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Good morning, Bay Area Burners!

It’s almost time to check our headlamp batteries, but first we must dance! 

To start us off, we’ve got an awesome party with our favorite steampunk airship, Airpusher! Pull your playa party gear because this party goes 10pm til 4am Saturday Night!

Next up, the Dodo Bus is getting a huge makeover and they want all of us a tit’s coming-out party! Next Friday they go 10pm til 6am in Oakland, with the Space Cowboys, Strategik, and more!

Finally, there are dozens of great art projects which would love your help! Going to Reno soon? Hit up the Embrace Crew! Bored on a Sunday? Head over to NIMBY! Crossing the Bay Bridge on Tuesday? Stop in to Bliss Dance Studios! Show up with your work boots or a snack and leave with a smile and some new friends!

We’ll see you out there, Burners!

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We Can Dance If We Want To

*** Grahama’s House B-Movie Night Hecklefest - Thursday, July 17th ***

*** The Burn Starts Here: Cultural & Etiquette Preparedness - Friday, July 18th ***

*** The Temple of Grace & Playa Kids - Friday, July 18th ***

*** Berkeley Spark 2.0 - Saturday, July 19th ***

*** Airpusher Collective: ZODIAC - Saturday July 19th ***

*** BioTronEsis Fundraiser - Sunday, July 20th ***

*** DUSTFISH: The Nubs & Battery Powered Grandpa at the STUD - Sunday, July 20th ***

*** People of Color Camp Meet-up - Friday, July 25th ***

*** Dancing for Dodos - Friday, July 25th ***

*** Obtainium Cup Contraptors Rally - Sunday, July 27th ***

*** George Post - Dancing With The Playa Messiah - Tuesday, Aug 12th ***

Build This City!

*** Embrace Build Days - Thursday, July 17th through Friday, Aug 8th ***

*** Alien Siege Machine Build Days - Saturday & Sunday, July 19th & 20th ***

*** Center Camp Cafe Craft Party - Thursday, July 17th & Saturday, July 19th ***

*** The Kraken Build Days - Saturday & Sunday, July 19th & 20th ***

*** Paha’oha’o Build Days - Saturday, Sunday, & Tuesday, July 19th, 20th, & 22nd ***

Call For Participation and Save the Date

*** San Francisco Decompression - Sunday, Oct 12th ***

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Grahama’s House Presents

B-Movie Night Hecklefest, a Fundraiser

Second Act, 1727 Haight St, San Francisco

Thursday, July 17th, 7:30pm

Do you like getting rowdy, heckling, laughing your ass off, costumes, beer, popcorn, baked goods and/or collective insanity with a bunch of wacky grannies! Yes, of course you do! Join us this Thursday for a movie night to sear your brain with B-movie badness and absurdity! Arrive early to get your seat and see the previews! There is limited space at this venue, so get your tickets ahead of time , you do not want to miss this! 

MOVIE HINT!  This film  has a house cat that attacks people on a yacht. Dress accordingly...

Details: You can hang out in the bar, but the admission to the movie will be $10-20 (sliding scale). Movie starts at 8:30p. Get ready to yell and be obnoxious. All proceeds go towards improvements to Grahama's House. You want to see her at Burning Man, don't you? Participation is highly encouraged.

Tickets ($10):


)'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )’(

East Bay Burners Present

The Burn Starts Here: Cultural & Etiquette Preparedness

Radiance, 278 4th Street, Oakland, 82714

Friday, July 18th, 6pm-7pm

Hosted by two veteran burners, this open-forum discussion aims to help first-time burners navigate the culture of the playa and and prepare for a really rewarding experience, using Burning Man's Ten Principles as a starting point. From gifting to consent, what's the etiquette?  How self reliant is self-reliant enough? Do I need to lock my bike? Can I take that picture? Is there such a thing as a free hug? There and other topics are up for discussion, as we invite you to find out everything you wanted to know about Burning Man but were too afraid to ask. And by "find out" we mean "participate".


BART to event map:

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East Bay Burners Present

The Temple of Grace & Playa Kids

Radiance, 278 4th Street, Oakland

Friday, July 18th, 7pm-9pm, 82714

This month the East Bay Burners have not one but TWO topics: The Temple of Grace and Playa Kids!

Temple of Grace: Tonight we'll hear from David Best, the visionary responsible for the Temple at Burning Man. David conceived and built the first Temple in 2000 and since then has created 9 of the 14 Temples. David is returning again this year to design and construct the Temple of Grace. 

