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Good morning, Bay Area Burners!

65 days until the Man burns, ahhhhhh! Thankfully, we’ve got some amazing parties & fundraisers heading our way to keep us living in the moment!

First, we’ve got a STACKED Friday night! From 5-9, the Duckpond will be filled with Quacks at 800 Larkin & Disco Chateau will be really be having a really happy Happy Hour at Tank 18. Our late night party is a fundraiser for Honoraria project Between_Dimensions in Oakland, featuring a dozen DJs and circus acts!

Saturday, bike over to Oakland and definitely go Critical Mass to Vermouth at Clitterati’s fundraiser for The Vulvatron from 9pm-3am. Get Turned-On by awesome DJs, bare-all witness to burlesque performances, and.. ok we’re out of innuendos. It’s going to be a helluva party!

Tuesday, wake up EARLY and head over to Daybreaker SF’s party at Cellspace. Djesika (Airpusher) will be spinning the the best beats from 7:30am-9:30am while you sip on coffee and get your downward-dog on!

We’ll see you out there, Burners!

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“Let’s Build This City” - Sextant Camp

*** Duckpond FUNraiser - Friday, June 27th ***

*** Disco Chateau: A Really Happy Happy Hour - Friday, June 27th ***

*** Between_Dimensions Fundraiser - Friday, June 27th ***

*** DEEPER For The Vulvatron - Saturday, June 28th ***

*** Daybreaker SF - Tuesday, July 1st ***

*** Your Guide To Festivals Live - Thursday, July 10th ***

Support Your Temple!

*** David Best & The Temple Crew: Temple Of Grace 2014 ***

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Duckpond Presents

Duckpond FUNraiser!

800 Larkin, San Francisco

Friday, June 27th, 5pm-10pm

Come join the Ducks to help raise funds to get all our awesomeness back to the Playa.

What's in it for you? Ducks! Music, Drink Specials, Shenanigans, No Cover, and much...much

Facebook: our Indiegogo to bring the Bucking Duck back to BM this year.  Bigger, Better and more Bucks!


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Disco Chateau Presents

A Really Happy Happy Hour

Tank 18, 1345 Howard St, San Francisco

Friday, June 17th, 5pm-9pm

Are you ready for an especially happy weekend? Join us at Tank 18 to sip on cocktails, wine, and beer, while you mix and mingle with the best and brightest SF has to offer. DJ Ben Jorgens will be spinning some killer beats so come as you are and feel free to get silly while you're at it. 

To RSVP, click here now:

Disco Chateau is a creative collective dedicated to bringing people together to create beautiful art, powerful community collaborations and unlock all the wonder the world has to offer. When we come together, our first priority is connecting our members in a fun, creative and powerful way so that we maximize the potential of collaboration on projects that will help solve our global community's most pressing problems. 

Your contributions will go towards funding projects both on and off the playa, which include:

Le Cuddle Puddle: A 50 ft by 20 ft cuddle complex where fellow wondering wanderers can congregate, cuddle and find the joys of living among 10,000 hand-selected stuffed animals as well as other cuddly creatures. At night, our cuddle puddle will come alive with LED lighting above, light up stuffed animals, and amazing beats from our resident DJ, Ben Jorgens. 

Le Spa: A place where fellow burners can come relax, refresh and rejuvenate from their playa adventures. Ready made with facials, massage and mediation, we will create the space for our brothers and sisters to get back into their bodies and enjoy a rejuvenating, relaxed and refreshing experience. 

Le Party: Have you ever wondered what would happen if people let down their guard and simply explored what the night had to offer? On July 27th (at Audio SF) August 27th (Disco Chateau Camp at Black Rock City), Disco Chateau will launch our latest collaboration intended to bring people from all species of animal together. Whether you are a techie, a burner, French, American, leather daddy, cub and even mythical Greek warriors – all are welcome to explore the inner psyche of what it means to be alive.

Le French Ass Dinner: On August 29th, Disco Chateau will bring together 100 hand selected friends to explore how food can be sexy, fun and build lifelong bonds. Our Chef De Cuisine has traveled to France and back to study under a Two Michelin Star Chef and he will be lighting a culinary fire in all our bellies.

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Between_Dimensions Presents

Between_Dimensions Fundraiser

Deathtrap, 1190 28th St, Oakland

Friday, June 27th, 9pm-2am

Imagine yourself on the open playa at night. You come across two HUGE parallel screens standing alone in the desert that broadcast a live video of you projected 794 times as fractals. Welcome to Between_Dimensions, a 2014 Burning Man Honorarium Installation.

