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Learn about FALSE FLAGS here first: Uprising By Anonymous 
Revealed: How the FBI Coordinated the Crackdown on Occupy 
Homeland Security Coordinated 18-City Police Crackdown on Occupy Protest 
Did the White House Direct the Police Crackdown on Occupy? 
Homeland Security Coordinated 18-City Police Crackdown on Occupy Protest 

cause it has the word NEGRO
OMG am I RACIST Cause I used the word NEGRO.
Does that sound stupid? THEN STFU and don't blame an old cowboy  for using the word NEGRO when that's what he learned Black Folk wanted to be called in the 60s.
And don't get mad when he asks in all honesty, for their sake, if they were better off being slaves than stuck in a welfare system that kicks their dads out of the house and makes them dependent on the state.
He was just positing a question.

Did you know… you have the right to protect yourself.
BY LAW of NATURE. By common law. By Geneva Convention.
You may KILL or DISABLE your attacker in SELF DEFENSE.
so for gosh sake at least stand up for your rights. time is short

You're DEAD. I'm DEAD. We're all DEAD. Cancer. Your ticket is punched. Cancer Fluoride GMOs Aspartame Aluminum Mercury MSG heavy metals toxins are all part of the NWO SOFT KILL.
You are actively being KILLED. NOW. TODAY. by the PTB Powers That Be. 
Suggest you wake up. Save yourself by 

DEATH PENALTY ASAP for the person(s) who are poisoning dogs.
You people are asleep. Stop drinking Fluoride.
What is Fluoride? (Hint: Prozac is Flouride) Fluoride is a TRANQUILIZER
If you do not Arrest or Disable the person when you find them, or call 911 immediately (your choice) then there is something wrong with you. 
If you do not stand against this cruelty, will you stand against anything? 

I listen to ~  ~ most days at 1 or 2pm as Alex Jones delivers 100s of facts and sources each week unavailable from other sources. 
~ Mp3 is best for low bandwidth. Does not slow computer.
~ at my work station between my computers as I multitask
~ I am engaged by the wealth of factoids and root data 

I am so sad that folks fear dislike or boycott him cause he's anti-abortion. I'm sorry about that. Really. I'm pro-choice. But he has been doing this for 20 years so he is the GOTO guy that whistle blowers goto. 
He covers Fluoride GMOs Chemtrails HAARP Mercury and Live viruses in Vaccines. False Flags. 
He covers 1000s of threats to your life liberty and happiness.
So much so that I become impatient with people who say:
"oh Alex is a redneck / cowboy / meat eater…" or dis him for whatever reason… Then expect me to sit there captively and listen to their woes about how they lost their job…
LISTEN! Alex talks about the Offshore Bankers taking away your jobs.
FOR REAL. You care about shit? He gets to the ROOT CAUSE. check it out.
I am so sorry if he is CIA or JESUIT or Israeli plant…
if any one of those 3 most common accusations are true, so what?
He takes us 97% of the way to freedom health and happiness
and that's good enough. We can assemble the other pieces later.
If I am in a theater and it is on fire, I have to yell; "FIRE".
can not enjoy a clean good life if others are destroying their environment
feed://      or
China Bubble is the biggest Bubble in History.
Germany 40 year lag on birth and spending/ gonna go over cliff.
predicted Japan. Collapse. Japan went off baby birthing cliff first.
Europe is next. Then Asia. 14 cycles globally that make a diff.
First is Boom Bust. 2nd Redline GeoPolitical cycle conflicts in world.
Iraq war 1 in and out in 100 hours. 911 hit. Cycle points down 2009.
3rd cycle. going down cause commodity down for next decade.
Sun Spots point down from 2014 - 2019. Solar Radiation goes up 4-5 years then goes down 5-6 years. Literally Cosmic Rays affecting us. Every $ Bust has been on a down cycle.
UnaBomber Ted Kazinski was in the CIA MK ultra mind control program: LA Times
Boston Bombing was a DRILL. 
Sandy Hook students walking in circles as part of drill
No Trauma victims. No Trauma Helicopters. No Trauma Response.
Green Screen Fake Footage Anderson Cooper
clearly it's a DRILL just like Boston Bombing.
who declares 27 people dead in 8 minutes with no Medical attention? NO ONE. NOT SOP.
Who has 99.9% kill rate in 8 minutes? NOBODY
Why was there no contract to clean up blood? HINT: no blood.
Why no video? Why no camera? 
James Holmes Batman Shooting @ Aurora Colorado was MK Ultra Mind control experiment on Amnesic drugs under $30,000 Govt grant.
Just like the COPS on 911 saying "GET BACK THEY'RE GONNA BLOW IT UP" cause cops were told on radio they were going to BLOW UP WTC Bldg 7 
Alice Walker live in studio
Pope sits on massive wealth yet calls on govts to redistribute other's wealth / smacks of hypocrisy.
It is an ILLEGITIMATE redistribution of wealth when the govt sticks a gun in your face and takes your money.
GM bailed out with your $ 50 Bn to save UNION. 90% of cars were financed on SUB prime loans. Can you say BUBBLE?
GM rushing cars out the door with PHONY LOANS as fast as they can.
Student loans and Auto Loans are the only 2 with Growth last year.
Education System is intentionally BORING so that we do NOT EXCEL. 
We can't stop a slow motion attack they believe.
they believe we will evolve to be defeated.
they believe we will evolve to lay down and die
they've been programing us to lay down and die
Tosh Plumlee Interview: Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi Complained to the STATE DEPT that CIA weapons Smuggled to SYRIAN REBELS / AL QAEDA were ending up in other hands
Tosh Plumlee flying Weapons for CIA to AL QAEDA
0.1% econ growth first time since 1930
Congress exempts itself from all laws it passes.
That is the HALLMARK of TYRANNY!
All Hell is breaking loose in Ukraine
Mayor of Krakow shot in back while bicycling cause he did not go along with the west.
People being shot at checkpoints. 
Firing grenade launchers at Helicopters and taking them down. 
George Soros Nazi collaborator gets ADL awards.
WhiteHouse runs nonprofit group MediaMatters with stated purpose to shutdown other media groups that disagree with WhiteHouse.
Globalists call it the GREAT GAME. Proxy war.
Dividing Ukraine? just as Brzezinski planned.
40,000 Russian Troops on Border? Alex Jones says 200,000

Tonight, Police Now “Armed For War” Against Returning Veterans as Leaked Documents Reveal Marine Corps ‘Urban Training Center’ Based on U.S. Town, then, Citizens Arrest Park District Board for Refusing Public Comment, and later, Pentagon DoD Spending Tax Money to Prepare for Global Warming. Details & More on the Infowars Nightly News @ 7pm ct Tune-in 

Police Now “Armed For War” Against Returning Veterans
Paul Joseph Watson | Cops in armored vehicle asked by residents “Are you coming to take our guns away?”

Obamacare: Cash for Crony Capitalism -
Feds spent $5 billion to get state Obamacare exchanges operational.

Rio ‘Robocops’ Resemble Police From Dystopian Classic ‘Brazil’
Paul Joseph Watson | Life imitates art as militarized forces prepare for World Cup. What Good Are Body Cameras if a Cop Can Turn it Off to Shove a Flashlight Down a Woman’s Throat? 

- - - - - Thu May 15 2014 
Exclusive Footage: Inside Clandestine Army Training Center

Leaked New York Times Memo Admits MSM Being Made Redundant by New Media
Paul Joseph Watson | But report ignores the elephant in the living room.

Jones looks at the FCC's approval of plans for Internet fast lanes, which will ultimately give cable providers the ability to regulate the flow of information. Jones also confronts the Obama administration's innumerable transgressions, including his recent release of thousands of criminal immigrants onto the streets of America, and his militarization of various governmental agencies, case in point the USDA's recent purchase of 30-round submachine guns. On today's show, we get updates on the ground in Virginia outside Fort A.P. Hill where infowars reporters David Knight and SSG Joe Biggs are being held. 

