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The Man burns in 33 days!  That’s right, dear burners, the Golden Spike was pounded into the playa yesterday into the center of what will become Black Rock City, and you will be on the playa in a month!  If, for some reason, you think you won’t be able to get a ticket, don’t let that keep you from planning … there is about to be a veritable flood of tickets, one of which could end up in your hot little hands!  Read below for info about Tickets, Tickets, Tickets!
RealGirl - Southbay Regional Contact
* The Souk – What is it, Again?
* Occidental Oasis Job Fair and Souk Grand Opening– Monday, August 25th in Black Rock City
* South Bay Burner Meet & Greet – Tuesday, July 26th in Black Rock City
* Call Out For Souk Participation – The Man Is Your Stage!
* Where Are You Camping?  Get added to
* Save the Date – South Bay SoulFire Decompression, October 17-19 in Los Gatos
* Cruz the Wave Fundraiser – Friday, August 1st in Santa Cruz
* Flaming Lotus Girls’ SOMA Installation at Pier 14 – Friday, August 1st in San Francisco
* Tickets Tickets Tickets!
* Support The Temple of Grace
* How to Find an Art Project
* How to Find a Theme Camp
The Souk – What is it, Again?
For many years the Burning Man has stood atop an art pavilion. Since 2011, a Circle of Regional Effigies, known as CORE, has surrounded this interactive art environment. Originally arrayed in one great circle, these large-scale sculptures were meant to represent the many communities of Burning Man. Led by Regional Contacts, this project dramatized the continuing expansion of Burning Man’s culture; it formed a perfect metaphor. It is one thing to hear that there are colonies of burners vaguely floating like a vapor in the greater world, but it is quite another for thousands of people to witness this movement made manifest by the creative collaboration of living, breathing groups of people.
2014’s art theme, Caravansary, will extend this logic one step further by merging CORE with the interactive art pavilion of the Burning Man. Our plan is to have the Man stand directly on the ground, and closely encircle it with a tented pavilion framing a courtyard.  The Caravansary Souk is an interactive, collaborative art environment at the base of the Man for Burning Man 2014. The Caravansary Souk’s creation involves the widespread and dedicated participation of Regional groups and communities around the world who have been asked to contribute to this monumental project.  To see what the regions (including your own South Bay) are bringing to the Souk, click here:
The South Bay’s Souk stall is called “Occidental Oasis”.  (Occidental means “relating to or characteristic of the western parts of the world”.)  As a pure reflection of Western culture, we will be representing Occidental Oasis Holdings©, an exclusive timeshare resort offering 1/70,000th ownership in 2015’s newly expanded BRC  !  In a classic cacophonous spoof, visitors to the Occidental Oasis will be invited to hear about the three gated communities planned for 2015 in the 2:00-10:00 quadrant, which are envisioned to include free Wi-Fi and HDTV broadcast of the burns, two-bike garages, and plumbing in the BRC-Municipal Utility District (MUD), plus more! Discounts on free drinks and various playa activities will be included as part of the “sales pitch”, and we’d love to include YOUR camp’s activities as one of our brochures!   (YES, we are totally playing at this, but we want to make it as realistic as possible!)
Please email with the subject “Souk” if you would like to be a part of the most interactive Man Pavilion in history!
And, come to The Man for the grand opening celebration at the Souk at 7pm on Monday:
Occidental Oasis Job Fair and Souk Grand Opening – Monday, August 25th in Black Rock City
We’ll also have a “job fair” on Monday, August 25th from 12:30-3:00pm at our Souk location at the Man Base, 6:00 quadrant, if you’d like to receive training on sales or concierge services for the Occidental Oasis.   Come to play with us and get “trained”, we’ll supply the badge and Tshirt:
Or just come for the grand opening celebration at the Souk at 7pm on Monday:
South Bay Burner Meet & Greet – Tuesday, August 26th in Black Rock City
The first South Bay Burner Meet & Greet of the new Burner year will be on Tuesday, August 26th from 3-5pm at the South Bay HardCORE Regional Camp!  Come play with other South Bay Burners in all their dusty glory!  Please bring booze, mixers, or snacks to contribute and discover friends you can see “the other 51 weeks of the year”!
