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The Loophole by Garfunkel and Oates

Preppers: 5 Things That Can Kill You How To Stop Cops from Searching Your Car 

Ron's interview with Bill Haynes, Part 2:

Geoengineer David Keith continues his PR campaign of lies and deception in the power structure's ongoing attempt to market the lethal climate engineering programs to an unsuspecting public. As the public wakes up to the lies of Mr. Keith, we will see if they hold him accountable for his actions.

Court Case: Cops Choked And Seized Phone Of Man Filming Arrest -
Disturbing trend of police snatching bystanders' phones and deleting videos.

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Mercury is a highly potent neurotoxin that causes severe deterioration of your central nervous system that, even a low levels, can cause tremors, memory loss, changes in an individuals personality, lethargy, insomnia, and affect motor movements. Mercury has shown to have devastating effects on fetal development.
A recent study by Natural News conducted in their lab revealed that the flu vaccine, made by GlaxoSmithKline (lot ‪#‎9H2GX‬), had levels of mercury 25,000 higher than the EPA allows in water.
So why is this highly toxic metal in the flu vaccine, or any vaccine, in such high quantity?
See the full report on site:

Taking antidepressants during pregnancy doubles child's autism risk:

Three years into the disappearance of Bowe Bergdahl in Afghanistan, Michael Hastings — the journalist whose reporting cost General Stanley McChrystal his job — wrote a Rolling Stone story on the missing soldier, a piece which the magazine called “the definitive first account of Bowe Bergdahl.”

Tonight, Tiananmen Square Tank Man: 25 Years Later, His Memory Lives on, then, Secret Service to Track Twitter Users in Real Time as Feds Treat Black Friday Activism as Terrorist Threat, and later, Full Disclosure: Did Government’s Experiment on Preemies Hide Risks? Details & more on the Infowars Nightly News @ 7pm ct Tune-in

FDA investigation confirms that thousands of dogs died from contaminated China-based jerky treats: 
Declassified: Tiananmen Square Cold blooded murder in broad daylight- 

We need to keep raising the next generation to be aware of the importance of clean food, air, and water: three things Monsanto is notorious for polluting.
A 9-year-old boy gave a speech for the ages at the March Against Monsanto Vancouver...Watch it here!:

As many of you know, I absolutely do not recommend using sunblock as I believe safe sun exposure can do wonders for your health. There are many ways to protect yourself from the sun without applying toxic chemicals on your body. But in case you do get sunburned, there are natural ways on how to treat and soothe your skin.  How to Treat Sunburn Naturally

Why we should be cautious about embracing the man made global warming position.   the problem with carbon   -   selling chemtrails

As China Eradicates Memories of Tiananmen Square, Globalists Work Toward World Censorship
Kit Daniels | Chinese censorship is the model that corrupt politicians around the world strive for.

Together...We Have The Power!

181 people killed, 293 injured in Kiev military op in eastern Ukraine
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Studies Show Psilocybin Mushrooms Can Cure Anxiety, Depression, and Even Regrow Brain Cells

The cancer of the global power structure has expanded and infiltrated all aspects of our society, most especially our military. The elite who run the world (and our military) have done their best to beat down the rare and exceptional trait of honor from the ranks of our soldiers, but where this virtue truly exists, it can not be extinguished, and is now beginning to awaken.

Some people are incompetent with MATH.
260,000,000 humans were slaughtered last century by their own governments who disarmed them FIRST.
Fair to say those MURDEROUS CORRUPT GOVTs banned guns for NEFARIOUS REASONS… NOT to "protect" the people.
THEREFORE you are 100 x more likely to get MURDERED by your own govt than by the random guy on the street with a gun.
Criminals do not tend to obey the law, hence will not obey gun laws.
...Or do you live in some Make Believe FANTASY LAND where our govt WON the WAR on DRUGS.
Therefore all you really do by banning guns is take them away from good people.
"Gun Control" is just giving all the guns to military and police; see "Shindler's List" to see how that works out.

The Communist Party’s true fear in 1989 was a “full-fledged insurrection” by working-class citizens, who had come out in droves to support the young protesters in the weeks leading up to bloodshed.' #‎tiananmensquare

Tired of having the best Food & Drug Administration Monsanto can buy?
March Against Corruption November 1st Everywhere: 
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