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The next time you have a cold, flu or are attacked with pneumonia and you run out of options, try high doses of vitamin C. They work so well that you will never go for the flu shots anymore.

For comparison. Remember this is just thermite, not nanothermite. If thermite were wood, nanothermite would be a sawmill warehouse full of sawdust-laden air -- much, much more reactive and explosive.
Mythbusters Toast 1/2 Ton of Thermite 
I recently saw the new Mythbusters, "Ending With a Bang". I then realized that the thermite scene was too good to pass up. So I posted it!

Millions of Americans Teetering on Edge of Financial Ruin - More than 40 million Americans have trouble making ends meet.

Congressional Budget Office reports that the financial impact of Obamacare (cutting hours of employees, layoffs) on employers will result in the loss of 2,300,000 jobs in 2014. Report date Feb 4, 2014.

The thing is a trojan horse, designed to destroy wealth and security. statism thrives on broken, dependent people, it's where it derives the bulk of it's power. The rest of us will be forced at gunpoint to comply. "Ideas so good, they're forced upon us from the barrel of a gun!"

Obama's trustworthy rating continues to decline. Can't imagine why!? (NSA/Benghazi/IRS/wars/drones/Obamacare, etc)

We Copwatch: Supreme Court justice predicts internment camps in America’s future.
“It was wrong… But you are kidding yourself if you think the same thing will not happen again.”
- Justice Scalia
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