The right to self defense is gaining popularity in Mexico as citizens are fighting back against cartels. Cartels who attained some of their arms from the Justice Department under operation fast and furious.

While Homeland Security is busy labeling patriots and liberty lovers as domestic terrorists, many agencies under their umbrella have been caught aiding known criminals, illegal aliens, and terrorists. In other words, the federal agency has become so bloated and corrupt that it has morphed into the very suspect it was created to eliminate.

- - - - - Wed May 14 2014

Tonight, Russian Foreign Minister Demands Obama Reply to Claim U.S. Mercenaries in Ukraine, then, Feds Release Hundreds of Immigrant Murderers, Drunk Drivers, Sex-Crimes Convicts, and later, Transhumanists: Superhuman Powers & Life Extension Tech Will Allow Us To Become Like God. Details & More on the Infowars Nightly News @ 7pm ct Tune-in

Scientists: Robots Could be Programmed to Kill You ‘For the Greater Good’
Paul Joseph Watson | Autonomous vehicles present ‘morally dangerous path’.

Homeland Security Raids Flea Markets While Ignoring Terrorist Threats -
Kit Daniels | DHS is more concerned with busting flea market vendors than terrorists.

Alex breaks down the latest Obama scandal after thousands of immigrant murderers, rapists, kidnappers and other convicts were released onto the streets of America. Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Tx.) said it would be considered "the worst prison break in American history, except it was sanctioned by the president and perpetrated by our own immigration officials." Also joining the show are reporters David Knight and SSG Joe Biggs, who are on the scene in Virginia outside Fort A.P. Hill where the U.S. Army built a fake city, including a school and a Baptist church, to practice military occupation. 

- - - - - Tue May 13  2014

Tonight, Joe Biden’s Son Appointed to Board of Ukraine’s Largest Gas Producer, then, Obama Administration has Killed More Kids than Boko Haram, and later, Greenwald: Criticism of President Hillary Will Be Labeled “Misogynistic”. Details & More on the 
Infowars Nightly News @ 7pm ct Tune-in

While Smearing Liberty Lovers as Terrorists, DHS Lets Actual Terrorists Into America
Paul Joseph Watson | Federal agency created “hands off” list to give suspected terrorists VIP treatment.

Alex talks about a remark by Glenn Greenwald that criticism of president Hillary Clinton will be sexist and misogynistic in the same way criticism of Obama is now considered by the political class and the establishment media to be racist. Alex also talks about the Federal Reserve manipulated economy and the impending engineered crash. 

Is Fiesta now a racist word? According to some universities they feel that it is offensive to Latin Americans and needs to be removed from all social functions due to its negative connotations.

Some Factions Allege That True Constitutional Militia Exist, Despite the Absence of Actual Proof. —Here’s the Straight Dope 
By Daniel Vincent McGonigle III

Salon Labels Benghazi Cover-Up a “Conspiracy Theory”
Paul Joseph Watson | Leftist publication regurgitates intellectually bankrupt White House talking point.

- - - - - Mon May 12  2014

Tonight, DHS Emails Reveal U.S. May Have Terrorist “Hands Off” List, and, 1776 Worldwide: The Second Amendment Comes to Mexico, then later, Webhost Protests FCC’s Net Neutrality Proposal By Limiting FCC Access To 28.8Kbps. Details & More on the Infowars Nightly News @ 7pm ct Tune-in

Boko Haram, the IMF and Globalist Designs on Nigeria -
Boko Haram has nothing to do with anthropomorphic climate change.

1776 Worldwide: The Second Amendment Comes to Mexico
Kit Daniels | Mexican citizens defy gun bans in order to defend themselves against violent criminals.

Alex examines the missing Nigerian girls narrative, considering how the tragedy may be exploited to benefit Africom. Jones also looks at key intel leaked by Danish police confirming the location of the secretive globalist confab Bilderberg 2014 as being held at the Marriott Hotel in Copenhagen from May 29 to June 1. Alex breaks down the significance of East Ukraine's latest referendum, and also looks at how Mexican citizens are defying Mexico’s anti-gun laws in order to defend themselves against the drug cartels. 

Mexicans Create Their Own Second Amendment -

- - - - - Sat May 10 
The Truth About Boko Haram & #BringBackOurGirls

Obama Urges “Wrongheaded” Americans to Trust Government More
Paul Joseph Watson | President bemoans “lack of confidence in our government”.

Tonight, DOJ Omits Mexican Drug Cartel Involvement in Press Release, then, McCain: Americans Should “Accept” That Their Private Conversations Are Being Monitored, and later, FBI Begins Investigation of Cliven Bundy and Supporters. Details & More on the 
Infowars Nightly News @ 7pm ct Tune-in  

Cleveland Police Confiscate Children’s Basketball Hoop -
Woman ticketed, threatened with arrest for buying children hoop.

Activists in Eastern Ukraine Sound Alarm on CIA-led Death Squads -
CIA has overturned political movements unacceptable to the political and financial elite in U.S.

- - - - - Thu May 8 2014

Rand Paul Joined By Grassley In Fight To Release Memo Justifying Drone Strikes On US Citizens -
Former Justice Department lawyer argued for right to kill Americans.

Alex covers unprecedented news coming out of Washington, D.C. The U.S. House of Representatives voted to hold former IRS official Lois Lerner in contempt of Congress for refusing to testify about the agency's harassment of Tea Party groups. Maryland's Democratic Rep. Elijah Cummings claimed that holding Lerner in contempt amounts to "McCarthyism," despite the fact that 10% of donors to Tea Party groups were audited, a figure much higher than the audit rate for average Americans. Alex also covers new developments in political suppression and geopolitics. TUNE-IN LIVE 11am-2pm CST

- - - - - Wed may 7 2014

They Live Trailer 2014 -
Recent real world news meshed with 1980's cult classic John Carpenter's "They Live."

Boko Haram Terror Attack in Nigeria Opens Door to Africom -
Nigeria is the 13th largest oil producer in the world

The Bias of “Bring Back Our Girls” -
Mosely’s campaign is certainly admirable. It is also biased and politically correct. #‎BringBackOurGirls

Homeland Security Faces Lawsuit Over Ignored FOIA Request
Paul Joseph Watson | Border Patrol refuses to release information on unconstitutional checkpoints, roving patrols.

Alex Jones delves into the veritable cornucopia of headlines, explaining the FEC's move to regulate conservative media outlets like Drudge Report as an attack on the First Amendment, and reporting on the crisis in Ukraine where pro-Russian forces battle for control of the east. Jones also looks at the wider repercussions of U.S. entanglement in the regional war, keeping in mind Russia's military exercises involving nuclear capable strategic bombers off the Pacific coast of the U.S. We'll also consider the latest Fukushima radiation news, predictions that every country will have armed drones within 10 years, the Obamacare boondoggle, as well as take your calls on this worldwide transmission. 

- - - - - Tue May 6 2014

"Virtually everything that you do is being watched. Do you drive a car? Do you watch television? Do you use a cell phone? As you do any of those things, information about you is being recorded and tracked. We live at a time when personal privacy is dying. And it is not just governments that are doing this."

- - - - - Tue May 6 2014

Mission Accomplished: Libya Now “Scumbag Woodstock” -
FBI warns new generation of al-Qaeda terrorists threaten America.

IRS to Expand Financial Surveillance With Crackdown On Offshore Accounts
Kit Daniels | Crackdown will completely destroy financial privacy.

A Michigan SWAT team provided a small family fresh inspiration for nightmares after they broke down the door to the wrong home and turned the place upside down looking for drugs.


- - - - - Mon May 5 2014

Ron Paul: “Common Core Is Really The Last Straw”
Kit Daniels | Exclusive interview: Former Congressman slams deliberate plan to create dumbed down, obedient population.

Obama Supporters: Not Liking Mexican Food is Racist
Paul Joseph Watson | Video illustrates intellectual bankruptcy of playing the race card.

