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Pickup Artists Get Women to Masturbate in Public For Charity
YAY SEX for pleasure! Yay Pleasure! Yay sex activism! I just got a Sybian!
BOO FGM! BOO Female Genital Mutilation! This VIDEO is a WIN

Nary is there a human being on Earth who doesn't know that microwave ovens irradiate food, destroy nutrition and are hazardous to your health, but for so many, the convenience of them wins the battle.

     GMO POT
What’s Up with the George Soros Pot Revolution?
Why Legalize Marijuana?... Because GMO Pot Is On Its Way
‘George Soros and his Open Society Institute has pushed hard, dumping substantial sums of money into a public campaign to legalise marijuana in Uruguay. Why? The Washington Times confirmed the extent of their public relations investment into this issue:


Activists in Eastern Ukraine Sound Alarm on CIA-led Death Squads -
CIA has overturned political movements unacceptable to the political and financial elite in U.S.

Sandy Hook was a FreaKING HOAX... deal with it... if you actually do some research you'll find you've been had.

great to hear folks coming forward regarding the HOAX that was Sandy Hook. granted, there are a couple wing nuts in this audience (whom i believe are plants) but there are a couple really important questions which need to be answered. 
(i also believe the dude at the end is a traitorous shill)
‪Sandy Hook School Board Meeting with Wolfgang Halbig, Jim Fetzer, and Others (05/06/2014)‬
Wolfgang Halbig, Jim Fetzer, and others address Newtown Board of Education on May 6th, 2014. The board responds with silence to any and all questions and con...

"Northwest Liberty News has sent us another video from Bunkerville. This is an interview with Wayne Price, from New Mexico, who has long experience fighting the encroachments on his private property rights." The Best Way to Anger a Ranger
Jim White, of Northwest Liberty News, interviewed Danny Harrington, a former Ranger, (Class of 8-85; 1st BN 83-88) who vetted Ryan Payne, who claims to have been a Ranger. Ryan Payne, if you recall, claims to be the head of security at the Bundy Ranch, and made several claims, on video, claiming he was a Ranger. Truth be told, Ryan Payne was not a Ranger, having never gone to Ranger School.  Making false claims is not the way to be a trusted leader. Rangers don’t like people who have never been Rangers claiming to have been one.
ALERT! Navy Denies U-2 Spy Plane, L.A. Air Traffic Shutdown As Russian Bombers Skirt Coast!
More info at link: 

this dude is a trip
McAfee's Murder Mystery
From Silicon Valley multi-millionaire to international playboy and Caribbean murder suspect, Dateline gets inside the eccentric world of John McAfee. For more

ex meteorologist spells out how chemtrails work. if you can't wrap your head around this, you're STUPIDITY, is detrimental
Meteorologist Decodes Chemtrails, HAARP and Weather Manipulation
STORY: --- 
http://WEATHERWARS.INFO -- CONCLUSIVE EVIDENCE for SECRET CONTRAIL AEROSOL GEOENGINEERING I... damnit people hit RETURN before each link, keep each link on it's own line so they don't break.

Mike Maloney explains how big government limits individual choices
VISIT => - Mike Maloney discusses the rise an fall of economic prosperity based on the size of government.
Missing the Mark on Benghazi
The death of U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens in Benghazi is a big issue, but the focus on who is to blame avoids the more important question. Ron asks, why did our government get involved in a civil war in an anti-American country?

Rand Paul Joined By Grassley In Fight To Release Memo Justifying Drone Strikes On US Citizens -
Former Justice Department lawyer argued for right to kill Americans.

"Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people." -Henry Kissinger
Stand up for food freedom and join the March Against Monsanto on May 25th. List of events here:

86 year old Holocaust survivor has nightmares over strong similarities between Obama and Adolph Hitler. Warns America who can't seem to remember the history themselves that she's lived it and the parallels are uncanny and undeniable.
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