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I'm shocked to still find people who are friends with me, questioning what fluoride is/does and why it's in our tap water. PLEEEEEEEAAAASE watch these videos if you don't understand! 
I'll post a few fluoride videos in this post. 
get with the times, folks!

Great Culling
Fluoride Deception
Professional Perspectives
Bizarre History of fluoride
Dr Paul Connett

Yummy Soup Of The Week - Ordinary Vegan Split Pea and Green Pea Soup with Fresh Mint & Chives  recipe here:
Why Everyone Should Switch to Pink Himalayan Salt (2 minutes)

There is a dangerous defensive plant compound that forms the basis of the citrus flavor in many popular consumer products such as desserts and beverages. Learn more.

Tell Walmart -- the nation's number one pork retailer -- to ban horrifyingly cruel gestation crates. 
Write on their Facebook wall today:

Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy Present Robert F. Kennedy Jr. - Shocking Vaccine Cover Up: 
Robert F. Kennedy gives an amazing speech...

     ECO Bringing Back the Bay

Bill Gates Admits to Chemtrails 
Geo-engineers are finally coming out of the “chemtrail” closet, as reports are now emerging about deliberate plans in the works to dump untold tons of sulfate chemicals into the atmosphere for the purported purpose of fighting so-called “global warming.” - See more at:

     Malaysia Airlines flight MH37

Busted! Flight Radar Caught Changing Flight Path of Malaysia Flight 370!

Alex covers the mystery downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 that was en route to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur and rumors of terrorism and the possibility of North Korea taking the plane down with a missile. Alex also covers the latest developments in Ukraine as mercenaries appear on the streets and Russian anti-ship missiles are put into place as the U.S. places two warships in the Black Sea. Alex looks at the failed SXSW anti-gun event in Austin over the weekend and covers other important news on today's worldwide broadcast.

The mystery surrounding the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 has deepened with the Chinese media reporting that several of the passengers’ mobile phones were connecting when called by relatives, but the calls were not picked up. - See more at:
Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370: Passengers' Mobile Phones Ring But Not Answered 
Relatives of those aboard flight want use of GPS to locate vanished plane.


Blackwater Mercenaries Reported in Donetsk, Ukraine - Russian counterpart, Vnevedomstvenaya Okhrana, appeared in Crimea after coup.

Videos From Ukraine that The U.S. Media Will Never Show You

'Blackwater' in Ukraine? Videos spark talk of U.S. mercs in Donetsk 
At least two videos published on YouTube earlier this week show burly, heavily armed soldiers with no insignia in the city, which has been gripped by pro-Moscow protests. 
wtf are Blackwater doing in Ukraine!!????? this could get really ugly,fast. 

Can We Afford Ukraine? Read this week's edition of Texas Straight Talk:

OH, HOW THE WHOLE SYSTEM IS GAMED: Did you know the courts have no jurisdiction over you because you are not a corporation? Although kinda annoying as a computer-generated text track, this 10-minute cartoon video exposes how the court system really works by tricking you into giving them jurisdiction over you.
The Great Deception 
Exposing how the court system really works by tricking you into giving them jurisdiction over you. Why I Teach My Daughters to Deal with Police Lightning Strike Survivor Video: Real or Fake?

Did you know infant circumcision was introduced in the United States to curb masturbation (among other ridiculous things)? It's time we ended this barbaric practice of cutting off the most sensitive part of a baby boy's penis within hours of his being born.
Say NO to routine infant circumcision!
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