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$ for )'( available here: Have a Yard sale! Come adopt plenty furniture appliance accessories, clothing kitchen camping gear from me. SELL it or USE it. make $
see for lists of items as well as contact info. Come Today and tomorrow with truck of van. Have a sale Fri / Sat / Sun. Make MONEY! for your burning man ticket fund and for other festivals too! BM tix come online on Craigslist at face value 2 weeks before the burn as people who cannot go sell their tix. PS. I need a ticket.
     and    /    or WISH is to find a place (s) to have a yard sale in SF, perhaps Dolores Park / Mission on a corner with high foot and car traffic. ideas welcome

I do not like the Current FB events list it as is too clunky and awkward cause
9 expired events I have to scroll through to get to the SHOW all button. Thanks jerks for posting your events with GAPING WIDE event windows. YOU SUCK.
then each time I back PAGE I have to do that again. ARGHH!! so
now I am Late in adding on Thurdsays events, which missed the SF events launch completely.   SAD.

Aug 2014     sf events         Thu Aug 7 First Thursday Art Receptions 5:30-7:30pm 49 Geary SF + 77 Geary + 251 Post. Some months 210 Post Dolby Chadwick + across Grant... Upper TL Art Walk | TrendyloinThursday, August 7 – 6:00 pm | Cost: FREE | Lower Polk / Gulch Corridor

event: Acro Hippie Hour on Aug 7th at 5pm!
Hippie Hour, an ongoing event created by Chelsea Rustrum, is all about celebrating food, love and life with tea and music in a new community each month. August 7th we will bring Hippie Hour to the Acroyoga Community for Acro Hippie Hour! Come fly with us at this awesome party in a really sweet outdoor location!
More info on hippie hour here: Hippie Hour & Acro Yoga 7 August at 17:00
Layfette Park SF @ Gough Laguna Sacramento Washington
Hippie Hour & Acro Yoga will be held in the meadow area, starting at 5pm! Southern Center of NorthWestern Quadrant. Yeah see map on FB. Just North of Eastern Tennis Court.
Closer to Gough, Closer to Washington

Aug 7-10 Dopevan Presents Above The Trees Festival Navarro, California 
Hi! We're putting on a small 4 day festival up north that was inspired by numerous trips to Burning Man and would be a great place for folks to meet new friends and "test drive" their playa projects prior to the grand journey to BRC.
Above the Trees is a 100% participation-based festival. Test, fine tune and perfect your workshop, art installation, interactive sculpture or performance a few weeks before the Burn with some amazing new friends. Above the Trees is held at Camp Navarro, a beautiful camp in the redwoods near Mendocino. See you in the redwoods!

     Fri Aug 8
The Union Art Opening Cloud 9 Fri Aug 8 7-9pm free. 9pm-4am $10 1320 Gilman St Berkeley @ 9th st.

Outside Lands SF GG Park 8/08-10 Open-Air Sacred  Art & Music Festival Aug 8-11 Tidewater, OR

     Sat Aug 9
A 3 Step Lab To Emerge Now The Flight Deck, 1540 Broadway, Oakland Saturday, August 9th, 4pm-6pm, FREE see 20.01 SF burning man events AUG 09 7-11pm Aug. 9th:: HoeDown Hootenanny feat. Cave Clove, Heartache Sisters (Debut Singles Shindig), Maurice Tani & The Bay Area Brit PLACE for Sustainable Living1121 64th St, Oakland 

     Sun Aug 10
Aug 10   11:10 A.M.   Full Moon

The Trans-Pacific Partnership is a continuation of the GATT, NAFTA, etc Ponzi Schemes.
The Obama administration is doing the bidding of the currency speculators.
During the summer months a lot of bad legislation comes through the Congresses. Aug 11 is this group's date for media exposure on the status of the plan.

George Post Presents Dancing With The Playa Messiah   1 Ferry Building, SF Tue Aug 12th, 6pm
From the beach in San Francisco to a thriving annual city of 50,000 in the Nevada Desert, Burning Man has become an internationally recognized epicenter for radical selfexpression, art, and performance. Join photographer George Post in Dancing with the Playa Messiah, his two-decade documentation of this amazing event.

AUG 12 9pm - 2am Tutu Tuesday Burning Man Fundraiser featuring Atish and friends @ 
Harlot SF 46 Minna St, SF  $10 or $2 in a tutu before 11pm 

1015 Folsom SF @ 6th St. 8/16 Picnic in Golden Gate Park SF w/ SoJ and SF TNG
Sat AUG 16 NOON-6PM Lindley Meadow, Golden Gate Park, 30th ave and JFK Drive, SF 8/16/14  Bee sure to invite your friends! ----Join our new open group and find out what the Buzz is around BAM -

	•	SF MIME TROUPE Glen Park Sat, Aug 16th @ 2:00 PM (Music 1:30) Bosworth & O'Shaughnessy SF Bosworth & O'Shaughnessy FREE (donation)
	•	SF MIME TROUPE Washington Square Park Sun, Aug 17th @ 2:00 PM (Music 1:30) Columbus & Union SF FREE (donation)
	•	SF MIME TROUPE Closing Shows Dolores Park Sun, Aug 31st @ 2:00 PM (Music 1:30) Mon, Sep 1st @ 2:00 PM (Music 1:30) 19th St. & Dolores St., SF FREE (donation)

PS: I am looking for a ticket and car pass. DREAM: The Art and Culture of Burning Man AUG 22 Black Rock City Boycotts Walmart!
----A list of local shopping alternatives is listed on page----

