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Event This Land Is Mine - by - Nina Paley
fun and simple video timeline of much of the conflict on earth

Mama Duck leads her children across the freeway.. wow!

Here's why most medications sabotage their own chemistry before they even have a chance to work:

Sunburn? Try vinegar to have immediate sunburn relief:
Aloe Vera too. Fresh from local plant. 
CFL If you are using this type of bulbs here is a reason why you should not. High levels of radiation.

Bill Hicks - Mandatory Marijuana

Bill Hicks - Positive Drug Story

Bill Hicks - Go back to bed America... Your government is in control.. You are free to do as we tell you!!

Bill Hicks explains US Presidency

BRITAIN!! WAKE UP!!! DON'T DO IT!! The "emergency" is not treal -- they did this to us -- you will NEVER GET PRIVACY BACK -- SCREAM AT YOUR MP -- PROTEST -- WAKE UP WAKE UP...

The 7/7 bombings, big questions never asked, let alone answered

Austin Lockdown: Obama Visit Shuts Down Major Highways -
Car-mageddon as president travels from fundraiser to fundraiser. #‎ThanksObama

Homeland Security, Feds Swarm Small Town in Bizarre Unannounced Show of Force
Paul Joseph Watson | School field besieged by Black Hawk chopper, SWAT vehicles.

After a short delay due to the need to upgrade security, I am happy to announce that our affiliate website Disinformation Directory is running at full speed. Thanks to the excellent team of anti-geoengineering activists who will keep us all in the loop and alert us about the people who try to hide and marginalize the greatest crime in human history, geoengineering. To keep up with the latest articles and exposÚs please follow Disinformation Directory page on Facebook.

Jones continues to break down how Obama's orchestrated border implosion, following the script written by his mentors Cloward and Piven, will lead to America's ultimate demise. Jones also gets updates from Infowars field reporter Joe Biggs out in Murietta, Cali., where protesters from both sides of the heated immigration debate are gathered. Alex also speaks with former Texas Congressman and three-time presidential candidate Ron Paul about the Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby ruling, the boiling conflicts in Ukraine and Gaza, and ways people can help realign America's moral compass, plus more special guests. 

A U.S. Border Patrol agent, Hector Garcia, has gone public with some incredible charges against the Obama administration, accusing it of "aiding, abetting and facilitating the smuggling of illegal aliens across the border": Hey Kids... watch me put this firecracker down this manhole... HAPPY 4TH!
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