The Temple of Grace is intended to be a spiritual and sacred space for memorials, reflection, celebration and to commemorate life transitions. The Temple is a special work of art given to the community as a transcendent refuge where thousands gather, each to engage with it in their own way. 

David will reveal details of this years Temple plus tell stories of past Temples at Burning Man, all of which exist only in photos and memories. 

Playa Kids: So you think you're having fun on the playa? Think again! Kids at Burning Man run circles around adult burners. Their day beats your week!

Tonight we'll hear from the Black Rock Scouts, Kidsville, and a few veteran Burners who've yet to turn 12. You'll be amazed at their creativity, marvel at their Burning Man art projects and envy at all the fun they're having without you! If you want to bring your child to the playa or are just wondering what the heck kids are doing at Burning Man, this is the talk for you.

As always, our monthly events are free plus artist and kid friendly!


BART to event map:

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Berkeley Spark Presents 

Berkeley Spark 2.0: An Arts & Innovation Festival

Civic Center Park, 2151 Martin Luther King Jr Way, Berkeley

Saturday, July 19th, 11am-9pm

Spend the day with us in Civic Center Park interacting with  listen to acoustic music from Laura Inserra of Samavesha, dance and move to ecstatic dance DJ, decorate your bike with plush toys and other colorful objects, learn how to design a papier-mâché exoskeleton for your bike, receive some bike mechanic tips from the Missing Link Bike Cooperative, and meet Segue, a local gal who designed an electric cargotrike. 

The park will be filled with Bay Area interactive art sculpture and learn more about and support The Kraken and The Alien Siege Machine art installations before they head out to Burning Man, meet local technology companies and learn more about their latest designs, and taste locally crafted beer and mead. 

A number of local Burning Man theme camps will be at the festival creating chill spaces, play spaces and healing spaces for the Berkeley community. And experience the mutant vehicle, U.N.A.V.E.R.Z., a colorful jelly fish while listening to DJs spinning from this marine and coelenterate. 

And in building upon the East Bay's thriving technology climate, Berkeley Spark is hosting the East Bay Innovation Tech Corridor, representing the convergence of art, science and technology. We have invited a number of local innovators, designers, makers, entrepreneurs, scientists, thought makers, experimenters and other creative types to join us and share their ideas and designs with the Berkeley community. 

Berkeley Spark is a group of East Bay cultural and social innovation leaders producing events which present community engagement through dialogue, interactions, collaborations.

Berkeley Spark 2.0 is a Leave No Trace community event.

Getting There: Everyone is encouraged to take public transportation. We are two blocks west of the Downtown Berkeley BART station, or you could walk, bike, skateboard or car pool to the festival. 



)'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )’(

Airpusher Collective Presents

ZODIAC: Celebrating Cancers & Leos

F8, 1192 Folsom @ 8th St, San Francisco

Saturday, July 19th, 10pm-4am

The stars are aligning for a cosmic trip through space, time and SOUND! Cancers are calling, Leo's are roaring and Uranus is rising... it must be time to get your booty shaking at F8! 

Come show your love and support for the Airpusher Collective so our beloved airship can once again set sail through the stars for an amazing week in the desert. We raising FUNds for more lights! More fire! More flight! And most of all, MOAR BASS!

Hot on the heels of the "Steampunk Masquerade Promenade" and the most slamming stage at Burning Man's official PreCompression at NIMBY we're back to bring you more top notch, heart pumping, physics bending dance music the universe has to offer!

FREE BIRTHDAY DRINKS: CANCERS (June 22-July 23) & LEOS (July 24-Aug 23) We are celebrating YOU! Show your id for a birthday drink on us!


Spesh (Looq Records/Proton Radio): Spesh is an accomplished club DJ with more than 20 years behind the decks, and is co-owner and head of A&R for Loöq Records. He has also co-produced over 80 releases with JD Moyer as Jondi & Spesh, and with Jerry Bonham and Jondi as JSJ, with releases appearing on over a dozen labels including Bedrock, Global Underground, Renaissance, and Loöq. Spesh is also the founder and resident DJ of Qoöl, one of the longest running electronic music events in the US.

Eve Falcon (Proton Radio): Eve's been blowing up some of the best U.S. clubs like Avalon and The Mayan as well as dance floors in China, Buenos Aires, Mexico City and Peru. Her monthly residency on Proton Radio, 'Evocative', has taken off and is already one of the most listened-to shows on the station. 

