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Australia TV NEWS show exposes Fluoride for what it is - poison!

not only are the EMF waves from smart meters causing cancer, but they are causing fires.... (and they are part of the totalitarian gov control grid)
if anyone has heard of smart meters catching fire in the states, let me know.

The USFWS has decided to end their use of neonicotinoids, an insecticide, that is deadly to the environment.

     COP BLOCK Free Thought Project & Tom Zebra, Turn the Police State Inside Out. ‘Drones Over LAPD’

     911 INSIDE JOB 9/11 murders The truth in five minutes..  by James Corbett

      GEO ENG
While the world is completely distracted with unfolding conflicts of carnage and insanity, the planet is dying. Oceans are the foundation of life on Earth, if they die, we die. What is left of the biosphere's life support systems is being torn apart by the climate engineering assault. Though there are many forms of human damage to Earth, geoengineering is the greatest of all.

What do you think about this? German officer to serve as U.S. Army Europe's chief of staff:

Jones continues delving into the #‎ebola  outbreak, which has killed more than 700, threatening to make its way to the United States, in which case feds would impose draconian emergency powers which "could turn governors into dictators." Jones also explores why attacks on Rand Paul and other libertarians are on the rise, and looks at how global powers are being played off against each other in Russia and in Israel. TUNE-IN LIVE 11am-2pm CST

Feds Would Exercise Draconian Emergency Powers If Ebola Hits U.S.
Paul Joseph Watson | Model State Emergency Health Powers Act “could turn governors into dictators.”

Israel and the U.S. are helping ISIS take control of Syria. Things are not as you have been told they were.

Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

Here is a "tech tip" for you photo sharers out there (sent by a friend).

During the Suez crisis in 1956 U.S. President Eisenhower threatened sanctions against Israel which forced Israel to withdraw. We should learn from history, and impose military sanctions on Israel until it complies with its international obligations. It worked before, and it can work now.

US gives Israel munitions stockpile for Gaza offensive: Official:
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