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Don't argue with idiots

MAN: La Cruauté De L'homme Illustrée Dans Un Dessin-animé 
I Can’t Believe This Entire Dance Video Was Created in One Take Next Generation Elevator? Amazing Intelevator...

This is a perfect example, explaining the difference between Oath Keepers and Oath Breakers. Sandy Hook: Another couple nails to seal the deal! Hoax exposed!

Mandatory Annual Mental Health Evaluations Under ObamaCare Coming Soon?


The David Icke Weekly Videocast: Ukraine and Boko Haram and how they connect

Police Now “Armed For War” Against Returning Veterans
Paul Joseph Watson | Cops in armored vehicle asked by residents “Are you coming to take our guns away?”

The New Media Saved the Day at the Bundy Ranch 
The Truth About Your Birth Certificate
Understanding how admiralty (maritime / commercial) law has usurped common or constitutional law. This is a very important concept to understand because by u...

Obamacare: Cash for Crony Capitalism -
Feds spent $5 billion to get state Obamacare exchanges operational.

Rio ‘Robocops’ Resemble Police From Dystopian Classic ‘Brazil’
Paul Joseph Watson | Life imitates art as militarized forces prepare for World Cup.

The BLM is proposing a massive roundup of 600-697 wild horses in July in the Bible Springs Complex in southwestern Utah. The proposed roundup will subject wild horses and their young to the terror, trauma and extreme physical exertion of a helicopter stampede conducted in summer desert heat.
Please take action now to oppose this roundup and please SHARE:

WOW. Look what happens when someone "Famous" is affected!

March Against Monsanto SF Sat MAY 24TH 12PM UNION SQUARE! SF

"Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people." -Henry Kissinger
Stand up for food freedom and join the March Against Monsanto on May 25th. List of events here:

Autopsies - Contradiction Between Official Report and Noah Pozner's Alleged Death Certificate
Here we see irrefutable evidence that the Death Certificate released by Lenny Pozner is factually incorrect.

Fighting the NDAA with PANDA
In this video Andrew Emett speaks with Dan Johnson of PANDA. PANDA is the leading organization helping fight the unconstitutional National Defense Authorization Act focusing at the local level. For more information on how to fight the NDAA in your area visit
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Police Now “Armed For War” Against Returning Veterans [Video]
Cops in armored vehicle asked by residents “Are you coming to take our guns away?”
Learn more & Video here: 

Tonight, Police Now “Armed For War” Against Returning Veterans as Leaked Documents Reveal Marine Corps ‘Urban Training Center’ Based on U.S. Town, then, Citizens Arrest Park District Board for Refusing Public Comment, and later, Pentagon DoD Spending Tax Money to Prepare for Global Warming. Details & More on the Infowars Nightly News @ 7pm ct Tune-in

A May 7th solicitation by the U.S. Department of Agriculture seeks "the commercial acquisition of ballistic vests, compliant with NIJ 0101.06 for Level IIIA Ballistic Resistance of body armor." 

Like Godzilla smashing Tokyo, Obamacare is leveling U.S. Healthcare

Independent Living Bullion Independent Living Bullion just posted a podcast where I talked on investments and latest trends in the economy

Common pesticide combines with Roundup to create even deadlier substance:

Confirmed: Gulf War Illness caused by toxic chemical exposure:

Rice protein industry insider speaks out, reveals what's happening behind the scenes as industry scrambles to eliminate toxic heavy metals:

Is the U.S. Government Funding Boko Haram? The geopolitical back story of #‎BringBackOurGirls
SCG News Methods of Depopulation

BAYER kills BEES with neonicotinoid pesticides
BAYER supplied HITLER with ZYKLON B Chlorine GAS to kill people in concentration camps
END BAYER's corporate charter

Monsanto is in the lead for the worlds most hated corporation! Cast your vote now!
What are the dirtiest, most corrupt corporations on our planet? And what are we going to do about them?
On   AdBusters created a global vote on the dirty dozen worst corporations in the world.
In the next issue of Adbusters, issue #114, they will announce the "winner" (or, loser) of this global vote. More importantly, they will deliver a plan for how to 'kill off' the world's most criminal corporation—that is, they will unfold a guide as to how we, the people, can revoke a corporation's charter.
Not a single corporate charter has been revoked for over 100 years. Revoking one now would send a chill down the spine of corporate America. Beads of anxious sweat would drip under the collars of criminal CEOs near and far. The floodgates would open and an exciting new chapter of the human story would begin.
Which mega-corporation has most egregiously, repeatedly, and shamelessly violated the public trust? ...committed crimes against humanity and the Earth in the most unrepentant ways? VOTE NOW ON
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