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Fleischman's Yeast

Get the word out.
I have now correctly forecast several large earthquakes in a row.... California, Chile, Papua New Guinea, British Columbia... just to name the recent hits.
All had 2-3 day warnings.

for the bees and butterflies. so awesome

Exclusive Video: Bundy Ranch
Dennis Michael Lynch on The Kelly File w/ exclusive video of Bundy Ranch.


Chinese citizens killed four officers after the officers were seen beating a woman and KILLING with a HAMMER the witness who was FILMING the BEATING of the woman street vendor.
Troops called in to limit rebellion. READ MORE:
China is #1 in EXECUTIONS of political Dissidents.
China is #1 in harvesting organs of Political Dissidents.
China is #1 in air pollution.
China is #1 in mixing Lead (Pb) into candies and foods.
China is #1 in Skinning animals alive.
China is #1 in cesorhip.
China is #1 in indoctrination.

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