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Event Declaration of Free Will Losing Fear - For The Children Cesium-137 was found at levels of 1.5 Bq per cubic meter (Bq/m3), but this was already detectable prior to releases at Fukushima and came primarily from nuclear weapons testing in the Pacific during the 1950s and 1960s.  

The whole point of getting the UKRAINE into the EU is to get GMO grains into RUSSIA and CHINA as UKRAINE is the Bread Basket… Wanye Madsen Forget Shorter Showers - Why personal change does not equal political change
On Friday, when we remarked on the biggest recorded withdrawal from the JPM gold vault, we said: "Something tells us the next few days will see matching withdrawals from JPM's gold vault, which at last check was officially owned by the Chinese." As it turns out we were absolutely correct: according to the just released update from Comex, on Monday the infamous gold vault located below 1 C(hina)MP saw an identical withdrawal of 321,500 ounces, matching the record withdrawal, and amounting to 28% of all JPM gold in storage. Adding to Friday's drop, this means that a record 47% of JPM's gold has been withdrawan in a few short days: a trend we are certain will continue until the total holdings of the vault drop to new record lows.


Bank Run Fears Escalate as Russian Lender Bans Cash Withdrawals - Economic jitters continue to spread.

FEMA Preparing For “Motor Coach Evacuation of the General Population” - Federal agency asks companies for operational support in event of national emergency.
BANK RUNS: THE NEW NORMAL? "It would appear the fears of a global bank run are spreading. From HSBC’s limiting large cash withdrawals (for your own good) to Lloyds ATMs going down, Bloomberg reports that ‘My Bank’ – one of Russia’s top 200 lenders by assets – has introduced a complete ban on cash withdrawals until next week. While the Ruble has been losing ground rapidly recently, we suspect few have been expecting bank runs in Russia. Russia sovereign CDS had recently weakened to 4-month wides at 192bps. Via Bloomberg, Lender has introduced complete ban on cash withdrawals until end of week, news agency reports, citing unidentified person in call center."

Capital Controls Deployed Worldwide By Major Banks. Is It Too Late To Prosper?
First Chase limited cash withdrawals and money transfers on certain business accounts, then HSBC told its customers they had to prove why they were withdrawing cash. After that Lloyd's ATM's stopped working and China banned cash transfers and foreign currency conversions starting this week.

BANKING CRASH KOMMIN! Nobody should take satisfaction in this. Quite the opposite, it should scare the hell out of absolutely everybody!
CAN SOMEBODY FORWARD THIS TO DANNY BOYLE? The major banks and states appear to be preparing for impending crisis, while pretending to the public that the economic situation is improving. There is a gold rush underway, with Banks and States frantically buying up as much gold reserve as they can, stoking fears that confidence in currency is at an all-time low. In recent months and weeks, banks like HSBC and JP Morgan, and states such as the US, Germany and China have joined the gold rush, making vast purchases of stocks.
Ben Bernanke has said previously, there is no risk to the financial system. Moreover, the FDIC has insured your money, so if something does go wrong with the American banking system, all of your losses are totally covered by the roughly $50 billion in FDIC reserves. That should be plenty of money to handle the $9 trillion in US-based domestic customer deposits, plus the $300 trillion in derivatives bets made by the banks. Fed’s Dirty Little Secret: “The Gold Isn’t There … Exists as Paper IOU's” China to Purchase the Federal ReserveJanuary 16, 2014 JC Collins 45 CommentsThe U.S. Government Defaulted in October, 2013. Don’t date a girl who travels  She would rather climb a rock... hey who would like to go cllimb a rock? meet me on North end of Baker Beach SF on Warm Sunny Windless Days, Low tide even better... 
This guy thought he’d never see his dog again. Then he followed this tip and found his best friend. IS THIS A CHEM-TRACKING DEVICE BEING DROPPED NEAR SAN DIEGO Afghan Heroin Brings CIA $50 Billion A Year, Covers US War Expense

How To Make A Rain Barrel To Save Water What women think about during sex

Everyone deserves access to clean & safe drinking water.
Become active with knowledge to protect yourself, your family, your environment, and your community.