Alex covers a wide spectrum of news in both the U.S. and abroad, including the latest on the financial front. Obama supporters in San Diego, Cali. recently suggested that it's racist not to like Mexican food. Additionally, western states around California now fear further land grabs by the Obama administration. In geopolitical news, stocks opened lower on Wall Street today due to the continuing crisis in Ukraine and it's now known that both the CIA and the FBI are "advising" the Ukrainian government. TUNE-IN LIVE 11am-2pm CST

Why We’re No Longer Number One -
Last week World Bank economists predicted that China would soon displace the United States as the world’s largest economy.

MSNBC: You’re Racist if You Don’t Support Raising Minimum Wage -
MSNBC's Ed Schultz plays the race card yet again.

- - - - - wknd Former CIA Whistle-blower Targeted by Govt. for Facebook Posts

- - - - - Fri May 2 2014

Obama Calls Coup Government in Kiev “Duly Elected”
Paul Joseph Watson | Not a single member of the press challenges blatant deception.

Why the White House is Desperate to Bury Benghazi
Paul Joseph Watson | Cover-up is about shielding details of arms smuggling to terrorists in Syria.

HSBC Demands to Know How Customers Spend Cash
Paul Joseph Watson | Banks are becoming spies for the state.

“Black-Ops” Helicopters Buzz Kentucky Residents
Paul Joseph Watson | Military choppers conducted maneuvers with no lights.

Raising the minimum wage only increases inflation

Lee Ann McAdoo interviews influential truth artist Anthony Freda about his upcoming feature length documentary “Behind Truth Art.” The film will feature the art, work and story behind Anthony Freda’s tremendous works, including his various motivations. It will be the first of a series of films examining the truth movement and what motivates people to do what they do to expose the corruption, pollution and lies disseminated around the world.
Support the documentary at:

- - - - - Thu May 1 2014

IMF Demands Ukraine Risk World War 3 in Return For Bailout Money
Paul Joseph Watson | Globalists desperate to loan shark another country into debt slavery.

A Cop Stops You at a Festival: The “Know Your Rights” Infographic
People often suggest to me that either 1) It’s somehow “Un-American” to talk about your rights when dealing with the police or that 2) Somehow only someone who is intending to break the law would need to understand their legal rights.
As to 1) This is really some dangerous nonsense. In fact this honestly might be one of the craziest ideas that has ever taken root in our Country and as to 2) As I always say “It’s better to know your rights and not need them, than to need your rights and not know them.”
The accompanying article goes into an overview of some 4th Amendment law in more detail.
Learn more:      same as
-Jb of - Police the Police - (A Community Project)

EMS Worker Tells Mom “We’re Agents of the State” During Home Inspection
Paul Joseph Watson | Mother targeted because she homeschools her son.

- - - - - Wed Apr 30 2014

The United States and the unelected European Union nomenklatura have decided to sacrifice the world economy in a bid to punish Russia for its response to the crisis in Ukraine.

Whistleblower Reveals Faulty Radar Guns Used to Ticket Drivers -
“I can tell you that citizens got tickets they didn’t deserve.”'

Video: Buffalo Cops Beat Down Handcuffed Man After Traffic Violation -
Officers placed on leave as victim speaks out.

- - - - - Tue Apr 29 2014

There are many important aspects of the Bundy Ranch standoff but what brought the story to the attention of InfoWars and then the nation's attention was the iron-fisted tyranny of an army of bureaucrats. Ron Paul warned of this in 1997. His warnings have now come true.

Louis C.K. On Common Core: “My Kids Used to Love Math, Now It Makes Them Cry” -
Famous comedian rails against asinine Common Core curriculum.

Alex breaks down the White House's call for a Chinese-style I.D. system for U.S. Internet users, a system which instead of using passwords could rely on biometric I.D. cards linked to other government services such as welfare, social security and a myriad of other things. Alex also analyzes the latest video purporting to show dead Syrian soldiers who may have been killed by a chemical weapons attack, a startling new development suggesting it is western-backed rebels deploying sarin gas and not the Al-Assad regime. TUNE-IN LIVE 11am-2pm CST

White House Wants Chinese-Style ID System For Internet Users
Paul Joseph Watson | Government moves to create “identity ecosystem”.

- - - - - Mon Apr 28 2014

Alex Jones Goes Nuclear With SHOCKING CLAIMS: 'Globalist Tool Glenn Beck Sells Out Humanity'

Groomed “Moderates” Get U.S. TOW Anti-tank Missiles in Syria -
In fact, terrorist groups al-Qaeda and al-Nusra get the weapons paid for by U.S. taxpayers.

Tonight, The Biggest Secret About Banking Has Just Gone Mainstream, then, Russian “Doomsday Plane” Active For 4th Consecutive Day, and later, Clippers Protest Donald Sterling as New Recording Includes More Racist and Misogynistic Remarks. Details & More on the Infowars Nightly News @ 7pm ct Tune-in

Alex covers the explosive tensions in Europe as Ukraine collapses into civil war. Russia’s “doomsday plane,” a Tupolev Tu-214SR, has been spotted near Finland where NATO is deploying western soldiers. The plane, which accompanies President Putin on his travels, is an airborne command and control center. In other news, several House Republicans are pushing for amnesty, which could allow Democrats to win elections in traditional red states such as Texas. TUNE-IN LIVE 11am-2pm CST

Anti-Immigration Leaflet Sparks Call For Hate Crime Charges
Paul Joseph Watson | Harsh criticism of immigration policy now a criminal offense?


Tonight, NY Times Publishes Fabricated Evidence of Russian Troops in Eastern Ukraine, then, ‘Hate Crime Reporting Act’ a “Dangerous” Threat to Free Speech, and later, Artists Create Street Light That Monitors Conversations, But It Already Exists For Real. Details & More on the Infowars Nightly News @ 7pm ct Tune-in

FBI Informant Directed Hack Attacks on Iran, Syria and Pakistan -
"FBI took advantage of hackers who wanted to help support the Syrian people against the Assad regime."

NY Times Publishes Fabricated Evidence to Sell WW3 - Kiev & Washington contrive dubious war propaganda.

US-backed puppet regime in Kiev caught staging propaganda to justify attacks on anti-government protesters -

Top U.S. Diplomat: Russia Has Betrayed the “New World Order”
Paul Joseph Watson | Moscow’s refusal to acquiesce to NATO over Ukraine signals new cold war.

Alex continues his coverage of the concerted effort by the establishment media to demonize Cliven Bundy as a racist and denounce him as a thought criminal guilty of a crime worse than mass murder. Alex also looks at how the Trans-Pacific Partnership will impose internet censorship and remarks by a scientist who proclaims microchips implanted in humans will be mandatory. TUNE-IN LIVE 11am-2pm CST

Intelligence Head Who Lied To Congress Bans Employees From Talking To Media -
"Henceforward, the only news about intelligence is to be authorized news."

Sen. Reid Responds to Bundy Racism Claims, Forgets His Own Racist Remarks -
Sen. Reid says "This is not a game."

NYT Caught Creating Fake War Propaganda in Ukraine Just Like Iraq -
Mayor of Slovyansk in Ukraine says photos are of his friends.

Unedited Video Shows Bundy Making Pro-Black, Pro-Mexican Comments
Paul Joseph Watson | Media censors footage to spin remarks as racist.

#‎MyNYPD Twitter Campaign Backfires Big Time, Spreads Worldwide -
Users hi-jack hashtag meant to portray cops as good guys.

This week, the New York Police Department learned the hard way that social media campaigns can backfire if not properly thought-out, and now users around the world have taken a cue and started their own hashtags calling out the LAPD, Greek and Spanish police and even Mexico’s law enforcement on their sometimes brutal tactics.
On Tuesday, the NYPD social media relations team believed it had devised a brilliant plan to lift their public relations persona. They started the hashtag ‪#‎MyNYPD‬ and asked people to submit photos of themselves with officers.

Artists Create Street Light That Monitors Conversations, But It Already Exists For Real -
What was meant as a creative warning about surveillance is already really in use on the streets of America.

