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The Man burns in 68 days!  Yes, that’s barely two months from now!  We’ll have a few more South Bay Burner events before the playa, but then I need to get busy packing!
RealGirl - Southbay Regional Contact
* SoulFire Precompression Thank You!
* South Bay Burner Meet & Greet – Thursday, July 17th in Mountain View
* BBQ-A-Newbie Fambly Picnic – Saturday, July 26th in San Jose
* South Bay Accepted to be part of the Souk!
* Where Are You Camping?  Get added to
* STEP – Secure Ticket Exchange Program open until July 25th
* Burning Man Event Deadlines – W/W/W and Art Projects this week!
* How to Find an Art Project
* How to Find a Theme Camp
SoulFire Precompression Thank You!
SoulFire Precompression is our biggest community gathering of the year, and it literally wouldn’t have been the same without YOU and your heart, hugs, spirit and enthusiasm!  Thanks to everyone who gifted, participated, smiled at a stranger, found your inner child again, dressed up (or down), and became a citizen of SoulFire City.  I know some of you have been working for months to be a major attraction at SoulFire, and you really brought it!
Extra-extra special thanks to the Team Leads:  Su (Placement Lead), Sparkle (Greeter Lead), Potato (Ranger Lead), Nifty! (Music Lead), Champagne Girl (LNT Lead), and Mark and Heidi (Bacon Leads - ).  Without your help and commitment, SoulFire simply could not happen.
Lost & found threads are on the Facebook Event page:
Mark your calendars!  The SoulFire Decompression/Regional Burn is Oct 17-19th weekend!  AfterBurn report to follow once I get some sleep....
South Bay Burner Meet & Greet – Thursday, July 17th in Mountain View
… and our final meet & greet of the year is scheduled for Thursday, July 17th in Mountain View.  We pick a different dive bar each month to be closer to your neighborhood, and circulate through all cities in the South Bay.   Come raise a glass and share your playa plans, packing nightmares, and travel tips!
WHEN:  Thursday, July 17th starting at 6pm
WHERE:  O’Malley’s Sports Pub (formerly Francesca’s) – 2135 Old Middlefield Way
BBQ-A-Newbie Fambly Picnic – Saturday, July 26th in San Jose
Bring your family, your dogs, your Frisbees, and hoops/toys, plus a cooler, something to share or grill, and some charcoal and help us BBQ-A-Newbie!  Black Rock City Virgins are especially invited to come and meet a cross-section of South Bay Burners from varying sizes of local theme camps, with varying years of experience on the playa, and plenty of advice on the eternal questions:  CamelBak or PodBelt?  Sarong or UtiliKilt?  Bicycle or Art Car?  Generator or Solar?  MREs or Beef Jerky?  Tecate or PBR?  Oh, the questions they are endless, my friend, but the answer, there is only one:  “Yer doin’ it wrong!”  (Now is the time to get used to veteran burner snark!)
PLEASE RSVP on the Facebook event page below, as our permit is for only 60 people.  If it looks like we will exceed this number, we will have to close the Facebook event to new guests.
WHEN:  Saturday, July 26th starting at 11am and ending by 6pm
WHERE:  Murdock Park – Wunderlich Drive & Castle Glen Avenue, San Jose
(actually between Cupertino & Campbell)
South Bay Accepted to be part of the Souk!
Circle of Regional Experiences (CORE) replaces Circle of Regional Effigies this year!
While at SoulFire, I got an email with the most exciting news!  The South Bay region’s proposal for a “stall” in the Souk marketplace at the base of The Man was accepted!  Stay tuned for details about how YOU can join us in the Occidental Oasis (staffed 3-4 hours per day).  The rest of the time, any South Bay citizen or theme camp can come and perform or hawk their “wares” in our location in the 6:00 tent.  Let us know if you’re interested so we can include you on the schedule!
To follow our progress, and to see the other regions’ Souk ideas, check out our Facebook page: and
Where Are You Camping?  Get added to
As your theme camp’s placement gets announced this year, share the news with the rest of the South Bay!  There is nothing like being mid-city and stumbling on other burners who would love to meet you, offer you a cool beverage and some shade, and make plans to see each other at the next South Bay Burner Meet & Greet.
Send your placement info, in an email with the subject “SBB Camp Placement”, to be added to the local web page!
STEP – Secure Ticket Exchange Program open until July 25th
The Secure Ticket Exchange Program (STEP) is now open!  STEP is an online system that facilitates the safe resale of tickets that have been purchased directly from Burning Man. It’s designed to provide a hassle-free, secure way of buying and selling tickets while avoiding scammers, counterfeits and scalpers.
Register for STEP through the Burner Profiles link.  If you’re a Buyer, once you register you’ll be in the queue as Sellers register their tickets for sale.  You might not get a ticket right away, but there is still lots of time for people’s plans to change!  Have faith!
More info here:
Burning Man Event Deadlines - 2014 BRC Participation Forms
Art Installation Questionnaire: REGISTRATION DEADLINE HAS PASSED
BRC Media Application: Deadline for video/film and all other press is July 10, 2014 at 12:00 noon Pacific Time.
Disabled Persons Vehicle Application: Open until July 31, 2014 at 12:00 noon Pacific Time.
To apply:
How to Find an Art Project
Did you know that there is an exchange hosted by Burning Man to find an art project big or small, local or global, that YOU could be a part of?  Check it out:
How to Find a Theme Camp
And there are multiple ways to find a theme camp.  First, come to a South Bay Burner Meet & Greet and make some new friends!  Then, check out  to connect to local camps and find out if they are coming back to the playa, and whether they have room for new people.  Also, peruse the web site at  to see if there is a theme camp that fits your personality, aspirations, hopes and dreams!
And finally, there is e-Playa,, with threads on how to join a theme camp, how to start a theme camp, and lots of conversations about 2014 plans.
That’s all the latest … share the Scoop with your friends!  To subscribe, send an email to  And, join the South Bay Burners on Facebook at South Bay Burners.  AND even MeetUp!   Or, we’re now a-twitter at!
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