Obama has proved to be an abject failure as a "Commander in Chief" in every way possible...
During the now 12-year-long Afghan War, the four deadliest years for U.S. troops were also the four years of Obama’s first term. Inside The Ukranian Revolution With Wayne Madsen Councilmember Kshama Sawant Responds to Obama's State of the Union Address

Heal the Bay
Illegal Whale Shark Factory Found in China
The world's largest slaughtering facility for whale sharks — an internationally-protected endangered species — has been discovered in China’s southeastern province. 

Can you help explain why the World's top anti-virus microbiologists are being killed off? By 2005, 40 were dead. Today, over 100. Many murdered, the rest died under very suspicious circumstances. It's known they were all working on highly sensitive or government-funded research tied to bio-weapons and viral pandemics. You won't believe how they are dying. Here is the List of Dead Microbiologists and how they died: Are these silenced ‘whistleblowers’ who knew too much? Why isn’t the mainstream media report in on this story? Please don't let these victims die without a voice. Please share this list and help raise awareness. We want answers and we want justice. If you can help, please do.

Alec Baldwin: TSA ‘A Disgrace’ For Patting Down My Infant Daughter - "Traveling in US is a disgrace."

Think "Agent Orange" resistant crops are a bad idea? Join this webinar tomorrow and tell the USDA yourself:

Video: Mega Banks Caught Spying On ‘Anti-Government’ Citizens - Mega banks caught tracking your every move online in deal with feds. LAPD Officer Admits Cops & CIA are the Real Drug Dealers

Authorities Want Remote Access To Californians’ Home CCTV Feeds “For The Greater Good”

A rather Orwellian council proposal in California would see police able to remotely access the feeds from home security cameras in San Jose, for the good of society.

This BRAVE young lady has put her livelihood / life on the line for us.
Geoengineering Whistleblower ~ Ex-Military ~ Kristen Meghan, Hauppauge, NY, January 18th, 2014 -... 
Kristen Meghan, former Air Force Bio-Environmental Engineer gave a ground breaking presentation of what she had discovered about
Activist Post: Fed’s Dirty Little Secret: “The Gold Isn’t There … Exists as Paper IOU's”

Would you rather be ALIVE at the END or BEGINNING of a Civilization?

You LUCKY FU K. You think just because your country has lasted longer than 200 years… that it is just gonna stay hunky dory?

If you buy processed "gluten free" foods, you should be aware that many of them contain enough hidden gluten to cause damage ==>>>

Funding the so-called Syrian 'Freedom Fighters' AKA: al-CIA da !!!!

The Pirate Bay UNBLOCKED: Entrepreneurial freedom overrides property rights, court rules -- Max Keiser

Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)
When the Los Angeles Police and Sheriff departments refused to release automatic license plate reader data, EFF and the ACLU of Southern California filed a lawsuit. Here is our opening brief.

State of the Obama Dictatorship: Live Coverage

State of the REICH PREVIEW #Empty Suit has found exclusive video of Obama practicing his 2014 State of The Union speech inside a room of devote followers. Tune in tonight to or for live play by play commentary Mystery Science Theatre style from Alex Jones as we watch the pig demon Obama promote an expansion of his dictatorship.

And the award of being the “Most Evil” Corporation on the Planet goes to… the Grocery Manufacturer’s Association of America (GMA)! Find out why we are bestowing this “honor” on the GMA:

Martin Truther
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How To Invite All Your Friends To Like A Facebook Page -- Bug Workaround
As of 1/16/2014, Facebook has a bug that makes invitations to friends to like a page not 

TSA: Now Hiring!

Show Me Your Papers. Please: Police State Check Points in London, Super Bowl -
"An investigation by El Universal found that between the years 2000 and 2012, the U.S. government had an arrangement with Mexico's Sinaloa drug cartel that allowed the organization to smuggle billions of dollars of drugs while Sinaloa provided information on rival cartels." Read more:

Canadian environmental groups sue agency for approving genetically modified salmon. #GMOs #GMSalmon #Salmon #Fish #GEFood #GMFood #Canada Chinese lady angry that her car is going to get towed does something most probably wouldn't.

Mind Control in American Politics

He wasn't just a folk singer and banjo player...
He was a great American who
stood up to the powers that be
over and over again. Video:
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