Call Out for Souk Participation – The Man is Your Stage!
The area between our Souk vestibule and the base of the Man is open to people from our region who would like to schedule performances, random acts of gifting, fire performances, etc … day or night!  Here are a few of the South Bay participants who’ve signed up so far:
Monday – The Kiss-or-Slap Project :  11am-2pm
Wednesday – Charms & Potions Shoppe:  2pm-4pm
Thursday – Crowd-Sourced Short Stories:  4pm-7:30pm
Friday – Heart On! Airbrush Tatooing:  2pm-4pm
If you would like to bring the spirit of your theme camp to the Souk, email with the subject “Souk” and we’ll make sure there is space for you!
Where Are You Camping?  Get added to
If you are a burner who lives south of Highway 92, YOU are a South Bay Burner!   Did you know there are more than 30 theme camps that call a South Bay city their home?  Plus, there are many more South Bay Burners who camp with larger camps or villages in BRC.  We’ve got some of those locations to share with you:
8POD                                                          7:05 & Frankincense
Alternative Energy Zone                                6:30 & Ephesus
Black Rock Vinyards 
Burning Band
Burning Man T-Shirt Factory
Camp Illuminaughty! 
Camp Nice Nice         
Camp Mini Man (inside Camp Walter)           4:00 & Antioch
Catch and Release     
Darwin Fish Tank      
DiscoFish Landing Strip                                 4:30 & Darjeeling
Dust Circus                                                     3:00 & Basra
Dusty Bumm                                                   6:45 & Ephesus
Free Photography Zone                                  5:40 & Antioch
FreeStyle Palace                                              8:30 & Esplanade
Hardly Davidson Café                                    4:30 & Antioch
HOTD                                                             5:30 & Antioch
Hiney Hygeine Station          
I'm OK, You're OK Corral    
Iron Rose                                                        7:30 & Basra
Leopard Martini Lounge        
Love Puddle                                                   6:45 & Darjeeling
Moon Cheese                                                  9:00 & Antioch
Noctorno Lounge                                            6:45 & Ephesus
Nose Fish                                                        6:00 & Rod's Road
Orphan/Endorphin                                          7:30 & Basra
Petting Zoo                                                     2:30 & Antioch
Poly Paradise                                                  4:15 & Basra
Primate Playground                                        6:45 & Ephesus
Radio Free Burning Man       
Sextant Camp
Silicon Village                                                 6:00 & Ephesus
South Bay HardCORE Regional Camp         6:45 & Ephesus
The Last Word                                                6:15 & Haifa
Twilight Spaghetti Theater                             7:45 & Basra
Vines Without Borders          
Help us fill in the list!  If you’d like to make friends on the playa who you can get to know better, in your home town, “the other 51 weeks of the year”, or if you’re looking for last-minute campers, just reply to this email or write to  with the subject “SBB Camp Placement” to be added to the local web page!
Save the Date – South Bay SoulFire Decompression, October 17-19 in Los Gatos
When you return from the playa, don’t pack away all your camping great right away … we’ll be gathering in Los Gatos one more time to decompress!  While you’re in BRC, think about what kind of interactive and playful activities you want to share at SoulFire!  Stay tuned …
Cruz the Wave Fundraiser – Friday, August 1st in Santa Cruz
Cruz the Wave Funraiser Dance Party Part II
Friday, August 1st 9pm -1:30am
Bocci's Cellar
140 Encinal St, Santa Cruz, California 95060
$10 at the door
If you missed the Create the Wave FUNraiser Dance Party at the Trout Farm, you definitely don't want to miss Create the Wave FUNraiser Dance Party, Part II at Bocci Cellars!