U.S. sending troops to Eastern Europe
Philip Ewing | 600 ground troops sent to Eastern Europe this week to “reassure” allies.

Common Core Tests Plug Nike, Pepsi Products in New York State -
Your child's education, brought to you by Nike.

Homeland Security to Purchase 25 Million Shotgun Rounds
Kit Daniels | DHS likely gearing up for mass panic in America.

Video: TSA Agents Pat Down 2 & 6 Year Old Children
Paul Joseph Watson | Infants allegedly targeted because mother’s name was on a watchlist.

SPLC Admits U.N. Losing Battle With Grassroot Activists Over Agenda 21
Kit Daniels | More Americans now realize that Agenda 21 expands government power at the expense of individual liberties.

Alex looks at the corporate media response to the Bundy and federal government standoff in Nevada. MSNBC has characterized supporters of Cliven Bundy as “insurgents” and has labeled them as members of “Alex Jones-Drudge-Fox News-Rand Paul axis,” an allusion to the Axis powers during World War 2. Alex also covers remarks by Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky that the Bundy siege is a perfect example of why Americans are getting increasingly angry at the federal government’s outrageous abuse of power. Alex takes a look at the escalating situation in Ukraine, the possibility the United States government is preparing a military response to a crash of the dollar, and Obama's call for sustained and unrelenting taxation of the American people. TUNE-IN LIVE 11am-2pm CST

- - - - - Mon Apr 21 2014

Al-Qaeda in Syria Gets Anti-aircraft Missiles -
Obama admin. floats PR campaign for weapons sent years ago.

Tonight, Chinese Citizens Beat Government Bureaucrats During Mass Riot, and, Supreme Court Skeptical of Coke's 'pomegranate juice', then, Nevada range war: Western States Move to Take Over Federal Land. Details & More on the Infowars Nightly News @ 7pm ct Tune-in

Statists Call For Drone Strike on Bundy Supporters
Paul Joseph Watson | Stench of hypocrisy runs rampant.

Alex calls out the Boston Marathon's unprecedented police state apparatus, a culmination of military might quickly becoming the norm at public and sporting events, and runs down the events of last year's marathon, including the FBI's various missteps and the suspension of the Fourth Amendment for residents of Watertown. TUNE-IN LIVE 11am-2pm CST

Chinese Citizens Beat Government Bureaucrats During Mass Riot
Paul Joseph Watson | “Kill them! Kill them!” chanted mob.

Recruiting Thugs for the Police State in New Mexico -
The state considers the American people the enemy.

Tonight, White House Counterterror Chief: “Confrontational” Children Could be Terrorists, and later, Obama’s Lone Wolf Will Be a Sovereign Citizen, then, Harry Reid Calls Cliven Bundy Supporters “Domestic Terrorists”. Details & More on the Infowars Nightly News @ 7pm ct Tune-in

White House Counterterror Chief: “Confrontational” Children Could be Terrorists
Paul Joseph Watson | Obama adviser tells parents to be suspicious of their own kids.

These Toxins May Be Deteriorating Your Lungs’ Health
Dr. Group and David Knight discuss the unavoidable toxins in the air around us, and what you can do to keep your lungs healthy.

Mass Civil Disobedience in New York Against ‘Safe Act
Paul Joseph Watson | Molon Labe: Gun control law a total failure.

New York State Gun Owners Shred Registration Forms On Deadline Day -
Protests as gun control legislation comes into law.

Clean Slate: Bloomberg Attempts Fresh Start With New Gun Control Group -
Comes months after MAIG gun confiscation agenda exposed. ‪#‎2a‬

Report: BLM Feds Slaughtered Cattle During Bundy Siege
Paul Joseph Watson | Federal agency could face charges for abuse of animals.

Tonight, Report: FBI Visiting Gun Shops to Investigate “People Talking About Big Government”, and, Ron Paul Group to Defy IRS as NATO Announces It Will Deploy on Russia’s Border, then later, Judge Napolitano “Fearful” of What’s Coming Next in Bundy Dispute. Details & More on the Infowars Nightly News @ 7pm ct Tune-in

We are happy to report that our website is up and running again! If you can't make it to NV, you can still help! Those headed there will still need supplies. You can donate here to help keep boots on the ground at the Bundy Ranch!

- - - - - Thu Apr 17 2014

Alex covers the latest on the BLM's tyranny in Nevada as well as new developments in technology which can empower rather than enslave humanity. On location at the Bundy ranch in Nevada, Infowars reporter David Knight gives the latest update on the criminal government agents who are not only illegally destroying water infrastructure but are also assaulting supporters of rancher Cliven Bundy as well. Tune-in live 11am-2pm CST Free video feeds @ #‎infowars #‎BundyRanch  #‎BLM

BLM Feds Assault More Protesters As ‘First Amendment Area’ Taken Down
Paul Joseph Watson | Spencer Schillig thrown to the ground, handcuffed for demonstrating against seizure of cattle.
County Commissioner Says Bundy Supporters “Better Have Funeral Plans”
Paul Joseph Watson | War of words over standoff with feds intensifies.

20 Cowboys Break Fed Blockade in Nevada, Retrieve Cattle -
“We gathered about 30 head,” Ammon Bundy told Infowars. ‪#‎BundyRanch‬

Missouri Department of Transportation to use LRAD Sound Cannons on Speeding Drivers - System will shoot warning messages through drivers' windshields.

Tonight, Feds Assault Cancer Victim, Pregnant Woman in Clash With Bundy Supporters as 20 Cowboys Break Fed Blockade to Retrieve Cattle, and later, New Drones 'Perch' on Power Lines to Recharge, Never Have to Land, then, Police in Iowa City With Population of 7,000 Acquire Military Tank. Details & More on the Infowars Nightly News @ 7pm ct Tune-in

Infowars Reporter David Knight is on the ground at the Bundy Ranch standoff in Nevada!
On Today's show, Alex reviews the ongoing IRS scandal litigation, as members of the House Ways and Means Committee consider exercising their “inherent contempt” authority over embattled IRS boss Lois Lerner for refusing to answer whether she used her position to force audits on conservative groups. Infowars reporter David Knight also pops in to give us the latest updates on Nevada cattle rancher Cliven Bundy's predicament, where armed federal agents are taking and even killing some of his cattle supposedly over unpaid “grazing fees.” 
Tune-in live 11am-2pm CST Free video feeds at ‪#‎infowars‬

Report: Emperor Obama Arrives To Celebrate Racist Warmonger LBJ -
His Lord and Majesty Barack Obama arrived moments ago.

- - - - - Wed Apr 9 2014

Heartbleed: Moving Toward Government Control of the Internet -
Company that found bug has connections to #‎Google  , #‎Obama  , #‎DHS , and #‎FBI  

Florida Man Claims Police Fabricated Bomb Threat Allegations In Order to Arrest Him -
Man's mother claims police showed up pointing guns in her family's faces.

Ban Iran’s Ambassador to UN? Let’s Outlaw the CIA Instead -
Senate and House bills banning Iran diplomat ignore historical reality.

Civil Disobedience: N.Y. Gun Owners Will Likely Refuse to Register Firearms -
Kit Daniels | Residents are well-aware that gun registration leads to confiscation.

New Yorkers rally for gun rights, against Cuomo regime
Read the Guns & Patriots article by Raquel Okyay:

- - - - - Tue Apr 8 2014

Cop Snatches Man’s Phone As He Videos Traffic Stop, Says It Could Be A Firearm - FBI, ATF confirm that 'cell phone guns' do not exist.

VIDEO: Bilderberg Trying to Disguise Location of 2014 Meeting? -
Hunt still on for site of 2014 conference of global powerbrokers

Marriott Confirms "Special Event" Taking Place on Bilderberg Weekend - Pathetic mainstream media shows zero interest in finding location of 
120 global powerbrokers meeting in secret.

Alex Jones - High School Student Arrested After Notifying Principal ‘We’re Disappointed In You’ -
Principal orders police to remove student for expressing himself.

