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     DRUGS Is CIA Fueling New U.S. Drug Epidemic Using Cheap Heroin from Afghanistan?; CIA, Obama Team Up to Hide Darkest Secrets

When it comes to nutrition, avocados are in a class by themselves because of the unusually large number of benefits they offer. Learn more here:

     2A  California state Senator Leland Yee: Part-time politician, full-time arms dealer
These TOMO News animations are getting better all the time. This one on Leland Yee's recent downfall is quite... illuminating.

California State Senator with Ties to the Chinese Illuminati Has Been Arrested For Gunrunning.
Chinese Illuminati Connected Senator Arrested For Gunrunning in California. California state Senator...

     FALSE FLAG This is Why Turkey Blocked Youtube - Leaked Audio With Full Transcript - BREAKING
This is the full audio with the translated transcript and the original video that got Youtube blocked in Turkey. This is what they were trying to hide.

     370 BUSTED! Israel Caught Housing Flight 370 'Twin' Airplane in Tel-Aviv!

We've got quite the active (and spring-like!) pattern over the next few days. Heavy rainfall could impact the West, East Coast, and the Southeast!
To see more on our QPF, visit this link:

The original speech from  General Smedley Butler. Video:

Main stream media has confirmed that Salton Sea COULD erupt at some point... earthquakes being the precursor to eruption according to them... see that video here :

ALERT! California Volcanic Earthquakes occurring.
Today (march 27 into 28th):
Yesterday (march 26 into 27th):

Gerald Celente This week's weekly Freda: Prozac Nation. To see every week's art subscribe to the Trends Journal. THE SECRET REASON SUSTAINABLE LIVING IS NOW ILLEGAL

Are we in the midst of a silent PLAGUE? CDC admits 205 Americans die each day after being infected with superbugs at U.S. hospitals. This is like a jumbo airliner crashing every day in America, carrying 200 hospital patients! The era of antibiotics now threatens us all:

Stopping Police from killing innocent people and abusing the public will never stop as long as CORRUPT TOP PUBLIC servants are in charge and lack accountability or punishment which makes them FEAR THE PEOPLE. As it stands crime pays, because if caught the tax payer will buy them the most expensive lawyers, corrupt judges will minimize prosecution and the buck goes around and around again. What always happens is YOUR TAX DOLLARS are stolen in the process. Used against you. This is just one CORRUPT PUBLIC SERVANT their are thousands at work. The game is to use your money.,0,3801978.story

Cynthia McKinney speaks out against the Obama administration:
Obama Administration: Bushism without Bush
RT catches up with a former U.S. congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, who resigned from Obama's Democratic Party and is a critic of his administration.
25 Fascinating Charts Of Negotiation Styles Around The World

Canada: Muslim Family “Bullying” Elementary School, Storming Into Classes, Demanding Religious Accommodation The Boyd 'Camper' Murder - Cop Snuff Film or Staged Agitation Propaganda
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