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CIA Manages the International Drug Trade Connecticut gun confiscation will start a war! 

A concerned woman called CT State Police Spokesman Lt. Vance today to ask about the possibility of gun confiscation. He responded that they will follow whatever instructions they get and called her anti-American! Please share wide and far!

Naomi Wolf on Edward Snowden, Revolution and Becoming Pro 2nd Amendment
In this video Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange speaks with best selling author and former political consultant Naomi Wolf. Naomi speaks on Edward Snowden, Revolution, becoming pro 2nd amendment, and the many strains of Libertarianism. Naomi explains her overall political philosophy and the importance of... questioning everything.
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What is this world coming too? 
Secrets to Outsmarting Cops Is It Really Money That Motivates Us? The Science Will Surprise You! (VIDEO)  

�There�s something wrong at the FBI�: Maddow Urges Release of Boston Bombing Autopsy Report - Questions surrounding mysterious death of Boston Bomber acquaintance pile up.

     Weather Modification
2/27/2014 -- Global Superpowers and Weather Modification -- Russia, China, Europe, USA

     Car Thief ties TIN CANS to your bumper to STEAL YOUR CAR Caught on Security Camera

You Read It Here First: Government Spies On Innocent People Via Webcams, Laptops, Xbox - Latest Snowden Leak confirms story Infowars first broke EIGHT YEARS AGO!

All affected students had already been vaccinated for mumps, proving once again the utter uselessness of vaccines and the imbecilic tendencies of organizations chained to the vaccine status quo.

Main Stream Media says the Boston Bombing may have NEVER HAPPENED!! Please get the word out and SHARE THIS!! Must see:

shocking stuff.

     GLASSholes How to Know When You Can Call the Cops on a Glasshole

OBAMA IS A FRAUD AND NOT A US CITIZEN. i've proved that time and time again. just look at the layers on his birth certificate!!! and here, is more PROOF!
this woman was snuffed out! no doubt about it. watch the video. then look at the photos... looks like some "SEALS" got to her... ONLY one to die??? after surviving the crash just fine. and having a life preserver? ridiculous

sorry for all the dark news out there. but, good lord... hahaha... are these people insane? the answer: yes. 
and unfortunately, we all gotta deal with it. unless we say, no more.
Monsanto's favorite pesticide is not just on the food we eat anymore - it's also found in our air and rain.

hahaha... what a fucking joke.. "ohhhh yeah... we're just gonna dust off this OLD technology we used ta fiddle with.. " gimme a break. they are trying to carefully get people used to the idea that they manipulate the weather... 
paleeeeease... they've been doing it for MANY years, and their technology is SUPER advanced. and it's called CHEMTRAILS/GEOENGINEERING... 

     ANIMAL IQ Bird fishing with a piece of bread for bait. You have watch it to believe it.
Animals have intelligence, sentience, feelings.
Full of LOVE and EMOTIONS, racing hormones just like us silly humans, ANIMALS do NOT belong in ZOOS.

The House has passed a strong bill.
The President is ready to sign it.
The Senate is the last holdout to a meaningful fix to the patent troll problem. Tell them to support reform.

A fiend-guide to internet trolls (from a geoengineering/chemtrail perspective, but applicable to most hired troll styles)

this is so disgusting, i can barely get myself to post it. to think that people get paid to sit around and come up with this shit. with OUR tax dollars. then to imagine someone even following thru... if anyone is watching me, eat shit. you are a traitor.

A trove of Clinton White House records long processed for release remains hidden from public view at the Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock �even though the legal basis initially used to withhold them expired more than a year ago.

Russia Puts Fighter Jets on Combat Alert as Tensions Mount - Moscow announces massive expansion of global military presence.

IMF Vultures Swoop to Asset-Strip Ukraine
Paul Joseph Watson | Globalists demand �policy reforms� in return for making Ukraine their latest debt slave.

Fascism On the Rise in Ukraine - Groups espousing extreme nationalism and xenophobia dominate new regime.

IRS Prepared to Enforce Obamacare with Fines and Fees - Harry Reid and the Democrats are determined to shove this historical monstrosity down your throat.

Infowars Announces the Winner of �We Will Resist TSA & NSA Tyranny� 10K Film Contest:
Dick Johnson: TSA Wunderkind!
By David Kirk West / Buck The System

Pollster: Kiev-Style Revolt �Coming to America� - Former presidential advisor says �soft corruption� will lead to domestic disorder.

IRS employs Orwellian term �Shared Responsibility Payment� to describe Obamacare individual mandate tax
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i think this is going to happen more and more. while i don't agree with invading someones space or theft, i also don't agree with invading peoples space by filming them when they're just trying to enjoy a drink at a bar.
plus, you gotta be an idiot to wear these to a place like Molotov's... 
this city is going to become a class war battlefield... it already is... 56 seconds - Champion Bohemian Kick boxer meets U.S. Marine - - So fun I had to post a 2nd time WARNING: Robots Will Kill All Humans In 30 Years 40% of all food produced in the United States is wastedMeanwhile, 50 million Americans are food insecure.

should maybe keep an eye on this sitch (WARNING GRAPHIC) POS Cops MURDER Dad Breaking Up Fight Between His Wife And Daughter

     END the FED
#‎CancerTruthNews $9,000,000,000,000 Missing From The Federal Reserve. Say what?
Watch 5 Minute VIDEO Here:
To Learn More About the Fed, Read This CancerTruth Special Report: The Truth About the �FED�

"Slowly, every police department in the United States, at the behest of the Department of Homeland Security, is being trained by Israeli groups.
As part of this training, there is an increased move to use of military uniforms, armored vehicles, heavy weapons, illegal surveillance, lying to the people, press and courts and systematic interference in the electoral system."
"The door to this foreign influence in America was thrown open by the Department of Homeland Security and, in particular, Michael Chertoff, an Israeli citizen who was, in particular, most instrumental as former Director of DHS in implementing policies challenged as unconstitutional, policies the new 'Israeli trained' American police are tasked with stopping opposition to."

NSA Whistleblower on 911 Foreknowledge and The Information War 
In this video Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange talks to former NSA Senior Executive turned whistleblower Thomas Drake. Drake speaks about 9/11 foreknowledge; in which the NSA had information that if shared could have prevented the 9/11 attacks. The NSA whistleblower discusses his own personal story and describes a inspiring conversation he had with Snowden. Drake reiterates the fact the US government has repeatedly violated its own rules and has failed to adhere to the Constitution. 
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