- - - - - Mon Apr 7 2014

Study: Cereal Box Characters Manipulate Children By Looking Into Their Eyes -
There is a war on for your child's mind every time you set down the cereal aisle.

Boston Transit Police Conducts Warrantless Searches on All Bus, Subway Riders -
Those who refuse will be arrested for "trespassing" in a public area.

Alex breaks down the Republicans' quizzical weakening of their opposition to Obamacare, as they move to expand coverage choices for business organizations, proving once again how the right feigns revulsion, while working in concert with the left. Alex also looks at the evolving situation in Ukraine as the west blames Russia for orchestrating pro-Russian demonstrations outside Ukrainian government offices. 

- - - - - Sun Apr 5 2014
Freeway Ricky Ross on Alex Jones Tv 1/5: How The CIA Supply, Control, Operate The Drug Business
Ricky Donnell Ross (aka Freeway Ricky Ross), the convicted drug dealer who was featured in a Gary...

Alex Jones Operation Paperclip: 69 Years Later -
Starting in the 50s, the Army casually went about using troops to research the effects of various psychoactive elements on the human mind.

Infowars Reviews #‎CaptainAmerica : Winter Soldier - The crew reviews the film after seeing it at the Alamo Drafthouse. ( WARNING: May contain #‎spoiler  )

House Intel Boss: Obama’s War On Terror “Kinder, Gentler” -
Retiring House intelligence boss cites terror meme to portray Obama as weak.

Michigan Cops to Track Cell Phone Calls with Military Hardware -
Oakland County police purchase device with Department of Homeland Security grant.

Tonight, Connecticut Student Suspended For Asking Governor Questions About Gun Control, and later, Michigan Cops to Track Cell Phone Calls with Military Hardware, then, New Report Shows People Changing Search Habits Due to NSA revelations. Details & More on the 
Infowars Nightly News @ 7pm ct Tune-in

Connecticut Student Suspended For Asking Governor Questions About Gun Control -
Found guilty of harassment and making threats for explaining anti-gun legislation was killing his ammo business

IMF Warns: Global Stagnation If Ukraine Not Bailed Out -
‪#‎IMF‬ boss recycles scary mantra used in 2008 to bailout too big too fail banksters.

Ft. Hood Officials Reject Concealed Carry, Suggest Soldiers Can Wait Minutes For Police
Kit Daniels | Minutes are an eternity during a mass shooting.

- - - - - Thu Apr 3 2014

Tonight, The Connection Between Violence and SSRI Medication Emerges yet Again as Army Admits Ft. Hood Shooter Given Psychiatric Drugs, then, The ‘Forgotten’ Lobotomies on World War II Vets, and later, Obamacare Enforcement Like Snow Removal, IRS Chief Says (it's official - ObamaCare IS a Snow Job) Details & More on the Infowars Nightly News @ 7pm ct Tune-in

More Evidence U.S. Funds al-Qaeda Terrorists in Syria - Establishment media once again glosses over hypocrisy of war on terror.

Alex welcomes former congressman and presidential contender Ron Paul on today's show to explain how Congress's $1 billion aid package to Ukraine will impoverish Ukrainian citizens at the expense of American taxpayers and more. Tune-in NOW!
Fort Hood Shooter Took Mind Bending Drugs
Infowars forces issues at the 4-2-14 Fort Hood press conference. Was the shooter taking mind altering drugs? Did Fort Hood know about the FBI's terror alert?...

Army Admits Fort Hood Shooter Was on Psychiatric Drugs
Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones | Connection between violence and SSRI medication emerges yet again.

Alex breaks down the factors behind the latest mass shooting in Ft. Hood, including the fact that the shooter was prescribed anti-depressant drugs and that the shooting occurred in a gun-free zone. TUNE-IN LIVE 11am-2pm CST

End Gun Free Zones

Michael Lewis Explains How the Stock Market Is Rigged - Dick Durbin said the banksters own the place... and they also own Congress.

- - - - - Wed Apr 2 2014

Common Core Assignment Asks Kids To Solve Unsolvable Math Problem -
"They ask her to count and write 20. So she counts, counts again, and again, and says 'mom, there’s only 19'"

Man Beats Ticket With Own Dashcam Footage - It sometimes pays to film your police interactions.

Muslim Group Says Existence of Women is "Anti-Islamic" - Feminists reacted by ignoring the controversy altogether.

 Fury As US Marshals Shoot Unarmed Man Then Confiscate Cell Phones Of Witnesses -
Protesters take to the streets against police brutality in Albuquerque 

Makes ya wanna run out and get you some of that 'vaccine' stuff, don't it? I like to call it, "psychological immunity", what do you call it?

Sheriff Richard Mack  explaining 2nd, 9th and 10th Amendments and his SCOTUS victory over the Clinton Administration's dictates. Follow the Bill of Rights.
Richard Mack is a Board Member of Oath Keepers and leads the CSPOA - Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association

Obamacare: It’s What the Founders Wanted -
Nancy Pelosi expounds on the Constitution. It was April Fools' Day, after all.

Report: Shooting, Multiple Injuries at Ft. Hood - Texas military base was also the scene of a mass shooting in 2009. ‪#‎ftHood‬
Alex breaks down the Supreme Court decision to strike down limits on how much campaign donors can give to candidates, and explains why the UK's draconian new “Cinderella Law” grants the state yet another opportunity to destroy the family unit. Alex will also look at ways to combat the expanding police and surveillance state apparatuses, and expounds on the federal healthcare initiative's inflated enrollment figures. On today's show, Jones will also touch on the global warming movement's latest failures, the CIA's denial it attempted to “cover up” Benghazi, and the most recent intel on the Russia Ukraine crisis. 

Border Patrol Terrorizes Mom & Kids With Knife, Taser
Paul Joseph Watson | Feds slash tires after woman refuses to consent to vehicle search.

- - - - - Tue Apr 6

Wearable Tech: The Surveillance Grid Of The Future - This is only the beginning of an Orwellian, Minority Report future.

Alex returns to the airwaves to break down the day's important news stories, including the flawed roll-out of government healthcare at gunpoint, details on the impending Bilderberg globalist shindig in Denmark, and the continuing crisis over Ukraine as NATO and the United States up the ante and prepare for war. TUNE-IN LIVE 11am-2pm CST

Lee Ann McAdoo takes the first step to becoming a truly empowered woman. After going over basic safety instructions and proper handgun selection, she gets schooled in firearms with the help of Central Texas Gunworks.

Lee Ann McAdoo Reports: If a jumbo jet crashed into the ocean every single day, it would roughly equal the number of Americans who die each day following superbug infections acquired at U.S. hospitals. Far from being some hyped-up scare story, that's actually the conclusion of none other than the CDC, which has now publicly warned that 1 in 25 hospital patients gets infected and tens of thousands die each year.

Autistic Behavior Increased by Banned Pesticides
According to new research published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives, a banned pesticide is causing increased incidence of autism and other behavioral disorders.

Some Obama Supporters Still Think It’s “Racist” to Oppose Obamacare
Paul Joseph Watson | Criticism has nothing to do with Affordable Health Act being a train wreck.

Britain to Jail Parents Who Don’t Love Their Children Enough -
State decides how much love a child receives and scofflaws will be sent to prison.

- - - - - Tue Apr 1 
Riot Cop Violently Blindsides Girl During Arizona Riots

House Intel Boss: Putin Looking to Invade Eastern Europe - Meanwhile multiple sources report no sign of Russian military build-up.
The hysterical outcry against the Russian “anti-gay” law is a monumental public relations scam and has nothing to do with genuine concerns about gay rights. Find out what it’s really about in this video.
Read Brian Heiss’ white paper –

This article was posted: Thursday, February 6, 2014 at 1:09 pm

California Obamacare Sends Out Voter Registration Cards Premarked Democrat - Obama using Boss Tweed and Tammany Hall tactics to register Democrat voters.