AIRPUSHER DJs: Djesika (Airpusher), J-Kind (Airpusher), Jon Barnes (Airpusher), and more TBA!!

Tickets: $7 before 11PM, $10 after


Not able to make it this time around, but still want to help Airpusher out? Great!

)'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )’(

BioTronEsis Presents

BioTronEsis Fundraiser

Sunday July 20th, 4pm-10pm

Cody’s Cabana, 1308 Griffith St, San Francisco

BioTronEsis is a Honorarium Burning Man Art Project conceived and built by San Francisco local artist Erick Dunn and the BioTronEsis Crew. Please help BioTronEsis reach the playa by attending our Fundraiser! Come to Cody's Cabana in the beautiful and sunny Bayview for an afternoon dance party, gourmet comfort food, home brew, live music and dancing! Featuring our very own Jello slug shots and Sexapussy Ale! Bid on a date with one of our doctors of Biotronology!

MARK GROWDEN & his ensemble performing live! Our favorite multi-faceted musician, singer/songwriter, choir leader, teacher, & virtuoso will perform a unique blend of New Orleans-inspired and contemporary styles. FOU FOU HA performing live! FFH is an ensemble of animated performers who thrill audiences with over the top shows filled with Circus antics, jaw-dropping dance numbers to high-energy music and audience interactive playfulness. DUCKMANDU accordionist extraordinaire, will play heart and mind breaking music from Beethoven's 9th Symphony to Kletzmer, Polka, Funk & Punk ! DJ JUSTIN CREDIBLE will rock the house and the street, with groovy, funky beats all event! CHERRY "TERROR" ZONKOWSKI will share her performance stories of SF sexy exploits.

MADAME Z will read your palm. EXPERIENCE THE ENTRAINMENT TRIP GOGGLES by Mitch Altman. Silent ART AUCTION: original art by ERICK DUNN. Libations and Nosh presented by Chef & Brewer - Patricia Walker. HOME BREW: limited edition for the BioTronEsis Fundraiser, "Sexapussy Ale". DINNER FARE: Gourmet Comfort Food.

Come early, stay till closing, invite and bring all your friends! Doors REALLY close at 10 pm sharp !


Suggested Donation $15 - No one turned away at the door!

If you are unable to attend, please consider going to and making a donation via Paypal.

)'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )’(


The Nubs and Battery Powered Grandpa at the STUD

The Stud, 399 9th St @ Harrison

Sunday, July 20th, doors @ 6, show at 8

$15 sliding scale, no one turned away.

)'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )’(

People of Color Camp Present

July Meet-up

Awaken Cafe, 1429 Broadway, Oakland

Friday, July 25th, 8pm-10pm

The People of Color Camp is up and running! Burners of Color and allies are invited to a meet and greet at Awaken Cafe.

)'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )’(

The Dodo Bus Presents

Dancing for Dodos: A Burning Man Fundraiser

Orange Room, 2885 Ettie St, Oakland 

Friday, July 25th, 10pm-6am

Join us for our Biggest, Baddest, Dodo-est fundraiser ever! This year we return to Oakland’s Orange Room on Friday, July 25th for an all night event that is sure to go until the sun rises. All proceeds help fund our gorgeous exterior overhaul of The Dodo, turning her into The Pleasure Barge for BM 2014: Caravansary, so your support is more important than ever! Make sure to wear your biggest wig and your most frivolous ruffles and prepare to get down, Dodo style! 

DJs: KaptNKirk (Space Cowboys), Eric_Hz (Space Cowboys), Influence (Strategik), Anthony James (Strategik), Adam Brody (Strategik), Manopause (Dodo), & Dr. Rek (TechAngle).


$5-$20 sliding scale donation & Cash Bar (no ATM on site)

)'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )’(

Obtanium Works Presents

Obtainium Cup Contraptors Rally

The Coal Shed Studios, Mare Island, Vallejo

Sunday, July 27, 3pm-9pm

The Obtainium Cup Contraptor’s Rally is a human-powered sculptural vehicle rally and festival on historic Mare Island in Vallejo, California. Inspired by the Kinetic Grand Championship in Arcata, the Obtainium Cup is a one-day event that highlights the waterfront of Mare Island.

The racers will assemble at the Coal Shed Studios and will travel along the waterfront where they will pass 4 challenges: Flying Monkeys, Zombies, the Mad Hatter Tea Party, and Robots. The course is about 5 miles long with a couple of 2-4% grade sections.

