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An Overview of our Overlords Bilderberg 2014
David knight gives an overview of the outcome of past Bilderberg meetings.

Bilderberg 2014: Reporters Arrested as Cloak of Secrecy Descends
Paul Joseph Watson | Agenda for Copenhagen confab illustrates global elite in panic.

     FOOD Best Stuffed Animal Video EVER!

This is the agenda to control all food production and through that control the global population by dictating who eats and who doesn't.

5/27/2014 -- Helicopter view of Colorado 4 MILE LONG Landslide @ Fracking Operation
Full website post with screenshots of the fracking operation at the location which collapsed:


Polio and Espionage: The CIA’s Vaccination Program

This seems to be the talk of the town. The scandal at the VA. Who here has had issues going there?

Snowden is a National Security State Asset - Tells NBC News he is a trained intelligence operative.

Jones looks at straight-from-the-horse's-mouth revelations from supposed Booze Allen Hamilton contractor Edward Snowden, who revealed he worked as a CIA, NSA and DIA asset long before providing his renowned leaks to the media. Onsite reporters David Knight and Paul Joseph Watson also Skype in to break down the massive paranoid, tax-payer funded security apparatus, complete with steel barricades, welcoming the few journalists who dare question what goes on behind closed doors at Bilderberg 2014, where reporters staying at the Marriott in Copenhagen have already been evacuated, with a few already thrown in jail. 

Vet Dies In Standoff With Police After VA Turns Him Away - “They let him fall through the cracks and he’s dead now because of it.”

Mike Maloney: Bigger Gov't = Less Prosperity
Find More Videos @ & the WhyGoldAndSilver Youtube channel.

cat playing Jenga

This cop had to rip the camera off my neck cause I would not filming at ‪#‎bilderberg‬
As soon as the cameras were taken, Luke Rudkowski and Dan Dicks were placed under arrest by the Copenhagen Police Department. FYI some of Luke's footage was deleted during this arrest, they were brought to jail and released without any charges. The police at 1st tried to say that Luke and Dan were being arrested for possession of drugs, though none were found and with many people filming they arrested them for "suspicious activity." According to Danish law the police not only overstepped there boundaries but violated their own laws by preventing filming, destroying evidence and illegally detaining journalists. After being placed in jail we believe it was the help of you, our audience and the social media outrage that got us released without any charges. If there is a lawyer who wishes to help us since we are not funded by anyone, we would really appreciate any help, advise, legal council or action.
Special Thanks to Line Sejr for back up camera and not leaving our side
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