David Knight fills in for Alex taking us through the latest breaking news, including the final nail in the coffin as the deadline for the great healthcare swindle, otherwise known as Obamacare, arrives. Knight also breaks down the open corruption of government evident in the apparent collusion of casino magnate Sheldon Adleson and Senator Lindsey Graham's bill seeking to ban online gambling, and he'll also draw comparisons between the fanaticism of global warming proponents, as pushed in the latest Noah film, and the Gaia earth-worshiping schools. We'll also look at the riotous public outrage in Albuquerque in response to the shooting of a homeless man, and talk about the Bilderberg group's possible next meeting place. TUNE-IN LIVE 11am-2pm CST

Bilderberg 2014 Uncovered: Secretive Elite to Meet in Denmark
Paul Joseph Watson | Power brokers return to Europe for annual confab.

- - - - - Sunday Mar 30 2014 Here is my talk with David Knight on the sorry state of the world economy and the suspicious rash of banker deaths.
IMF:Everything You Have Will Be Taken
On this Friday, March 28 edition of the Alex Jones Show, guest host David Knight covers the latest news, including developments in Ukraine as the country's P...

Alex joined the Savage Nation yesterday to discuss how Obama, the kleptocratic dictator of a president, is trying to social engineer society by running around the Constitution and how the mainstream media is quickly losing popularity by defending him.

 - - - - - Fri Mar28 2014 

Ukraine’s Right Sector Surrounds Parliament -
Ultra-nationalist group holds Interior Minister responsible for assassination of leader.

Facebook Moves to Create Virtual Reality World of Social Control -
Control the environment and you control human behavior and, ultimately, the destiny of humanity.

Tonight, Has a Plague Already Arrived? 205 Americans Die Each Day After Acquiring Superbug Hospital Infections, then, Mark Witaschek Guilty of Possessing Muzzleloader Bullets in D.C., and later, Security Scare at Kentucky Capitol After Lawmaker Accidentally Fired Her Pistol While Cleaning it in Her Office. Details & More on the 
Infowars Nightly News @ 7pm ct Tune-in

IBM Head: Stop Fighting And “Embrace” Total Biometric Surveillance Because It Cannot Be Stopped -
"Everything will be monitored"

Alex Jones I'll be live with InfoWars at 2 pm ET for 1 hour today for more on Banker deaths, US/Global econonmy, #‎Russia , #‎gold  dropping, global unrest, #‎Syria , #‎Turkey , #‎Ukraine  and the 3rd world war: the Internet war

Doomsday Plane Returns To Austin 2014 - Austin was once again the site of touch and go flights of the Navy spy plane. Here are some past videos from last years low flying spy flights.

On this Friday, March 28 edition of the Alex Jones Show, guest host David Knight covers the latest news, including developments in Ukraine as the country's Parliament rejects the bankster IMF deal designed to impose suffocating austerity on the people and strip the nation of its wealth. David also covers remarks by the Supreme Court on the Obamacare and Hobby Lobby case dealing with religious freedom. 

 On this Friday, March 28 edition of the Alex Jones Show, guest host David Knight covers the latest news, including developments in Ukraine as the country's Parliament rejects the bankster IMF deal designed to impose suffocating austerity on the people and strip the nation of its wealth. David also covers remarks by the Supreme Court on the Obamacare and Hobby Lobby case dealing with religious freedom. TUNE-IN LIVE 11am-2pm CST
- - - - - Thu Mar 27

Anti-NSA Reps. Are Being Intentionally Cut Out Of Debate On Surveillance Bill -
NSA "cheerleaders" in Congress divert spying bill away from opponents in "highly unusual" legislative move.

Tonight, Anti-NSA Reps. Are Being Intentionally Cut Out Of Debate On Surveillance Bill, and later, MSNBC Loses Another Quarter of its Viewers as Media Buries Bombshell Admission of Turkish Government Planning False Flag Attack, then, Anti-Gun CA Senator Leland Yee Charged With Gun Running. Details & More on the 
Infowars Nightly News @ 7pm ct Tune-in

World Leaders Wear Bizarre Illuminati Pyramid at Nuclear Summit - Innocent motif or occult display of power? -

VIDEO: Media Buries Bombshell Admission of Turkish Government Planning False Flag Attack - PLEASE SHARE!

MSNBC Loses Another Quarter of its Viewers
Paul Joseph Watson | Mainstream media continues to resemble a stagnant swamp.

Tonight, Former Blackwater Mercenaries Hired as Political Police in Eastern Ukraine, then, This Common Core Math Problem Asks Kids to Write the ‘Friendly’ Answer, Instead of the Correct One!, and later, Troops Practice Storming University Building in Fort Lauderdale. Details & More on the Infowars Nightly News @ 7pm ct Tune-in

Troops Practice Storming University Building in Fort Lauderdale
Paul Joseph Watson | Fallujah comes to Florida as low-flying Black Hawks used in drills.

- - - - - Tue Mar 25 2014

Obama’s Worried Manhattan Will Get Nuked - Did not elaborate on possible perpetrators.

Tonight, Ukraine Leader Leaked Recording: 8 Million Russians In Ukraine “Must Be Killed With Nuclear Weapons”, then, Obama’s Worried Manhattan Will Get Nuked, and later, Obama Zuckerberg Using Cesar Chavez Biopic to Push for Amnesty. Details & More on the 
Infowars Nightly News @ 7pm ct Tune-in

You can add one more item to the list of things that will potentially get you killed by police: illegal camping.
New Mexico police are standing by their decision to shoot and kill 38-year-old homeless man James Boyd, who last Sunday made the ill-fated decision to shack up in the Sandia foothills due east of Albuquerque.

State Senator’s Response to Second Amendment Concerns: “Go F**k Yourself”
Paul Joseph Watson | Pro-gun control Rep. Josh Miller in foul-mouthed retort.

DoD Military Training to ‘Scare the Crap Out of People’ in Florida
Paul Joseph Watson | Broward County residents complain about low flying helicopters.

A war game scenario created by DHS & FEMA for exercises this week has as the villain "Free Americans Against Socialist Tyranny" describing them as "anti-government". Does that mean that the feds see themselves as "socialist tyrants"?
But the training scenario also focuses on the threat social media poses to the government's agenda and comes just two days after YouTube shut down a major alternative media channel.

- - - - - Mon Mar 24 2014

Military, Police Declare Interest in Taser Drone - Developers intended demonstration to provide a "wake up call" over dystopic technology.

LeeAnn McAdoo reports: recent studies show that nearly half of all Americans believe in at least one medical "conspiracy theory". We take a deeper look and separate fact from fiction, answering questions like "Did the CIA inject African American males with the AIDS virus". If you are wearing a tin-foil hat, you're not alone. In fact, doubting the official government narrative could just save your life.

Alex covers explosive news from both the U.S. and abroad. Leaked documents from Homeland Security reveal a joint DHS/FEMA national effort to counter on-line dissent against big government. The program is simply the latest by DHS in its effort to prepare for martial law while also characterizing libertarians and Constitutionalists as "domestic extremists." In other news, hospitals in the UK have incinerated over 15,000 aborted babies as "clinical waste," with some being used to power hospital buildings. Even worse, parents of children lost due to health complications were not properly consulted on what would happen to their child's remains. TUNE-IN LIVE 11am-2pm CST

- - - - - Sun Mar 23 2014

Recovering Alcoholic Has Guns Seized by Connecticut Police
Paul Joseph Watson | Authorities deemed Jonathan Hall to be “depressed”.

Oklahoma Cop Shoots, Kills Family Dog, Says it Was ‘Awesome’ -
“Did you see her collar fly off when I shot her? That was awesome!”

YouTube Censors Major Anti-Obama Channel
Paul Joseph Watson | Mark Dice’s channel shut down days after governments given powers to flag “extremist” content.

Need other Sources for the 1,000s of topics AJ covers. 
Aj has problems. Ego. Operative? Agenda.
Problem is NOBODY comes close to covering the threats to our health and liberty.

