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Climate chaos is gaining momentum by the day, those that think it can't get worse will soon realize how wrong such a conclusion is. Climate engineering is forcing Earth's already horrifically damaged life support systems into total disintegration. 
 The attached 12 minute video is a stark wake up to what is unfolding. 
Spraying San Francisco, exposing the geo-engineers.

Everyone keeps asking why they have not been spraying lately. It happens every year in the summer . For some reason they stop for about 2 months. I have no idea why. But I'm sure they will start up again very soon.

10 Fruits & Vegetables You Can Plant Once — And They Will Keep Coming Back Every Year

The Health Ranger reveals why the food supply is designed to keep you ADDICTED to more processed foods!

STYROFOAM is the SILENT KILLER. Stop drinking hot coffee and tea from it, or wine. It's banned in many countries but not in US yet, why? IT IS HIGHLY POISONOUS. Get the facts and protect your loved ones.

Not sure if you noticed, but Monsanto and co. are pretty good at this whole propaganda thing...
Here are 5 examples of how they try to shape public opinion from behind the scenes...Stay vigilant and let us know if you see anything like these!:

6 Bushcraft Skills Every Prepper Should Know

Did you know that you can grow roses from cuttings?
Simply cut healthy stems, place them in large potatoes, and them bury them 3-4 inches deep in a healthy soil mixture of peat moss and top soil. The potatoes keep the stems moist and help develop the root systems. It's a perfectly simple way to multiply your rose garden without spending lots of $$$.

Tonight, CNN Says Liberty Movement More Threatening than Al-Qaeda as Daily Mail Calls Vegas Shooters White Supremacists, then, Border Agent Issues Desperate Plea for Help, Says US Completely Overrun By Criminal Aliens, and later, Obama Opens Third Military Base to House Illegals. Details & more on the 
Infowars Nightly News @ 7pm ct Tune-in

Las Vegas Joker “Killer” Video Appears on YouTube -
A bizarre new video has emerged reportedly showing Jerad Miller, one of the Las Vegas shooters, pretending to be the Joker.

Anti-Gun Networks Downplay Armed Citizen Who Confronted Vegas Shooters -
CHL holder who died trying to save others simply did not fit networks' agenda.

     Bundy Ranch did NOT accept Jerad Miller
What the Media Isn't Saying... Bundy Ranch sent Jerad Miller Home

Booda Bundy Bear 
As I sit here at the ranch reading the posts about the tragedy in Las Vegas I think its time to weigh in with what I know....I have be given the HONOR of being head of the security detail entrusted to protect the Bundy family... Myself and the Bundy family and my great security detail team since this began do not condone the actions of these fucking nut jobs!!!! AND PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE COWARDS NEVER STEPPED FOOT ON THE RANCH PROPERTY.....SHIT THEY NEVER EVEN MADE IT TO THE PROPERTY GATE!!!! That being said I condemn the actions of COWARDS that shoot two police officers sitting down eating lunch and then an innocent person is by NO way the actions of men in my thoughts and prayers go out to the family at this time....sincerely Booda Bundy Bear

Oregon School Shooting: New Gun Control Legislation in 3…2…1…

     FBI / Boston Bombing

CNN Says Liberty Movement More Threatening than Al-Qaeda -
Jerad Miller exploited to jumpstart rightwing extremist meme. 

Border Agent Issues Desperate Plea for Help, Says US Completely Overrun By Criminal Aliens - “The ones we are losing are convicted felons, aliens from special interest countries, and other high risk individuals.."

Against the context of all of these news stories (Adelaide, Moncton, now Las Vegas) of crazed gunmen on a "lockdown" rampage -- it is worth looking at the response in the US legislature. There is a huge pattern, worth discussing and sharing, that the legislative search engine reveals:
32 live current bills (159 in all) that either create a new definition of “mentally ill” in relation to who can and can’t own guns; bills to ban certain kinds of ammunition; bills to create a national database of gun owners; bills to further criminalize owning a handgun — a handgun, not an assault weapon — and multiple bills to strip access to second amendment rights in a number of novel, creative ways. I would love a world in which no one ever needed or used a gun and as you know, I used to be categorically against gun ownership; but I care above all about the Constitution and the Second Amendment is in there for a reason, though its interpretation should always be debated and thought through afresh; and I do think this pattern of little-known legislation that so insistently blocks citizens’ access to legal firearms and undermines the Second Amendment in all kinds of new ways…is really worth discussing and sharing.
March 2014 BREAKING NEWS FEMA 800 Detention Camps in USA - last days Final Hour News update 

Border Patrol Agent: Illegal Aliens Crossing US Border with Serious, Contagious, Infectious Diseases


CIA admits Full Monitoring of Facebook and other Social Networks


Hidden Secrets of Money - WATCH & SHARE ->
On June 1st, 2014, at the Cambridge House Investment Conference in Vancouver, Canada, Mike Maloney updated his “Death of the Dollar” presentation and showed how the “Nails in the Coffin of the Dollar Standard” are now coming faster and are more furious than ever before. He believes that there will be a global currency crisis before the end of this decade and that the days of the dollar standard are numbered. 
 Negative Interest Rates– Only The Start?

DHS "Weapons of Mass Destruction - Civil Support Team" Responding in Montana?

“If freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.” - George Washington
If you dont already know - GOOGLE NDAA & HR 6566

This spring, Marin County leapt into action, passing plastic bag bans in 6 of their incorporated cities! Our recent statistics show that 76% of residents in the Bay Area now live in jurisdictions with bag bans- congrats to Marin for these recent victories! Read more:

The Perfect Everyday Carry Handcuff Key

the May Aerial Spray Reports map are in an album at

HEARTBREAKING! Photos from China of a pig jumping from a slaughterhouse truck go viral. See more here: 

So this past weekend there were more than 30 shootings in Chicago, four of them were fatalities, which is just another typical weekened in the Windy City as far as inner city gun crime goes yet we have two meth freak nutballs in Vegas shoot two cops and a civilian and because they supposedly liked Ron Paul we now have to listen to today's left wing narrative that our nation has "a right wing rhetoric problem"
Well I call bullshit on that, you don't get to put the actions of lone nuts on half the county's belief system and if that were OK the left has a very serious problem themselves because nearly every mass shooter in memory was a registered Democrat.
People. Individual people and they alone are responsible for their actions good or bad, don't dare use lone examples against those who's politics differ from you unless you want that right back. I say don't bother with these correlations with a single datapoint.
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