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Learn why the EPA Union of Scientists is opposed to the practice of water fluoridation in this VERY informative conversation featuring Dr. Bill Hirzy and other fluoride-free advocates.
EPA's Dr. Bill Hirzy Exposes The Fluoridation Program
This June 2014 edition of the International Fluoride Free Teleconference features Dr. William Hirzy, a former risk assessment scientist at the Environmental ... from FB group:

Here are five strategies for saving a bundle on organics and non-GMO foods:

What are some of the evidence-based benefits of turmeric, and how do you use it?

Deadly plague spreading in Colorado

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From Stacy & Jan, it's Get REAL. Topic is silver. Get REAL: Silver

Why are growing numbers of "preppers" going organic?

Trans-Pacific Partnership and ‘Police Militarization’: The Coming Calamity And Resistance:

John Wallace, VP of the New York Oath Keepers. Absolutely dismantles a "private" police bulletin in NY. Misrepresenting and mislabeling the beliefs of the Oath Keepers. I wonder how we got our hands on that?! It is a simple answer. It is because thousands of our members are currently serving law enforcement officers, including in the state of New York.

Sandy Hook photo 'was faked' - it was all faked:

STEVE PIECZENIK TALKS on the Alex Jones Show [7-24-14]

Never ending war on terror gets boost from Kean and Lee. #‎alqaeda #‎ISIS  #‎bokoharam

DARPA Wants New Technology to Predict “Societal Unrest”
Paul Joseph Watson | U.S. Defense Department looks to track “all human activities that can be measured.”

Kiev Source: Ukraine Accidentally Shot Down MH17 During Exercises
Paul Joseph Watson | Buk missile system confused Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 with Ukrainian fighter jets.

Michigan department of agriculture treats small farmers worse than drug dealers for selling healthy non #‎GMO  foods. Dumping out thousands of gallons of fresh healthy dairy and eggs to show that alternative healthy habits won't be tolerated.

Lawmakers Float Idea to Allow Post Offices to Provide Payday Loans -
Proposal would place post offices in competition with payday lending companies serving “low-income communities, including rural and inner-city areas.”

Infowars reporter David Knight hosts the broadcast in Alex's stead, breaking down the acceleration of the globalist agenda on every front. Knight looks at the erosion of America's borders, in light of a proposal to import Hondurans seeking asylum in the U.S., and also examines the Federal Election Commission's effort to impose book regulations on conservative book publishers. Knight also analyzes the latest Obamacare meltdowns, and explains the motives behind the Justice Department's move to sue states wanting to impose voter ID laws. TUNE-IN LIVE 11am-2pm CST

America Complicit in Israeli War Crimes: US Stand Alone Vote Against UN Gaza inquiry:

Statism is the Disease, Fueled by Human Nature, Defeating statism, and confronting a tyrannical federal government is not just something we ought to do, but it is our right, Constitutional Convention, Article V. Convention, Convention of States

OPENING THE GATES OF HADES? As of last night, you could still ask Siri on the newer model iPhones the date July, 27th, 2014, and she replies "The Gate of Hades opening." Now this is either a sick and stupid joke by Apple developers, or someone with occult tendencies is predicting something. This post is NOT about speculating any kind of doomsday date, but an examination of what could be done by a certain people to provoke another. Short of nuclear war, the one thing that occurred to me that would enflame huge groups of one religion against another would be the destruction of the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, pictured here. Read the article and tell me what you think:

These sociopaths keep killing dogs...I'm sick of it!
Cop Caught on Dashcam Plotting to Kill Dog
Read more & Video here >>
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Detroit, Ford and the Great Depression The history you didn't learn in school Think you're having a bad day?

The decent face of Israel: 'We are Israeli reservists who refuse to kill: Please support them:
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