As gum sales plummet many believe its linked to the public's awareness of aspartame. Aspartame, the artificial sweetener made of the feces of genetically modified bacteria.

Challenge: AJ has problems. Ego. Looks like an operative. So we need other sources.
PROBLEM; no body covers threats to our freedom as well.

Middle School Assignment: Second Amendment Requires Gun Registration -
People have the right to certain weapons... providing that they register them. ‪#‎2a‬

- - - - - Thur Mar 20 2014

Second Amendment Advocates Fear UN Could Ban Gun Websites
Paul Joseph Watson | Internet domain system to be transferred to “global community”.

Navy Family: Fukushima Gave Our One-Year-Old Brain and Spine Cancer - Child born with multiple cancers 18 months after father's exposure.

Soldier Killed in Crimea: Possible False Flag to Start War - U.S. preparing military assistance to Ukraine's coup government.

Israel Criticizes U.S. “Weakness” on Ukraine, Syria - Says U.S. is world's policeman despite widespread opposition to role by Americans.

The NSA's MYSTIC program has been recording 100% of a countries phone calls, with a tool that allows for retrieval of up to 30 days worth of entire phone conversations nationwide. This gives the NSA instant history of a subject's movements, associates and plans.

Student Arrested, Expelled For Pocket Knife Found In Car - School officials searched his car without his consent after finding on-line message he supposedly wrote.

Video: Kid Screams in Agony As Cop Snaps His Arm
Paul Joseph Watson | Some attempt to justify officer’s actions.

- - - - - Tue Mar 18 2014

Tonight, Rash of Finance Pro Suicides Baffles Experts as British Think Tank Predicts Financial Catastrophe for United States, then, NSA surveillance records every phone call of an entire country, and later, Pilot Gives Theory on Plane Disappearance. Details & More on the 
Infowars Nightly News @ 7pm ct Tune-in

Psychologists To Line Boston Marathon Route - Plenty others, besides racers and spectators, could benefit from psychological treatment.

LeBron James Shills For Obamacare -
James is the latest celebrity enticing Americans to sign-up for the wealth-transfer scheme known as ‪#‎Obamacare‬

- - - - - Mon Mar 18 2014

Ukraine Prepares for War After Crimea Vote - 40,000 Ukrainian troops mobilized, reservists called up.

The EU’s Stunning Hypocrisy on Crimea
Paul Joseph Watson | Institution that ignores its own citizens’ referendums

 Alex showcases how the globalists, who sit above nations, are playing countries off against each other in order to seize their infrastructure. The UN is set to take control of the Internet after the U.S. Commerce Department released its grasp on ICANN, the Internet's domain name manager, setting the stage for worldwide web taxes and censorship. The EU in particular has already proposed Internet censorship under the guise of "protecting the children" and "fighting terrorism." Alex also covers the latest developments coming from Crimea as both NATO and Russia position their military assets for a coming showdown which could even result in a tactical nuclear war. Many analysts have stated that this situation is more dangerous than anything that has ever happened during the Cold War. 
TUNE-IN LIVE 11am-2pm CST ‪#‎Infowars‬ ‪#‎AlexJonesShow‬

ATF Raids Gun Parts Store and Seizes Customer Data

Obama Administration Turns the Internet Over to the Globalists
Plans to impose a censorship and mass surveillance framework may now commence.

Infowars Reporter David Knight interviews John McAfee who discusses how apps on smart phones are violating your privacy far more than the NSA. His latest free app named 'Cognizant' will show users exactly what each app has permission to do; everything from listening in on conversation to peeping through your cell phone camera and sending text messages on your behalf.

- - - - - Sat Mar 15

UN Tells Us to Eat Bugs While Elite Live As Kings -

United Nations Attacks Second Amendment - Critics of Second Amendment routinely ignore data showing guns save lives and prevent violence

Tonight, Russia Downs US Drone as US Plans for Russian Retaliation, and, European Union NGO Played Direct Role in Violent Coup in Ukraine, then, New Iraqi Law Legalizes Rape, ‘Feminists’ Too Busy Banning Words to Care, and later, Pentagon Wants Underwater Drones. Details & More on the Infowars Nightly News @ 7pm ct Tune-in

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Homeland Security Conducts Unannounced School Lockdown Drill
Paul Joseph Watson | Federal occupation of America expands.

SXSW Trendies Want to Ban Cars
People don't kill people, guns and cars do according to Austin's finest

Jones plows through a heaping stack of crucial news and information spelling out the increasingly volatile situation in Ukraine, the continued war on gun rights and the faux feminist movement more concerned with banning words than foreign laws legalizing rape. 

Supreme Court Refuses To Hear Case On ‘No-Knock’ Police Raids - Cops are using lawful gun ownership as justification for entering homes unannounced

Alex Jones talks about the transition that is happening where liberal trendies from all over the planet are waking up that guns are not scary and instead empowering.

Tonight, Armed March 10X Larger Than SXSW Anti-Gun Event, and, Missouri Moves Closer to Nullifying Federal Gun Grab, then later, Gun Parts Manufacturer Files Restraining Order Against ATF, Avoids Raid. Details & More on the Infowars Nightly News @ 7pm ct Tune-in

- - - - - Thu Mar 13 2014

Yet Another Trader Suicide Rocks Financial World
Paul Joseph Watson | At least nine sudden deaths within last 7 weeks.

FOIA Doc: Homeland Security Monitors Drudge Report
Paul Joseph Watson | Details of DHS’ Media Monitoring Capability program revealed.

Gun Parts Manufacturer Files Restraining Order Against ATF, Avoids Raid - No telling how close business came to staring down the barrels of ATF weapons

Armed March 10X Larger Than SXSW Anti-Gun Event
Over 100 activists carrying a variety of rifles marched through downtown Austin

Jakari Jackson Interviews 3 gun toting lady patriots at ‪#OpenCarrySXSW‬ Watch the live stream for the event @ 

Alex breaks down more attacks on our liberties while also showcasing Americans who take a stand for their rights. In Connecticut, a gun activist who exposed a pro-confiscation cop is now receiving threats for his brave action. Down in Texas, Infowars reporters and crew join the show live from SXSW in downtown Austin where armed Texans are open carrying in front of an international audience to reassert both their right to peacefully assemble and their right to keep and bear arms. TUNE-IN LIVE 11am-2pm CST ‪#‎Infowars‬ ‪#‎AlexJonesShow‬

Alex looks at the startling number of deaths and suicides wracking the ranks of the financial elite's Wall Street minions as the economy bobs and weaves toward its cataclysmic date with an inevitable crash. Alex also takes a look at the latest on the mysterious disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight 370. New evidence reveals the disappearance may have been part of a possible hijacking. TUNE-IN LIVE 11am-2pm CST ‪#‎Infowars‬ ‪#‎AlexJonesShow‬

TSA Agents to Eyeball Bus Passengers During ‘Security Exercise’
Paul Joseph Watson | Bus riders interrogated during similar drill in 2012.

- - - - - Wed Mar 12 2014

Tonight, Victory: Conn. Cop Suspended After Calls For Home Gun Confiscation, and later, GMOs Will Unleash Global Killer ‘Ecocide’ Across the Planet, Warns Prominent Scientist, then, College Group Bans White People From Diversity ‘Happy Hour’ as High School Student Suspended For NRA T-Shirt. Details & More on the Infowars Nightly News @ 7pm ct Tune-in

Americans Worried About the Economy, Not Climate Change - Americans also concerned about gargantuan government and the authoritarian power it wields.

Texans to Open Carry at SXSW
The march will start at noon from the corner of 12th Street and San Jacinto in downtown Austin.

VIDEO: Feminist Control Freaks Want to Ban the Word "Bossy" - Feminism is a top down tool of the establishment which is used to promote cultural marxism, create thought criminals and police language. 

Blackwater Mercenaries Reported in Donetsk, Ukraine - Russian counterpart, Vnevedomstvenaya Okhrana, appeared in Crimea after coup.

