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I am most fortunate to have camped for months each summer.
My loving and adventurous mom took us to most of the Western national and state parks.
I thank Boy Scouts for my orientation and survival skills, allowing me the confidence to have a good chance of surviving in any terrain.
Suggest you get yourself outside. Now. See you at Silent Disco. Navigate With a Compass Using The Silva 1-2-3 system 
John Lennon speaks on peace Improving Your Sleep May Be Key for Preventing and Treating Metabolic Disorders
Dark Secrets inside Bohemian Grove ( Alex Jones )
The original is 2 hours long this is a shorter version, removed the boring stuff

Deadly MERS pandemic explodes in Saudi Arabia, leaps to Egypt. Infectious disease experts sound alarm over next "global pandemic" for which western medicine has ZERO solutions:

Together...We Have The Power
Seeds Of Death - Full Movie
LIKE SEEDS OF DEATH ON FACEBOOK In preparation of the global March Against Monsanto, you are invited to watch our award-... 

Possibly the most common symptom of gluten sensitivity >>>

As ever the late great Bill Hicks cuts straight to the point:

New BLM shirt / logo - alternate logo
Bureau of Land-Grabbing Maggots

Stewart Rhodes addresses the intel they received about a possible drone strike on Bundy Ranch. This may, or may not, be good intel, but sunlight is the best disinfectant and in the interest of saving lives, and hoping the Govt will stand down, we need to bust their game wide open. Pray it isn't true and pray it never happens. ALERT! 'Militia' Groups Fear Infiltration by Feds Has Happened at Bundy Ranch!

America Is Being Conquered Through the Corporate Control of Water

from Cori Gunnells: "Here you go. When someone tries to argue that the chemtrails in the sky are caused by "atmospheric conditions", you show them this. Two military jets, side-by-side, spraying. One turns off, then back on."
Military Jets Spraying Side By Side
Aerosol Sprayers Turned Off And On Thursday, April 24, 2014 View from Old Town, San Diego, CA - Two military "fighter" jets flew east over Ocean Beach, Missi...

Exclusive: Oklahoma Defense Force Releases Official Statement Regarding Bundy Ranch Siege

"Abusive inquiries..." 
How a fascist government  harasses its citizens. 
And how one woman has fought back. Video: JEDI CAT

“Am I free to Go?” 6 Cops and Helicopter vs. One Guy Flexing His Rights [Video]
John Doe: “Are you detaining me?”
Cop: “Yes”
John Doe: “Under suspicion of what crime?”
Cop: “We don’t know yet…”
Learn more & Video here:
-Jb of - Police the Police - (A Community Project)
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