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     FLEA SEASON How to Make a Flea Trap
Ha It's working! Now a dead flea in the candle, on the TILE, BY THE FIREPLACE.
meanwhile, we want to attack the fleas on all fronts:
Vacuum Daily. Launder Cat beds... lined with handkerchiefs for daily washing.
Vet says attempt to wash cats quietly with a warm bowl of water, pouring gently over fur. Much less scary than a noisy bathtub running...

Can anyone give SF, BAY AREA, or online resources for Cheapest flea traps with light bulb and sticky paper?

here are some ideas:     flea trap

OOH! HERE"S on! .79 cents ea BIG FLEA PAPERS direct from CHINA to refill your flea traps:

Also looking for RAT TRAPS. Victor Wooden rat traps are the BEST.
You can reuse them. Simply use a plastic bag, like a newspaper bag as glove, grab rat, turn inside out bagging rat in process.
You can even fix the trap if they break over the years, reinforcing the wood, or fabricating your own cheese plate should the rats run away with original...
Victor traps appear to run at $2 ea in stores or online regardless of quantity. 
ANYONE see better prices on VICTOR or WOODSTREAM ?

Here's the truth about the coming water supply shortage that informed people need to know:

7 Dangers of Deodorants and Antiperspirants: The dirt on ingredients commonly found in mainstream underarm products.

Obviously geoengineered typhoon is obvious. 7-8-14 Unfortunately it's all but impossible to get on to NASA's worldview site, but if you can, be sure to save any images you can to a local hard drive.

Hackers uncover yet another "Internet of things" vulnerability

#‎TSA‬ Whistleblower: New Phone Rule Is More Security Theater, Will Make Fliers LESS Safe -
Power-up policy will make it easier to get explosives through checkpoints.

Border Mayor: No Public Funds to Aid Illegals -
"We're strapped. We cannot put the local taxpayers in strain”

being that TPTB control the media, and love to show their magic tricks before performing them, this could be a clue to what could come.

     BEE colony collapse
A suit (pdf) filed by Earthjustice charges that the California Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) is "rubber-stamping" the approval of new pesticides, particularly neonicotinoids or neonics, "without first complying with laws enacted to ensure that they are safe."

“DPR has been saying for five years that neonicotinoid pesticides may be killing California’s honey bees, and yet the agency allows more and more of these pesticides to be used each year,” said Greg Loarie, an... attorney at Earthjustice. In 2009, DPR began a scientific review of neonics in response to overwhelming evidence that linked the pesticides to bee decline.

The legal challenge, which was filed in the California Superior Court for the County of Alameda, demands that the court review DPR's June 13 decision to expand the use of two powerful neonics, known as Venom Insecticide and Dinotefuran 20SG, despite the office's still-pending review of their impact to pollinators.

“Unless halted, the use of these pesticides threatens not only the very survival of our pollinators, but the fate of whole ecosystems," said Andrew Kimbrell, executive Director of Center for Food Safety.

This is not a prank: I was rammed today by a Dodge Ram truck driven by an illegal immigrant who fell asleep at the wheel. Turns out he had no license, no insurance and no driving instruction. This happened near Austin Texas and had I not stopped this guy's vehicle with my own, he would have driven right into a busy intersection at full speed, potentially causing fatalities. It's an unspoken truth across Texas: Illegal aliens are causing HUGE numbers of road accidents and putting public safety at risk. This problem is far worse than drunk driving: it's people who drive without any proper training or insurance!
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