This Friday support the Between_Dimensions build at The Underground Fully Immersive Dance Fundraiser featuring 6 DJs and 4 Live Circus Acts.


See you Friday!

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The Clitterati Present

DEEPER for the Vulvatron

Mystic Creations, 2421 Peralta St, Oakland

Saturday, June 28 9pm-3am, $20 

HEY MERMEN, SIRENS & SEA CREATURES! Journey with the Clitterati to the bottom of the sea. We'll explore sensual delights in an underwater playground.

Why go… Deeper?

To bask in our illuminated 16 foot lips, the interactive preview of the playa-bound Vulvatron. See the first ever sparkle shark in captivity! Vajazzling Visuals by our vagenious tech team.

Swoon to sword-dancing, aquarium captives and burlesque performers.

Plunge into the crowd-sourced Talent Show, play C-L-I-T-S (Adventure Bingo), Dock your Motorboat at the body painting station, give a massage.

Wallow in the Wishing Well while your Tarot cards are read. Slide on new treasures! Follow the Yessence to the Cuddle Cove.

Try our tasty bait. Feast on our sizzling fish tacos, oyster-shucking clinic, sirens serving ripe fruit and sweet treats. Drink from the liquid luge. Drown in our potions, Bring your mug to the Bearded Clam for a refill.

Sway like a kelp forest to music from DJ Kelly, DJ Mickey G, Tim Vance, and GMC the Funk Master. Splash around, get cozy. X marks the spot!

Support this fem-powered art project. 10% of all proceeds support a local charity.

Your participation makes us wet! Dress up to go Deeper. Subtle is sexy. Consent is required. It’s PRIDE weekend, make us your night cap.


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Daybreaker Presents


Cellspace, 2050 Bryant, San Francisco

Tuesday, July 1st, 7:30am-9:30am

On the morning of Tuesday, July 1, DAYBREAKER will return to SF. 

This time we'll be dancing at the venue Inner Mission aka Cellspace. Grab an early bird ticket before we sell out:

Expect good vibes, epic beats, healthy beverages, fun surprises, and tons of people dancing their faces off before work. 

With your ticket, all this is FREE once you're inside: fresh Blue Bottle coffee served by Astronaut Cafe, drinks by Clearly Kombucha and Runa, live musicians & performers, & yoga warm-up at 7:30 am

Awesome beats provided by Djesika (Airpusher), a hero from Burning Man’s Precompression earlier this month.

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The Commonwealth Club Presents

Your Guide To Festivals Live

The Commonwealth Club, 595 Market St, San Francisco

Thursday, July 10, 6pm-7:30pm

With 8,300 food festivals, 4,000 film festivals, 3,800 music festivals, and countless others worldwide ranging from the cultural to the plain bizarre, there’s a celebration for everyone. Seasoned festival expert Chip Conley avows, “The more virtual we get, the more ritual we need.” INFORUM is bringing you a festival curation live: We’ll explore the world’s best festivals, how to get your local fill, and the pursuit of cultural curiosity. Festival founders and insiders will kick off the evening with their back stories, followed by an interactive reception with fest-connoisseurs for some personal festival consulting. From Brazil’s Carnaval to Outside Lands in your backyard – get inspired, join the transformative festival community, and find yourself.

Our speakers will include Marian Goodell (Burning Man), George Ridgely (SF Pride), Dawn Holliday (Hardly Strictly Bluegrass), & Chip Conley (Fest300)


Use coupon code fest300burners to take $5 off!

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David Best & The Temple Crew Present

The Temple of Grace 2014

David Best and The Temple Crew are returning again in 2014 to build the Temple of Grace for Burning Man in August, 2014.

The Temple of Grace is intended to be a spiritual and sacred space for memorials, reflection, celebration, and to commemorate life transitions. It is the latest in a long line of temples going back to 2000, which started the tradition of the temple built as a spiritual center for this art festival. It is a special work of art given to the community, and is a spiritual refuge where thousands gather, each to engage with it in his or her own way. The community comes to write their memorials and place tokens of their transitions, and it is burned at the end of the festival in a tradition of releasing them by the immolation of the temple.

It will be finished on August 24th and burned one week later.

The temple will be 70+' high, and have a footprint of 80'x80'; it sits in a courtyard approximately 150'x150'. The structure incorporates a central interior dome within a graceful curved body made of wood and steel. It will again have intricately cut wooden panels for the exterior and interior skin. 8 altars will surround the temple inside a low-walled courtyard, creating a large exterior grounds for the community.

Donate here:



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