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Event Sandy Hook; GAME OVER! - NO Deaths NO Victims in Official Record 

The 'Fast and Furious' scandal: How Uncle Sam helps drug cartels 34 Questions On Sandy Hook Shooting That Have Never Been Answered

Even Steven Segal knows the US mass shootings are inside jobs!!!!!!!

HIGHWAY TO (HAZMAT) HELL Egyptian Super Cars   oh shit

Banker's dozen.
12 Banker Suicides Linked to JP Morgan Investigation for Forex Manipulation
In this video, Christopher Greene of AMTV explains the link between 12 banker suicides and JP Morgan Chase.  The Truth About Ukraine - A US Coup?

full on civil war Shooting to people in Kiev / Kiev, Ukraine. Special forces shoot unarmed protesters near Euromaidan.
The Truth Denied - GHOST CITIES IN CHINA: 64.6 million empty homes, apartments & condos 
China may have the largest housing bubble in history of the world! It is being reported that 64.5 million urban electricity meters registered zero consumption over a recent, six-month period in China. That led to a theory that China has enough empty apartments to house 200 million people

Don't tread on us. END THE FUCKING FED
Anonymous Message to Washington... Be Afraid, be very very afraid (Ṫḧḕ Ḧḭṽḕ)

sugar. the drug which has purposefully been pushed on the American people and world at large, to keep peeps in ill health.
The man who tried to warn us about sugar in 1972 was suppressed
By Julia Llewellyn Smith, The Daily Telegraph A couple of years ago, an out-of-print book published in 1972 by a long-dead British...

The Zionists gained control of the WTC in 7/01 - after that 9/11 happened quickly. The scientific, forensic, and eyewitness evidence, surrounding the building’s destruction proves beyond any reasonable doubt that it was intentionally demolished. i defy anyone to look at this and not laugh

Let the elderly have their weed!
How Medical Pot Is Helping Seniors Get off (Prescription) Drugs 
"Talk to almost anybody over 65-years-old and there's a list of medications that they're THE PEOPLE RESPONSIBLE FOR CHEMTRAILS EXPOSED HERE!
Meet the Scientists, the Geo-engineers/ Royal Society, responsible for poisoning our air &screwing with the Weather! Hasn't their work proven to be just FANT...

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, recently appeared in a feature interview with WHDT 9 World News' Gary Franchi to explain the dark secrets of artificial sweeteners:
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