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Event Remy: Working 9 to 5 (Obamacare Remix) "Facebook saves the CIA money"

New Clues in Suicide of JP Morgan Banker Add to Mystery - Friends suggest Li Junjie was planning to return to Canada days before death leap. Ukraine Protests - Extreme Heavy Clashes In Kiev

Alex looks at new disturbing evidence in a spate of suicides of JP Morgan bankers, a catastrophic trend in the abortion rate of black babies, a tentative deal reached in Ukraine between protesters and the embattled government, and the new look and feel of the website. TUNE-IN LIVE 11am-2pm CST

Checkout the new layout for and give us your opinion.

Former U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Jocelyn Elders believes we should legalize marijuana. When the country's former leading public health official supports legalizing marijuana, it's time we listen up.

Dr. Ron Paul comments on how the Assistant Secretary of State and the United States Ambassador to Ukraine were caught in a conversation discussing strategies that would enable them to take over the country.

Mai Kari Hartvag Zimbleman
Max Keiser & Stacy Herbert 2-20-14… “Why are these Bankers Being Killed/Committing Suicide?” 
Go to about 8 minutes to hear Max’ short snip about this: 
5 bankers suicided a total... Up to 20 bankers are found dead.... this is a clear case of fascism, a clear case of a small group of people committing fraud on a industrial scale, the manipulation of the entire industrial process from beginning to end....causing poverty, disease, ecological disasters We were told after WWII NEVER AGAIN,, why are we seeing this again..why aren't somebody doing something about it....Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan became banking holding companies after 1999.. .. they are now getting out of the markets now that they have defrauded and bankrupted the world.... DUI checkpoint video goes viral

INFOWARS Nightly News February 20th 2014 part 1 of 2

Whistleblower Fired After Warning Of Danger At Hanford Nuclear Site - Culture of denial and corruption on full display.

Zioniosts (NWO) and Israel, startin shit.
American and Israeli Zionists Behind Civil Unrest In The Ukraine 
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