As this event is a human-powered rally, it will include vehicles that are powered without a motor. This may include heavily modified bicycles, art sculptures driven under rider power... any "vehicle" that is powered solely by its rider! Spectators are encouraged to travel along with the rally by bike or car, to watch the different challenges events.

Beyond the finish line, there will be food, refreshments, entertainment and steampunk vendors. Non-alcoholic beverages will be available at several of the challenges. All proceeds go to Vallejo’s Jesse Bethel High Green Academy, a program for eco-oriented students who love the outdoors and want to do their part to protect the environment. Please bring your contraptions!! 

For an application form and waiver please visit:

For more info visit:

)'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )’(

George Post Presents

Dancing With The Playa Messiah

1 Ferry Building, San Francisco

Tuesday, Aug 12th, 6pm

From the beach in San Francisco to a thriving annual city of 50,000 in the Nevada Desert, Burning Man has become an internationally recognized epicenter for radical selfexpression, art, and performance. Join photographer George Post in Dancing with the Playa Messiah, his two-decade documentation of this amazing event.

)'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )’(

Embrace Build Days

Everyday, July 17th - Aug 8th 11am-10pm

The Generator, 1240 Icehouse Ave, Sparks, Nevada

Passing through Reno? Heading to playa REALLY early? Feel like getting out of the Bay for a few days? We would LOVE to have your help building Embrace for Burning Man 2014!

We love builders of all skill levels, from “Is this a hammer?” to “I can cut compound angles in the dark during a dust storm!”

We are working on the final story for Alpha, creating wooden skin for both Alpha & Omega, and working on the 2 massive supports which will hold us up during our week in the desert!

If you have any questions, please email


)'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )’(

Alien Siege Machine Build Days

Saturday & Sunday, July 19th & 20th, 10am-5pm

NIMBY, 8410 Amelia St, Oakland

Come build the world-eating Alien Siege Machine with the East Bay Burners! 

We’ll be working on the legs, tracks, and head this weekend… as well as painting and decorating this bane of humanity. Come be a part of the end of civilization, learn how to use some tools, and meet some awesome folks mindlessly going about their self-destructive work.

82714, TASM will set you free (or on fire)!


)'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )’(

Burning Man Center Camp Cafe Presents


Craft Night: Thursday, July 17th @ BMHQ, 660 Alabama, SF, 6pm-10pm. We’ll be decorating lanterns, and simple sewing - get yer craft on!

Cafe Carpet & Paint Day: Saturday, July 19th @ BM Warehouse, 1555 Burke, SF, 10am-3pm. Be among the first to run amok on this fresh carpet, and by “run amok”, we mean help us to cut it into moveable pieces & seal the edges. We'll also paint some tables outside that we just built last weekend - so wear things you don't mind getting dusty/painty.

)'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )’(

The Kraken Build Days

Saturday & Sunday, July 19th & 20th, 10am-5pm

NIMBY, 8410 Amelia St, Oakland

Come participate in building The Kraken with the East Bay Burners! 

We are building tentacles and working on the giant squid head this weekend. We love new builders and experienced builders, with tools or with no tools!


)'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )’(

Paha’oha’o Build Days

Saturday, Sunday, & Tuesday, July 19th, 20th, & 22nd, 11:30am-5pm 

Bliss Dance Studios, 200 California, Building 180, Treasure Island

Aloha! We are building the volcano this weekend and Tuesday, come out to the island and participate! We love Burners of all skill levels, and we’d love to build with YOU!


)'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )’(


Planning for 2014’s San Francisco Decompression Heat the Street FaIRE! is beginning now. Yes, right NOW!

Got big art, a mutant vehicle, or an interactive theme camp? How about a performance, crafting workshop, kids event, dance troupe, parade, and/or lecture? We would LOVE for you to Participate!

Can you contribute a live performance sound system, stage, lighting, or other infrastructure? Do you have an opinion about what you'd like to see more of at Decom?

Email NOW: to request a space and share your creative spirit, art, and vision.

The SF Decom is powered by an amazing team of volunteers and tons of communal effort. To join the SF Decom team,

To find out about other Decoms and Regional Events in a city near you, see: This is a year-round community with events being planned here, there and EVERYWHERE, literally every day of the week!

So as you prepare for the Playa, take a moment RIGHT NOW to plan how you will PARTICIPATE at Decompression and at your Regional Event.

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