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The truth on the Benghazi attack will come out. Holder won''t do anything. Congress and the Supreme Court are bought soooooo our military needs to reach down between their legs and see if the have any balls and do their job!

Tosh Plumlee And The Benghazi Treason
As usual you should ignore the narrative concerning the Benghazi affair. The establishment media wants you to focus on when the State Department knew Benghazi was a terrorist attack and if they lied to the American people about it.

The actual scandal, well treason, is that Ambassador Stevens realized Stinger Missiles and TOW Anti Tank weapons were being given to Al Qaeda in Libya. The Ambassador rightly complained to the State Department in writing on multiple occasions. So the State Department had the local militia providing security for the Ambassador vanish right before the Al Qaeda rebels attacked. Everything would have gone as planned but two SEAL's didn't get the memo and refused to stand down pinning the rebels down in the process delaying the assassination of the Ambassador for seven hours.

All this came out on in an interview with Tosh Plumlee, the CIA pilot who busted open the Iran Contra drugs for guns scandal back in the 1980's. Sure he knew he was flying around tons of cocaine for the CIA but he was under the impression this was an interdiction plan. Once he found out that the CIA was selling the drugs on the streets of American then using the profits to buy guns for the Contras in Nicaragua he blew the whistle.

Fast-forward to today when Plumlee was notified by CIA associates that Al Qaeda is being given sophisticated advanced weapons and that the Ambassador was murdered for protesting about it. That's the scandal amigos. The Justice Department had wanted to gag Plumlee but he's already told everything publicly on So the cat's out of the bag now. However, don't expect establishment state controlled journalackeys to mention it in polite company.
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11 Benghazi Attack Questions From Mr Plumlee

The 11 questions asked by Mr. Plumlee that the government wants so badly to censor remain, at least for now, on his Facebook page. There are reprinted here for your review. I suggest that everyone reading this demands answers, if not for the sake and future of Mr. Plumlee, but for the sake of our future.

1. Is the United States secretly arming and supporting various factions of the Syrian Rebels with high caliber impact weapons from The United States arsenals?
2. Is the United States little known Direct Commercial Sales Program, also known as ?‘The Blue Lantern Report”, being used as a ?‘cutout'’ to secretly aid both sides of a Middle Eastern civil war?
3. Is America again playing both sides against the middle for corporate gain as previously demonstrated by the Cuban Project of the fifties and sixties, as well as the Iran Contra fiasco of the eighties and the South American—Mexican Drug Wars of the nineties?
It has been established via some field reports from the Middle East and some isolated media reports that the Direct Commercial Sales Program (DCSP) an American international program, which legally allows the United States to sell weapons to a host of foreign countries without monitoring those weapons after leaving our arsenals, stockpiles, and jurisdiction, has shipped High Impact weapons to Syrian Rebels during the last two years.
4. I have to ask. What happens to those weapons after legally being sold via this program and they leave our control? Are they being monitored, traced, certified, and inventoried after arriving in other countries?
5. Will our troops one day again face these American made weapons on some foreign battlefield?
6. Is this Direct Commercial Sales program a secret cash cow for many US Corporations, International arms merchants, its insiders, or affiliates?
7. Is it possible this could be another ?‘off---the---books'’ secret covert operation ran by the CIA'’s Special Tactical Unit, similar to the Iran---Contra operations of the eighties and the old Cuban projects of the fifties and sixties, where we supplied both sides weapons and escalated the conflict for personal and corporate gain?
8. Could we be selling and supplying dangerous high impact weapons, while aiding and financing both sides of a Civil War in Syria?
9. Could we be escalating the Middle East conflict either knowingly or unintentionally providing weapons to both sides of the Syrian conflict? These are simple questions. I’m just asking:
10. Did our Ambassador and others, weeks before they were murdered, notify our State Department and CIA that Syrian Rebels had obtained US Weapons, including “Stinger missiles’ from Jordan, Turkey, Pakistan, shipped from CIA safe houses?
11. Were they told to “Stand Down?
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