Russia Threatens to Impose Sanctions On U.S. Corporations - Thus removing wind from the sails of Obama, Kerry and Congress as they call for sanctions on Russia.

Taser Drone Capable of Unleashing 80,000 Volts Debuted at ‪#‎SXSW‬ - Drone with 80 kilowatts of intense voltage waits for you to approve, detain or fire on visitors.

Tonight, Snowden at SXSW: 'The Constitution was being violated on a massive scale', and later, Doctors Forced to Become State Snitches to Spot “Radical” Patients, then, You Know Who Else Collected Metadata? The Stasi. Details & More on the Infowars Nightly News @ 7pm ct Tune-in

Armed Texans to March at SXSW
March begins at High Noon on Wednesday, March 12 at a location to be announced in downtown AustinA man in Fall River, Mass. has been charged with unlawful wiretapping for recording a police officer shouting profanities in public.

Commercial drone use in the United States is poised to remain legal, at least for the foreseeable future, after a judge dismissed a suit against a regular citizen, ruling that there are simply no laws against it.

Alex covers the mystery downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 that was en route to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur and rumors of terrorism and the possibility of North Korea taking the plane down with a missile. Alex also covers the latest developments in Ukraine as mercenaries appear on the streets and Russian anti-ship missiles are put into place as the U.S. places two warships in the Black Sea. Alex looks at the failed SXSW anti-gun event in Austin over the weekend and covers other important news on today's worldwide broadcast.

CBS Journalist Resigns After Being Pressured Over ‘Anti-Obama’ Reporting
Paul Joseph Watson | But don’t expect a Liz Wahl-style media circus.

Doctors Forced to Become State Snitches to Spot “Radical” Patients
Paul Joseph Watson | NHS demands GPs monitor potential extremists.

Report: Russia Moves Anti-Ship Missiles to Crimea
Paul Joseph Watson | Moscow responds to USS Truxtun being sent to Black Sea.

 The Democratic Party’s Dirty Secret
Jon Bowne investigates the mass amnesia associated with the indisputable connection between the Ku Klux Klan and the Democratic Party as well as its long history of murder, torture and voting coercion.

Special Report: The War On Male Vitality Exposed

Doctor Exposes Big Pharma’s Largest Secret
Anthony Gucciardi interviews Dr. Group about some shocking statistics following antidepressant prescriptions.

"For more than eleven years, Israel has been wildly celebrating the success of its 9/11 operation against the United States of America. The latest example: Israeli children recently dressed up as the burning Twin Towers, complete with impaled exploding airplanes, to celebrate the bizarre Jewish holiday known as Purim."

- - - - - Fri Mar 7

Local law enforcement across the country are employing high-tech control grid surveillance technology to "stop crime". This doesn't make sense considering most US cities are enjoying a huge drop in violent crime. The truth is, police (and private sector businesses) are assisting in the implementation of a total surveillance panopticon meant to control the American public. 

Ex-RT host Liz Wahl is on CNN this Sunday after gleefully angling for a job with them. Another state propagandist presstitute.

Tonight, Alleged Bitcoin Founder Did Classified Work For U.S. Military, and, Homeland Security Intercepts E-Mails, Quizzes Woman About Her Sex Life, then later, Sen. Cruz Calls for Abolishing the IRS. Details & More on the Infowars Nightly News @ 7pm ct Tune-in
 Sen. Cruz Calls for Abolishing the IRS - Americans should be able to file their taxes on a postcard.

Explosive Interview: Tucker Carlson Reacts to Building 7 Implosion
Alex provides Carlson a hard-hitting crash course on the lies surrounding 9/11, covering everything from the stand-down of NORAD, the eyewitness accounts that run contrary to the official story and the bevy of evidence surrounding the implosion of Building 7.
Alex and Carlson also dive into the importance of the Second Amendment, Obama’s dictatorial power grab, the death of the mainstream media and the rising tide of libertarianism, as you can see with the complete interview here:

Ex-RT host Liz Wahl is not "brave" or "courageous." Her resignation reeks of hypocrisy. Watch the video:

Alleged Bitcoin Founder Did Classified Work For U.S. Military
Paul Joseph Watson | Newsweek writer asks if Satoshi Nakamoto is working on behalf of government.

- - - - - Thu Mar 6 2014

Part of our brilliant marketing campaign. Hee hee.
Clean water, how could you desert me? - w4m

Putin as Hitler: Hillary Clinton Dabbles in Historical Revisionism -
Clinton wrong about Hitler and the Sudetenland.

Ron Paul: US Attempting Empire Building In Ukraine - Former congressman says "It's a mess".

Tonight, Conservative Firebrand Ted Cruz Launches Political Convention with Crowd-Pleasing Demand to Abolish the IRS, then, Obama Bans Critics of Ukraine Coup From Entering U.S., and later, C.I.A. Employees Face New Inquiry Amid Clashes on Detention Program. Details & More on the Infowars Nightly News @ 7pm ct Tune-in

Obama Bans Critics of Ukraine Coup From Entering U.S.
Paul Joseph Watson | Executive order suspends entry rights of anyone who “undermines” Ukrainian “democracy.”

Jakari Jackson interviews David Kirk West, the Director of the "We Will Resist TSA and NSA Tyranny" Contest Winner.

Mom Who Drove Kids Into Ocean Another Victim of Anti-Depressants?
Paul Joseph Watson | Numerous previous cases of mothers on SSRI drugs killing their own children.

Obamacare Surcharge Appearing on Restaurant Bills Across the Country - American's wallets begin feeling the employer mandate sting.

Facebook is currently working with two anti-gun groups to further restrict firearm discussions on its various pages in a move that will likely lead to the outright censorship of gun topics throughout the social media site.

Facebook Drones will Bring Internet to World 

Missouri Teachers Object to Being Shot During Drills -
Missouri students and teachers required by law to participate in active shooter drills.

Alex covers the continuing assault against the Second Amendment and the long cherished American principle that an individual has the right to own firearms and protest himself and his family. Alex looks at threats leveled against a Connecticut Second Amendment activist who was told by a source within the State Police in that state “there’s cops and politicians up here who want you dead.” Alex also takes a look at calls to abolish the IRS, teachers complaining about active shooter drills in Missouri, and the continuing expansion of the crisis in Ukraine and Crimea. TUNE-IN LIVE 11am-2pm CST

Second Amendment Activist Warned: Cops & Politicians “Want You Dead”
Paul Joseph Watson | Gun blogger sent 16,000 word email warning Connecticut officials of violence in response to gun confiscation.

N.Y. to Widow: Sorry About Your Husband’s Death, Now Hand Over $27k
State pension fund expects widow to pay up for its mistake

- - - - - Wed Feb 5

Because Rockefeller BANK ROLLED the NEA: Nat'l Education Association
Any one ever talk about this?
... crickets ...
guess who does?

Order Out of Chaos: Gladio Snipers Behind Killings in Kyiv - Phone call between diplomats reveals dark underside to Euromaidan coup.

Leaked Phone Call: Kiev Snipers Hired by US-Backed Opposition
Paul Joseph Watson | False flag killings used to delegitimize Yanukovich government.

Alex combs through the latest developments in the Ukraine crisis, where a leaked phone call between an EU bureaucrat and the Estonian foreign affairs minister suggests western-backed opposition hired snipers that took out Ukraine protesters, not the deposed Yanukovich government as the media is portraying. Alex also analyzes the latest salvos in the war on gun rights, and particularly in Maryland where anti-gun globalists are targeting residents for confiscation with a new law that would link gun registries with criminal databases. TUNE-IN LIVE 11am-2pm CST

The CIA's lawyer for 33 years, John Rizzo, has published his memoirs where he defends, yet again, CIA torture through the "enhanced interrogation" of water boarding. But he also talks about how cooperative Hollywood has been in promoting the CIA's agenda and how at least one A-list actor wanted to be paid in $50,000 worth of cocaine.

Where would he get THAT idea?

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