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Exclusive: Bilderberg Police Brutally Beat Reporters, Chase Cameramen
Police take journalists to secluded pens to be beaten.

Daniel Estulin encapsulates Bilderberg’s long-term plans as follows in his famous [publication] The Bilderberg Group:
-One International Identity
-Centralized Control of the People
-A Zero Growth Society
-A State of Perpetual Imbalance
-Centralized Control of all Education
-Centralized Control of All Foreign and Domestic Policies
-Expansion of NATO
Attempts to take down has been under concerted attack over the last 24 hours to take us down – but we’re still here.
Something we said?
Hope so.

Alex begins extensive coverage of Bilderberg's 2014 meeting as the global power brokers begin arriving at the Marriott Hotel in Copenhagen today. ‪#‎Infowars‬ reporters David Knight and Paul Joseph Watson are streaming video live from Bilderberg and they are breaking down key developments as they occur by the minute. The police are continuously arresting protestors and hotel security has completely surrounded the complex with thick concrete barricades. They've even covered the hotel's windows with privacy film to keep journalists - and the taxpayers paying for the event - in the dark about the sinister agenda going on inside. The mainstream media has slowly began to cover ‪#‎Bilderberg‬, albeit with limited puff pieces so far. 

Unhealthy foods are being produced left and right. But which should you REALLY avoid? Here are the 9 foods I believe you should never eat---no matter what!
1) Canned tomatoes
2) Processed meats
3) Margarine
4) Vegetable oils
5) Microwave popcorn
6) Non-organic potatoes and produce
7) Table salt
8) Soy protein isolate and other unfermented soy products
9) Artificial sweeteners

CHEMTRAILS AND GEOENGINEERING ARE REAL!!! THEY ARE ADMITTED! HOW IS IT THAT PEOPLE STILL CAN'T WRAP THEIR HEADS AROUND THIS???!!! i mean seriously... how much more proof is needed. people simply want to live in ignorant bliss.


WTF Mark Dice? If someone wants to chill out on OVERBREEDING you call them Satanic? 

Did you know that rats becomes homosexual when they OVERBREED as a control system to prevent collapse? (Hint: humans are animals too)
I believe we should allow homosexuality among those who wish it to ease stress on environment.

DENIAL is not healthy. Overpopulation is not healthy. Moderation is.
Moderation in all things, including population. 

I think we need to ease our population before the NWO does.

I am tiring of bible thumpers who are anti NWO but want to breed like rabbits.

Guidestones do NOT call for GENOCIDE. Guidestones say "MAINTAIN HUMANITY under 500,000,000.
That figure allows more breathing room than 7 billion.
If we let gays be gays then we could have a balanced population.

Satanic Monument Calls for Genocide of 95% of Planet's Population

I am allied with you in fighting the NWO but if you 
DENY human population has impact on environment you are in denial.

Irresponsiblity is not healthy for humans animals or planet.

No Mark! Atheism does NOT equate with SATANISM. You are using CULT SPEAK. you sound like:
"You're either with us or against us!"

I am so sorry we are DIVIDED and CONQUERED. Now we are infighting. sigh.

we must keep fighting it

Revealed: Obama policy to use military against citizens
You've feared it could come to this, and now a new report is confirming those fears. Is the military really going to be used against American citizens?

The east is gearing up to become the 21st Century hub of silver / gold trading and price discovery.

ohhhhh damn. here we go, folks. BOOM... chemtrail installer BLOWIN THE WHISTLE...

I have seen the future of medicine  - and it's scary.
(A funny view of a likely future if we don't stop it.) Video:

- - - - - 

Tonight, Reporters Arrested as Cloak of Secrecy Descends on Denmark for #‎Bilderberg  2014, then, ‪#‎Snowden  is a National Security State Asset,Tells NBC News he is a Trained Intelligence Operative, and later, Three Chinese Nuclear Missile Submarines Photographed in South China Sea. Details & More on the Infowars Nightly News @ 7pm ct Tune-in‬

Alex Jones Goes Toe-to-Toe With Obama
Guardians of liberty fend off Obama's attempts to rape the Constitution.

BREAKING NH lawmaker says Boston attack was carried out by "Black Ops" 

ohhh. this is JUICAYYY... more crisis actors... fake clean up crews. and product placement... all things i thought right in the beginning of all this madness... 
Santa Barbara Elliot Rodger False Flag / Hoax - Strange Eyewitnesses and Product Placement
Just a short video (I am no longer allowed longer than 15 minutes, thanks Google).. looking into some of the strange "eyewitnesses" and some of the oddities ...

Bilderberg minions are using taxpayer funds to erect fences and steel barricades in efforts to keep what happens at ‪#‎Bilderberg‬ inside the Marriott Hotel in Copenhagen. 

really amazing 50's Disney cartoon about Sacred Geometry... this is DEF something you wouldn't see in modern cartoons. actually learning something important??? pshhh 
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