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Serenity Gathering March 28-30th. Live Oak CampGround, Santa Barbara, CA
Same CampGround as LIB Lightning in a Bottle and Lucidity.
Tickets only $65 today only for Serenity Gathering!/serenitygathering
Snoop Dogg Exposes Vaccines
"FUCK THAT, I'm not getting no flu shot" ~ Snoop Dogg source: Snoop Dogg On Cons...piracy Theories - YouTube #vaccines #vaccine truth #vaccines exposed #eugenic...

see also
Illuminati Finger Prints; Super Bowl 48 Behold a Pale Horse
This video is not predicting that anything will happen at the Super Bowl. This i...s an attempt to show you Illuminati symbolism before an event happens (false ...
~ Morgan's appeal verdict will be released by the Dutch Government on Wednesday 19th February 2014 - you can find it at this link:

Wake Up Call: 90% of U.S. tobacco is GMO; hey smokers, you’re smoking pesticides!

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