)'()'()'()'()'( Sun Aug 24 6pm -  Mon Sept 1 6pm, 2014. Black Rock City, NV )'()'()'()'()'( = 68,000 peeps, mostly in costumes or festively dressed Burning Man 2014 Monday August 25 Black Rock City Gerlach, Nevada
Forever Young ... we LOVE this video by Spark director Steve Brown, featuring retired firefighter Jim Duffy. Forever Young - Burning Man 2013 download a slide show for costume, bike, hydration, camp, sun, shade, art sculpture ideas FUN and SEXY!
Updated weather on playa: website
This website from Friends of Black Rock has updated weather conditions on the playa and forecasts.:
- - - - - )'( events on playa )'( AUG 24 9pm-6am 9:00 and E Duckpond 2014 Sunday Opening Party AUG 28 4pm Billion Bunny March to Protest Humanity + All Night Bunny Resistance Party
Fluff up your ears and tail and meet Thurs at BMIR (5:50 & Esplanade) radio station

Deep Space with Embrace! Dancetronauts Annual Deep Playa Party
28 August at 21:00 Black Rock City in Gerlach, Nevada  
Since we still can't do this event in S.F. We're going to get pretty darn close to it this year on the open playa instead: BRING YOUR ART CAR! #‎Dancetronauts #‎burningman  #‎bm2014  #‎embrace  #‎artcars  — feeling excited at Black Rock City. A graphic representation of sunrise/sunset and prevailing winds for this years Burn. Also includes some common dangers found on the playa. 10 Tips for Staying Healthy at Burning Man

- - - - -
FLAME ON FIRE Burning Man is hella freaking FUN. This rapid-fire tour of (parts of) the playa Daft Punk - Lose Yourself to Dance - Burning Man 2013 ☼► Burning Man 2013 !!! Such an amazing burn !!! ♥♪► My Burning Man Experience 2013 Warren Currell·19 videos Burning Man 2013 - Beyond The Fire (Ellie Goulding - Burn) Kien Lam·6 videos Burning Man 2013 [by drone]: In the Dust, Above the Dust 
    More Vids added in JULY: HoopCharmer ~With Love~ Burning Man 2013
Charlie Goes to Burning Man. 
Rockstar Librarian Fan Page. Here you will find the most complete listing of DJ set times at )'( Burning Man. Copy Print and SHARE. Bring With.
This may be the BEST GIFT you can bring to playa. Printed copies of ROCKSTAR LIBRARIAN guide. (The next one, from Rockstar Librarian. Not this April 1 one silly.)
2nd best gift is to make a YOUTUBE VIDEO of how to COLATE the guide after you print it.

You a wallflower? Shy? trouble meeting peeps? bring this and you will meet TONS o PEEPs.
I been givin away stuff for decades and found that ROSES and CHOCOLATE are the quickest and easiest things to give away. Flowers not allowed in desert due to litter problems. So bring Chocolate and ROCKSTAR LIBRARIAN guides and your SHY DAYS will b a thing of the past.

Being on playa can be a physically and emotionally taxing experience ... learn how to navigate these perilous waters. This Emotional Survival Guide to Burning Man from Fest300's Chip Conley is a gem, and well worth a read. Portrait Photography Tips - Patrick Roddie's Burning Man Photos Official closed group. snarky. open group 1200 members Camps 4 Campers  
9:00 G

Know your rights. This video is well worth the watch to get you through any police encounter.‪‬

Just a friendly reminder from last year. Law enforcement will use any excuse to pull you over once you are inside BRC. If you are pulled over, you will be searched with K9 units. From the time you leave the greeter station till you park and set up camp you are a target for law enforcement revenue. Do not drive over 5 MPH, make sure your license plate is not covered by bikes/hollahoopa or anything else. Have current registration tags and know your rights. Map of Burning Man Demographic ZONES LOL

Watch out for fake tickets! AUG 31 11 am - 8[m 3 Degrees Labor Day Weekend Picnic at Stafford Lake Novato   Day long party in the park for free - Music, Dancing, and partying in the sun with 3 Degrees.

Sep 2014
Sep 8    6:38 P.M.    Full Moon

)'( Sun Sep 21, 2014 11 to 6 SEPT 27 1pm- 12pm? 5th Annual SUPER HERO STREET FAIR Entrance: Indiana St. @ Cesar Chavez 1700 Indiana, SF  $10 in Costume, $20 in Clark Kent

     Oct 2014
Oct 8   3:50 A.M.    Full Moon OCT 3, 4 & 5, 2014 Golden Gate Park, SF FREE! October 17-19, 2014 National Bioneers Conference San Rafael, CA

Sunday Streets' 2014 Season Finale in the Mission has been moved up one week to October 19 (instead of October 26, as previously noted).
Joshua Tree 10/10-12


The next global March Against Corruption will be a week of action commencing Saturday November 1, 2014 -- including election day in the U.S. (Nov 4th) and the Million Mask March (Nov 5th).
Join the global fight against corruption, because without corruption, companies like Monsanto wouldn't exist! 
Join the March Against Corruption Organizers Group:
Not sure what this is all about? Watch:
Remember: Sharing = Caring!
‪#‎MarchAgainstCorruption‬ ‪#‎Nov1‬ ‪#‎March2014‬

Join us November 1, 2014 for a week of anti-corruption direct action, through and including Nov 4th (election day in the U.S.) and Nov 5th (the Million Mask March)...
RSVP @ and start organizing an event in your town or city!
#MarchAgainstMonsanto #MarchAgainstCorruption #Nov1 #March2014

Tired of having the best government money can buy? Spread the word:
March Against Corruption Nov 1 - 8, 2014 Everywhere:

Nov 6   2:22 P.M.   Full Moon

Dec 6   4:27 A.M.   Full Moon 
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.