represent the battlefields of the future." In other military action, NATO is establishing a "rapid reaction force" capable of deploying to Eastern Europe quickly and the Pentagon is stepping up U.S. presence in Africa. TUNE-IN LIVE 11am-2pm CST

On the Wednesday, September 3 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Jones reiterates how the United States and its western allies “helped build ISIS,” as noted recently by retired U.S. Air Force Lieutenant General Thomas McInerney, and also continues looking at how the US is using the ISIS beheading videos to build momentum for eventual Syrian or Iraqi military expansion. Jones also continues monitoring the growing threat of nuclear war between NATO And Russia and the threat of nuclear disaster in the United States. 

CIA Created Afghan Heroin Trade
Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai had good reasons for trying to shut down US investigations into corruption in his government. The Afghan aristocracy has...

Those who don't know history can be convinced of ANYTHING.
Remember how this really started:

Feds Ignore ISIS Border Terror Threat
#‎ISIS not a threat according to feds. Patriot groups are the real terrorists.

#‎ISIS might attack ‪#‎US‬ military assets in New Mexico.

Border Gates in El Paso Wide Open As Feds Warn #‎ISIS  Attack Imminent -
Supposed terror threat belied by government's refusal to secure nation's porous southern #‎border .

Tonight, Missing Jetliners Raise Fears of 9/11 Style Attacks, then, ISIS Video Shows Beheading of Second Journalist, and later, Feds Ignore ISIS Border Terror Threat as Chatter Indicates Attack on Southern border; ‘is coming very soon,’ source says. Details & more on the Infowars Nightly News @ 7pm ct Tune-in

Ok the clip we uploaded where retired Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney admits “We Helped Build ISIS” was taken down... so let's teach them how the Streisand Effect works. Below is a link to the original file. Make it spread.
Download link:
If you don't feel like this quote is significant, make sure you have watched "The Covert Origins of ISIS" first.

11 Commercial Airliners Missing after Islamists takeover Libyan Airport: Fears of...

Is the Steven Sotloff Beheading Video Fake?

Research paper addresses 'recoilless rifles, anti-tank weapons, missiles'

just a heads up. not tryin to fear monger. not sure of validity. just keepin the eyes open

Fallen SEAL Parent: “The Greatest Security Threat the US faces Resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue”

Lt. General McInerney: We helped build ISIS with Weapons from Benghazi

ISIS Says, “The US-Mexican Border Is Now Open”, And Are Planning On Crossing Into The United States Through The US-Mexican Border

     boiling pot
Erick Stakelbeck talks with WWII vet Bill Langfan who warns the West is making many of the same mistakes today in refusing to confront radical Islam that it did in the 1930's by appeasing Hitler

Seal Team 6 parents call for 'bumbling' Obama's resignation
'You are not up to this job. You know it. We know it. The world knows it'
Out 9/9: pre-order Aaron Klein's new book "The REAL Benghazi Story: What the White House and Hillary Don't Want You To Know" here --->

A YouGov poll released this week, found that four times as many Americans now support US led military action than oppose it.

Piers Morgan On Leaving CNN: I Want to Be Remembered For Alex Jones -
Morgan lost his show earlier this year due to public's rejection of gun control. #‎infowars

9/11 Was Fake! [2013 Never Seen Footage!!] 

All that know about the horrific crime of “stratospheric aerosol geoengineering” (SAG) or “solar radiation management” (SRM) want an answer to the question, how do we stop it? Though there are no easy answers, the most straight forward solution is the most likely to succeed. We must all continue to focus on effectively and credibly raising public awareness until we reach critical mass. We are getting closer to this with each passing day. This battle plan sounds so very generic, but in fact it is the most solid path forward. If all pulled together, the fight to expose the globally decimating aerosol spraying programs could very soon reach the tipping point. explores the globalist propaganda machine through the brainwashing of mass media. The Engineering of Consent.
"If you want to preserve your power indefinitely, you have to get the consent of the ruled, and this they will do partly by drugs as I foresaw in “Brave New World,” partly by these new techniques of propaganda. They will do it by bypassing the sort of rational side of man and appealing to his subconscious and his deeper emotions, and his physiology even, and so making him actually love his slavery. I mean, I think, this is the danger that actually people may be, in some ways, happy under the new regime, but that they will be happy in situations where they oughtn’t to be happy" Aldous Huxley 1958.

Whistleblower Claims He Was Set Up in Retaliation For Criticizing Obama
Paul Joseph Watson | Nobel Peace Prize nominee Jim Garrow arrested after illegal gun ‘planted’ at his home.

It's ok folks ! She photoshops her own pictures !!

Obama's ISIS response
Mike Lester illustrates tough reaction to latest beheading

I know beheadings bore you so LOOK HERE NOW this is serious: You can add weed to the list of things ISIS doesn't like

Flashback: CFR acknowledged Al-Qaeda links to rebels in 2012, but justified it as necessary in order to win.

Apple Showcases Education Apps ‘Aligned to Common Core Standards’ -
2+2=5 now streamlined for iPad.

Watch A Robot Ride A Hovercycle.

Former CIA agent and Obama critic Jim Garrow arrested in Canada

Ukraine defense minister warns of ‘great war’ in Europe:

Scotland Yard delays 200 Charges Over Claims of Child Sex Abuse In Damage Limitation Campaign:

I just wanna say I for one love the FUCKYER%
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