This is going to be an EPIC party – Burner style! And, it helps us to Create the Wave that will be seen at Burning Man and Around the World!
We will be raffling a TICKET to BURNING MAN at Midnight!! Tickets are only 5/$5 or 25/$20!! The more you buy, the better your chances of WINNING!
If you have an art car you would like us to feature that night in front of Bocci's Cellars, please contact us at
If you are an entertainer (dj, hooper, belly dancer, juggler, etc) and would like to be added to our lineup, please contact us at
So put on your gnarliest surf duds or coolest burner attire and show your love and support for Cruz the Wave, our Santa Cruz Community Burning Man 2014 Art Project!
Come on out and "Hang Ten" with us and let's ride this epic wave together!
Flaming Lotus Girls’ SOMA Installation at Pier 14 – Friday, August 1st in San Francisco
The Flaming Lotus Girls (FLG) are hosting A CEREBRAL CELEBRATION - an opening ceremony to celebrate the successful installation of their sculpture, SOMA at Pier 14 in San Francisco.
Festivities will start the evening off at 5pm with speeches from Flaming Lotus Girls artists, then  friends at Brass Tax will DJ for the crowd (DJs include Haute Mess, Alex Mace, and Marky Ray), and the evening will close out with an LED lighting ceremony beginning approximately 8:15pm!
 This event is open to the public and is free! Everyone is welcome - we would love to celebrate with you!
 5:30-6:00pm Official Presentation
 6:00-8:00pm Brass Tax / Haute Mess / Alex Mace, and Marky Ray
 8:00-8:45pm LED Lighting Ceremony
 8:45-9:00pm End
Support the Temple of Grace
This year David and the Temple Crew stepped in at the last minute to take over the building of the Temple when a new artist and crew was needed to design and build a temple at Burning Man. This has posed significant time and fundraising challenges. While David and the Temple Crew are working very hard to meet these challenges and are confident that they can build another beautiful temple, the support of the community and art lovers is necessary to secure adequate and timely funding of the project:
Tickets, Tickets, Tickets!
Did you know that if you purchased a ticket directly from Burning Man, they have just been mailed the past 2 weeks or so?  Some people are still getting them this week, so don’t despair if you don’t have a ticket in hand yet.  They are on their way!
Really good news is that although STEP is now closed, Burning Man will be releasing an extra 2,000 tickets (for a total of 3,000 tickets) in the OMG sale that opens on August 6th.  Vehicle passes will also be available.
You must, Must, MUST pre-register for the OMG sale at  between noon on July 31st and noon on August 4th.
On the flip side, if you have been looking at tickets on StubHub, Craig’s List, eBay or other sites, be aware that these sellers may not even have a physical ticket yet!  Burning Man keeps a list of fraudulent ticket numbers to double-check to make sure you don’t get “burned” by a fake ticket.  This list will continue to grow as we get closer to August 25th.  Be sure to check the Voided Tickets page here and read the Fraud Prevention instructions here:
Don’t pay over face value for a ticket (or a vehicle pass); the safest way to find a ticket is through friends, camp mates, posting locally on, or e-Playa (
How to Find an Art Project
It’s not too late to find a way to pARTicipate when you get to the playa!  Did you know that there is an exchange hosted by Burning Man to find an art project big or small, local or global, that YOU could be a part of?  Check it out:
How to Find a Theme Camp
And there are multiple ways to find a theme camp.  Check out  to connect to local camps and find out if they are coming back to the playa, and whether they have room for new people.  Also, peruse the web site at  to see if there is a theme camp that fits your personality, aspirations, hopes and dreams!
And finally, there is e-Playa,, with threads on how to join a theme camp, how to start a theme camp, and lots of conversations about 2014 plans.
That’s all the latest … share the Scoop with your friends!  To subscribe, send an email to  And, join the South Bay Burners on Facebook at South Bay Burners.  AND even MeetUp!   Or, we’re now a-twitter at!
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