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Dear Friends,

It's this simple... A woman would die for her children! Nobody dies in this video here, but it will most likely bring you tears, as it did for me.

Honestly, I have never met a woman who was more beautiful with make-up rather than without! Especially children agree with me on this one. Make-up is yuck. This muslc video was made to inspire a woman to let go and be fre*e :-)

We are all worried about garbage building up in the ocean. However, it's mysteriously disappearing like maglc...!

Since we are on the topic of the maglc of the ocean... A new less-toxic ingredient from the sea water makes solar more affordable...!

Today's Featured Recipes...

Mini Raw Vegan Carrot Cake (Picture Left)

“Tapioca” Pudding Topped with Vanilla Coconut Creme 

Vegan Veggie Scrambie 

Oven-Roasted Curried Potatoes
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